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Miraculous New York: Special Edition by Sukura41
Miraculous New York: Special Mira Williams
The heroes of Paris take a field trip, and they're in for one heck of a ride! Follow Kalianna and Adrien as their secret love blossoms even more in New York and brings t...
The God Reborn by Alexmgrove
The God Rebornby Alex
The conclusion to the Aeon trilogy takes the characters in new directions before leading to the final confrontation.
Nordangrea: The Looming Serpents by _SoulFlares_
Nordangrea: The Looming Serpentsby _C.L_
*****Under editing ***** Stay tuned for the updates Five friends together brought up in an enigmatic land, which was protected by the enchantments of the Witches and Wiz...
Do No Evil (Aeon Trilogy Book 2) by Alexmgrove
Do No Evil (Aeon Trilogy Book 2)by Alex
The Aeon Trilogy continues after first installment False Idols in the sequel Do No Evil. As the book opens, Sarah is ordered to take violent action against the Aeons and...
Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez by KOTLC_reader
Miraculous World: New York, Bookworm
Please tell me I'm not the only Miraculer who got really annoyed when Marinette moved seats on the plane? No? Ok then... this is how it would go if Marinette DIDN'T chan...
A LadyNoir Shipper Helps by GlitterSparkles4Life
A LadyNoir Shipper Helpsby Sparkle
One night during patrol, a LadyNoir shipper follows her favourite heroes with WONDERFUL intentions.After that night the two heroes are hit with a bit of relization towar...
Children of the first: Hate(1) by CrimsonSpartan7
Children of the first: Hate(1)by Marcus-Aion
When the children of the primordials show up at camp half blood is it a blessing or a curse.
Final Fantasy X Character Guide by Malorie_Chan
Final Fantasy X Character Guideby Malorie
Get to know the Final fantasy characters more with this exclusive guide i made just for you guys!
Skullgirls (Female Cast) X Male Reader One-shots by Flaconadir
Skullgirls (Female Cast) X Male FlacoNadir
this one is meant for every other female character in SG lemon... maybe
The Raven Butterfly by finiarel
The Raven Butterflyby finiarel
Leon Kennedy a popular boy in the Racoon High, what would happen when he meet the eurasian transfer student? - Resident evil high school story, mostly Leon x Ada, also C...
Finding My Ataraxy by AtaraxyHaecceity
Finding My Ataraxyby itsmeira🏵
She's Nesh Era Amier A girl who want to be love,make her parents proud,have a true friends and a man who will love her the rest of her life but how can she find that lov...
Of bullets and love by mmd_fanficRE
Of bullets and loveby Maria D.
He really stresses her out.
The Woman In The Red Dress by kinqdenki
The Woman In The Red Dressby ✿ HQ this is Ada Wong ✿
There is probably a chance in your life where you met someone that you like a lot, but then you never see them ever again. That memory is in your mind forever and you ca...
Forgotten By Time (Book Three - The Double Era Series) by Thecattydddy
Forgotten By Time (Book Three - E
With her memories gone, the Doctor has a second first encounter with Aeon Rider and, once again, invites her to go traveling almost immediately. With the idea of "S...
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Miraculous Ladybug: The Two Friends  by MadStyle14
Miraculous Ladybug: The Two Isaiah Carpenter
After Marinette, Adrien, and their class left New York, Aeon felt lonely and no one knew she was upset but her friend and roommate Jess. When she finds out that Aeon fee...
Ada and leon love by sa1376
Ada and leon loveby sa1376
Ada Wong and leon kennedy's love in resident evil
Thirteenth  by irem_sh
Thirteenth by irem_sh
Every year when the Born Day arrives, the Directors creates 12 people per school by magic. But this year there's an exception: At Aeon there are 13 newborns. While Direc...
THE PURGE | The Story of how the World Ended by JulianBhojwani
THE PURGE | The Story of how the Julian H.D.R. Bhojwani
Enter the life of the characters, the Family of Aeon, before the event that ended their lives. Enter the fictional world of love, hate, confusion, ingenuity and the most...