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Phobe Grey's life by LexiLindamood
Phobe Grey's lifeby Lexi Lindamood
The daughter of Christian Grey tells about her life
Stalker [h.s]  by idekPayne
Stalker [h.s] by K
His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention...
50 Shades of Shawn (Smut) by tickleshawnm
50 Shades of Shawn (Smut)by TICKLESHAWNM
This story is mainly based on the events taken place in the movie fifty shades darker but with your love interest Shawn Mendes.
Fifty Shades Of Ackerman by ereri_queen
Fifty Shades Of Ackermanby Søsça Këññëdy~ 🌸
This is a Riren version of the Novel "Fifty Shades Of Grey" By E. L. James. WARNING: Contains: -Sexual Contents -BDMS ((Fuck yeah ~)) -Yaoi, and a lot of Yaoi...
Coincidence  by dessibabbe
Coincidence by dessibabbe
Ana and Christian will not meet at the interview. instead they will meet the night that Ana goes to the bar with kate and gets drunk, and Christian will be there to help...
Corporate Heat by amzieerevel
Corporate Heatby Amy
When Hayley begins her new job at "Shields and Sawyer" she immediately gets thrown into the deep end. How do you deal with having a boss who has a face that on...
50 Shades Of Gray FullBuster by Live_Love_Lies
50 Shades Of Gray FullBusterby Wheres my Happy Ending?
"Ms.lockser...Mr.FullBuster will see you now" the raven hair desk lady said with a glare that could kill off a whole country.
Tom Cruise Smut and Imagines  by KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Tom Cruise Smut and Imagines by KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Heyyy Bestie soo after seeing how every ones Tom Cruise Smut/Imagines are absolutely shit so yup i'm making my own Reminder : some Smut here will probably be .Flithy...
Missing You by emmacremebrulee
Missing Youby cute but psycho
Reshoots for FSOG have started in October. Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson meet up again after not seeing each other since February. But now it's different. They feel some...
Toothbrush x Toothpaste ff by WhiteStorm_foreverr
Toothbrush x Toothpaste ffby ✨ MOVED ✨
"why are you scared?" "I don't want to be used again" "don't worry, I'm here" I ran out of chicken nuggets ;-;
Order In The Office // h.s. by katymystery
Order In The Office // h.s.by katymystery
I thought I just signed up for an assistant job. It began normal, get the normal coffee order, file a few papers. Answer a few e-mails. But something about my boss, Mr...
Your Second Half [Completed] by themoneb
Your Second Half [Completed]by Mone'
[Rated PG-13] I will be your friend. I will help you get the girl that you want. I will teach you things you've never experienced. You have to help me help you, but, Mar...
Is Your Wife a Manipulative Bitch? - A Theory About Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson by peterscumtwinkie
Is Your Wife a Manipulative Bitch...by BOI
That title was long. AnYwAyS they're gonna find and assassinate me for exposing so many truths by this point, and I have to be on so many watch lists. #1 in indoctrinati...
Fifty Angles of Cipher (BillFord)  by _sandhanitizer_
Fifty Angles of Cipher (BillFord) by Sand Hanitizer
A BillFord story with a fifty shades au. it will take place after Ford gets in Backsupmore, meets Fiddleford and moves to Gravity Falls. You will find that it's related...
Your Fake Love || Jamie Dornan || by threeOverFour
Your Fake Love || Jamie Dornan ||by threeOverFour
Aubrey Bradshaw, 18, works at Barnes and Noble, gets her 4.0 every semester. Her life was easy until she meets this very mysterious man she met in the library she works...
The Grey In Between(on Hold) by your_sinchild
The Grey In Between(on Hold)by angstyball
Lance McClain had always got everything he wanted. He was a powerful man. He thought he could resist. But he couldnt resist Keith. (Hella gay . A 50 shades of grey AU)
50 Shades Of Zion Kuwuno by KatieMrsHemmings
50 Shades Of Zion Kuwunoby Katie Rose Mrs Tuan
a normal girl whole life changes when she meets this mysterious guy from the band PRETTY MUCH
A forbidden Fairytale by Skankyranky
A forbidden Fairytaleby Skankyranky
Gargamel and Smurfette have always had a passionate love for each other; tricky though it be due to Papa Smurf. Their lust for each other burns bright and unfading. Howe...
ALEJANDRA by escritosdeluz
Tal vez en el mundo de Alejandra, existían pocas posibilidades de conocer a alguien como Julián, pero en ocasiones el universo conspira para que sucedan cosas extraordin...
Owned By A Gangster  by mariabaileywat
Owned By A Gangster by Bitch read my book
Owned by a gangster is Book 2 of the Gangsters Possession series- Mature Themes!! If you haven't read book one- please do so in your own time- in order to understand th...