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Our Adventure Awaits Us [COMPLETED] by HunterMarauder
Our Adventure Awaits Us [COMPLETED]by HunterMarauder
THE GOONIES(MIKEY X OC) Lexi Peters is a very adventurous girl who loves exploring. One day, she visits her cousin. Her cousin has some very...interesting friends. But w...
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Geneveive {Rose} | The Goonies| Completed by gallyisback
Geneveive {Rose} | The Goonies| gallyisback
Geneveive known as Rose by her friends your wondering why people probably call her Rose it's because that's her favorite flower and ever sense they found out that they c...
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Goonie Girl by cobrai-kai-1972
Goonie Girlby cobraikai
Mouth has a twin who happens to be head over heels in love with Mikey Walsh. When things are about to take a turn for the worse, how will she help him on the journey for...
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Psycho  by lilyyyytttt
Psycho by Xx.lily.xx
The tittle basically
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Our Adventure Awaits Us 2 by HunterMarauder
Our Adventure Awaits Us 2by HunterMarauder
"How on earth was I lucky enough to meet a guy like you, Michael Walsh?" Book 2 in the series, Our Adventure Awaits Us. Lexi is thrilled to hear the good news...
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The Boy: Julian Jara  by xojaras
The Boy: Julian Jara by Mabel Jara (:
[At The Mall] Mabel had headed towards the bathroom while Julian waited for her at the food court, then....
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Being Julian Jara's  by KaylieOffical
Being Julian Jara's by ♡
What happen's when Mario's little sister Calyi fall in love with his best friend Julian Jara? Read to find out.
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99gs Imagines/preferences💕 by whatsupsecilia
99gs Imagines/preferences💕by .Deported.selman.
YO, YO,YO! Goonie rolling up, this story consists of a few thoughts/ imagines whatever you wanna call it, about two wonderful people, named Julian Esteban jara and jovan...
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Our Adventure Awaits Us: Part 2  by HunterMarauder2
Our Adventure Awaits Us: Part 2 by Lexi the giraffe
"How on earth was I lucky enough to meet a guy like you, Michael Walsh?" Book 2 in the series "Our Adventure Awaits Us." Lexi is thrilled to hear t...
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His Number by flxjaiii
His Numberby flxjaiii
You get a text at 4:30 in the morning from an unsaved number the day after you met your idol. Is it him? If it's not, Who is it? What do they want?
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POMS TOUR by Kaylie_Ramirez
POMS TOURby only jara
okay so i little change in this story my name will be callie in here and (kaylie) will be my ibf who I meet along with some others as well.
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Florida by Ashley-Jara
Floridaby Ashley-Jara
Read to find out :)
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Julian Jara's Girlfriend by Kaylie_Ramirez
Julian Jara's Girlfriendby only jara
Hey I'm Julian's girlfriend because we're actually dating now ⬇⬇ Can't believe it started with a follow You my...... Read to find out little cuties
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Beautiful Soul by ultimate99_goons
Beautiful Soulby Ultimate99.goons
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(un)Popular 》Jovani Jara by 99BabyGsquad
(un)Popular 》Jovani Jaraby Jovani's $hawtyy
High school is the place that we'd like to campare with hell. And if we add the people who are in it, it only get worst. Popularity is nothing more than a competition of...
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All of me by jaimeann1999
All of meby Jai
Julian Jara is all you will ever need. He loves you and tells you the day after you meet him. But we're you ready for love.
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Our First Time / Jovani Jara by 99g00nzquad
Our First Time / Jovani Jaraby 99g00nzquad
This is a dirty Fanfictiction about Jovani Jara
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The Twins //99GoonSquad Fanfic// by SheLovesMrDrummer
The Twins //99GoonSquad Fanfic//by halcyon
Julian Jara- as himself Jovani Jara- as himself You -as Halia Lauderdale
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Jovani Jara by HeyitsJade101
Jovani Jaraby Jay Bird
So this maybe suckish at the beginning but i swear it'll get better (I'll also edit when I feel like it) Anyways Jovani had just had... just read the story... I suck at...
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