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We'll work it out! (Todobakudeku) by Xx7Shadow7xX
We'll work it out! (Todobakudeku)by xXShadowXx
Read it and stop trying to make me spoil it! All I'll say is that Deku is an omega going through his heat, and Todoroki and Katsuki are hungry😈
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Take Two by amy-eileen
Take Twoby amy
Love and death may be opposites, inverses and incredibly contradictory- but they do have something in common. They are the only two things that have the power to change...
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My Hero Academia - One Shots - by GreenleafFantasy
My Hero Academia - One Shots -by Greenleaf
These stories will have Female Readers. I will not write lemons. Limes might be a possibility, but nothing too spicy. //Censored Swearing// Some stories may have concept...
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Where We Started by fadedcigarettes
Where We Startedby ⓔⓕⓕⓨ
Oliver Steinfeld promised himself he wouldn't fall in love with her. But it was 4 am, and they were laughing so hard, whispering the most juvenile confessions as they l...
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Nobody Compares To You by TianaStyles94
Nobody Compares To Youby WDW/ HS
You meet him once then u meet him twice then u meet him the third time and the fourth and u fall in love Cute love story between Canisius Gomez and Harry Styles This i...
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Cute Girls ✔️  by wall_flowering
Cute Girls ✔️ by yours truly
about the girls who are selfless to a fault and care too much #peopleofsociety #thesinceritymovement #Iamhere #breakstereotypes
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Katsuki Bakugou x Reader!!!!! by Stargazingwolf13
Katsuki Bakugou x Reader!!!!!by Stargazingwolf13
Okay so I suck at descriptions but here are a few oneshots for our little Tsundere explosion boy!
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Three heroes X one quirkless!reader by dekuherokitty
Three heroes X one quirkless!readerby ~kawaii baby kitty~
(First time writing a story! :D) You get home from school all tired and busted up and watch every hero defeats a villain ever since you were a little kid. You live alone...
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Sisters after Misters  by certifiedcliche
Sisters after Misters by Ramsha
Aurelia Ellingson and Willow Ellingson are more than sisters. They're each other's best friends, cheerleaders and teachers. They believe that no one could come between t...
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Girls by deliriouslyyours
Girlsby 🌻paula🌻
Girls. Such an ordinary word. But can mean so much. What does it mean to you? #breakstereotypes {made to break stereotypes based on girls}
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Lost Little Girl by between_raindrops
Lost Little Girlby Sia
"She's a lost little girl."
My hero academia oneshots by seiq827
My hero academia oneshotsby Seiq827
This is filled with many short or long stories. There will be character x character as well as character x reader. This will most likely have a lot of Gay stories in it...
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Rose by Thaloria_Jacquez
Roseby Thaloria
--- THE FLORESCENCE CHRONICLES: BOOK 1 --- An aristocrat and her knight. Rosaline 'Rose' Valla is the adopted daughter of the well-known Lord; Dominique Charles Valla. A...
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Wishing for the Sun (Indefinite Hiatus) by Child_of_Midnight
Wishing for the Sun (Indefinite Hi...by Evelyn
Author's Note: I'm so sorry I haven't updated in about a year. I might not come back to this, and I'm really sorry. It might pick up again with a better plot, world, and...
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hello, beautiful by harshenixx
hello, beautifulby 🌻
in which two people learn to love and accept life through a series of meetings, literature and their journey of finding themselves. all it started with was two words...
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loss of emotion gain to insight by thatboyaaronn
loss of emotion gain to insightby thatboyaaronn
I hope y'all enjoy my Arhymmatic poem. It's my first but be completely honest I'm only gonna get better with honesty . I hope it touches your heart and mind .
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The Tuxedo Project by seouliets
The Tuxedo Projectby han
"I don't want him to be my model." "I don't want her to be the designer of my tux neither." In which the heartbroken fashion designer, Diana Evans...
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Bnha Role-play👌 by kbakugou1
Bnha Role-play👌by Katsuki Bakugou
Just bnha role-play. I'm Bakugou like always.
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m i x t a p e s | by seouliets
m i x t a p e s |by han
"It is still a secret, no matter how dark or nasty the secret is." "That's the beauty of secrets, baby." ( #2 book of C A S S E T T E T R I L O G Y...
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