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The War Between Four Worlds (8BitRyan x Dawko x Bazamalam x Razzbowski x Reader) by Anastacia-Winchester
The War Between Four Worlds (8BitR...by Dean's Girl
{COMPLETED} (#wattys2018) One Girl, four friends, Oh my how will this end? You, Ryan, Bazamalam, Rhys and Dawko had been friends for years. You were their inspiration...
A Message to Scott Cawthon: Reimagined by YouTube_CreepyPastas
A Message to Scott Cawthon: Reimag...by YTCP
Lewis, more commonly known online as Dawko, travelled with his four friends - Ryan (8-BitRyan), Baz (Bazamalam), Will (of DAGames) and Razz (Razzbowski) - to Alton Tower...
is this what love feels like? (8-bitryan x bazamalam)  by RapMonsterJoonie
is this what love feels like? (8-b...by phoenix
so since there is a small amount of content for these two, i'm going to be writing a bunch for them! i'm planning on including drabbles, headcannons, one shots, and ev...
Youtuber Mystery by KomodoLord027
Youtuber Mysteryby Komodo
What will happen when random people, that are all YouTubers, are trapped in a haunted house? Nothing! Right? Warnings. A lot of strong language. Death.
Random One Shots by mrsdracomalfoy9
Random One Shotsby Arendina James
Just some random one shots of all my other ships!!
My 8-Bit Heart Beats For You (8-BitRyan x Reader) by cupofchae
My 8-Bit Heart Beats For You (8-Bi...by Cup Of Chae
This is my first time writing a fanfic for the public so it'll be bad. You live in Warwickshire and have recently been to Insomnia60 to do panels for the first time. Yo...
Youtubers: Stories Behind the Songs by NeverNotNicky
Youtubers: Stories Behind the Songsby Nicky
Taking random songs and telling stories with the lyrics. Requests will be taken for any song. Most stories will focus on random YouTubers but I will take any person, cou...
Bazyan stuff by bonbon8466
Bazyan stuffby bonbon8466
some cute story's about Ryan and Baz enjoy
Star Valley by Master-Spade
Star Valleyby 𝙻𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚜✍︎︎
There's been a tale that the night stars were the souls of the betrayed. The tale fades as kids got older but one stayed to believe. Little did he know he would soon be...
A Dream ~ {A Quad Squad Fanfic} by Happykittenbox
A Dream ~ {A Quad Squad Fanfic}by Atris 99 Everborn
A beautiful little girl was brought to the world. The only problem is, she wasn't supposed to exist. Her characteristics are unusual and most of all... valuable. Join At...
8-bitgaming one shorts by thedieingunicorn
8-bitgaming one shortsby thedieingunicorn
Insert description here (I have no idea what to put here make it up yourself )
Youtubers in Saw by Ghoul_boiz
Youtubers in Sawby August 20th up soon!
You guys get to vote on who lives, and who dies- good luck. the youtubers in here will be Dawko, Rhys, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Will of DAGames, Thomas Sanders, Shane...
The Turning Point (On Hold) by KomodoLord027
The Turning Point (On Hold)by Komodo
There were always myths, that said that a day would come, and Minecraft would fall. The world would burn, for a thousand years. The kingdoms will become just dust in th...
a city of ash and blood (ruling it like we're kings on a golden throne) by spaghettis-mom
a city of ash and blood (ruling it...by spaghetti's mom
A collection of GTA AU chapters that may or may not be connected, and may or may not have a lil' slice of gay in it. Mostly for practice for future works, partly for my...