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UNWANTED Wife (ENGLISH) by SeleneMoonLuna
UNWANTED Wife (ENGLISH)by SeleneMoonLuna
I never wanted her. I never liked her. I never loved her. I despised...loathed...hated her. But it only takes one night and my feelings for her changes forever . I thoug...
Golden Years | Gilmore Girls by Show_Obsessed2006
Golden Years | Gilmore Girlsby Tasha
Lorelai Gilmore didn't just get pregnant at sixteen, she got pregnant with twins. Lorelai and Emily or better known as Rory and Lee. Both stupid smart, pretty and town f...
The Pastor's Daughter by RyanMpendu
The Pastor's Daughterby Ryan Mpendu
Hayley Kruger, the prim daughter of a Baptist Pastor, is certainly not the kind of girl to attract fun- loving Ryan Newfeldt. But when he can't find a suitable date for...
Love and War | Tristan Dugray by Show_Obsessed2006
Love and War | Tristan Dugrayby Tasha
Tristan Dugray and Vienna Gilmore are at war and always have been. They hate hate each other, but you know what they say there thin line between love and hate. Oc x Tris...
Hale Forever Book 2 by YourFanFictionGuide
Hale Forever Book 2by YourFanFictionGuide
The skinwalkers get revenge on Kira.
BORN WOTH SILVER HAIR  by MosunmolaBello8
BORN WOTH SILVER HAIR by Mosunmola Bello
This story is all about two magical and wonderful twins from the mysticalworld who were vanished and taken away from their parents at the time they were born and also a...
The Impossible Made Possible by happy_girl77
The Impossible Made Possibleby Boredomkillz
How has only a 13 year old read over 320 books in 4 years? It doesn't seem like much most people have said to Nina. Its just 320 books, right? Well apparently there more...
Partner track contest september 11 by Wren_BurnsWrites44
Partner track contest september 11by Wren Burns
My submission for the #PartnerTrack contest by Wattpad
So She Did It  by scbates17
So She Did It by scbates17
This is my official entry for the #partnertrack contest. Happy reading!
Online Love and Relationships 💘 by ahmadghalib249
Online Love and Relationships 💘by ahmad ghalib
Assalamualaikum I hope that everyone is fine and really doing well. My name is ahmad ghalib. This is my time as an writer so i will try my best to gave you best and mea...
Back on Track by madisondw
Back on Trackby Madison D.W.
A short story about a girl who goes through trauma, abuse, sacrifice and love. Losing herself-- and slowly finding her way back on track. TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of a...
#PartnerTrack by SaraMansell4
#PartnerTrackby SM
The short story of a child growing up in poverty with a love addicted mother. A small child searching for a just for the moment friend, while moving from town to town a...
Just Being Me by deestorytime76
Just Being Meby deestorytime76
Just giving you a little look into my life
MY STORY by Khleeopathra
The real struggles I had to face in order to get my book out to the public. Life isn't always as easy as social media makes it seem, we just have to try.