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    The hunt for the figure behind the mask has been ongoing for years, the killings becoming more gruesome and detailed; yet no evidence has ever been found to end the mystery and put everyone at ease. On one summer vacation, a group of teenagers decide to spend their holiday at Gleam Canyon Woods-in their cottage house...

  • Bled Out
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    Book 2 in the Bad Bleed Series. The secret's out and yet Suki's story is far from finished. Life outside the Ring may prove to be scarier than life within it. She's managed to live this long, yet somehow her future survivability and that of the many others like her is yet to be secured. The S.S.A claim to know how to...

  • Bad Bleed | ✔️
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    There now exists a world where the colour of your blood defines you; and there certainly isn't much room for different in the year 2138. Suki Kione has known for a long time now that there's a clock on her life, one that runs a lot quicker than that of anyone else. She knows the end is near. All it takes is for a drop...

  • Delinquent High
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    ❝grief is the price we pay for love❞ When thrown into the wrong crowd, mixed in with the wrong people, as a form of grieving; Beth is welcomed into a world full of alcohol, violence and illegal racing. A year was all she needed to become someone no one could recognise. But we all have a limit- and she had reached hers...

  • An Angelic Devotion (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian Story) ✔
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    "She's both a seraph and frisky sex kitten. But don't make the mistake of thinking she's spineless like her dreamy owner and demons do; getting clawed up could be your fate..." When Ophelia--an earth angel gifted with white-magic abilities--starts pitting herself against demons, she meets an enamoring woman who attrac...

    Completed   Mature
  • One of Those People *On Hold*
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    ❝"I don't do straight guys," Art said with the kind of confidence Brady had always wanted. "I am not asking you to do me." He scoffed defensively crossing his arms over his chest. "Then why are you looking at me like you want me to?"❝ Playing off in the year 1984. Art De Luca is one of those people. The people...

  • Dragon's Breath
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    Since The Fires of Alira one thousand five hundred years ago, dragons have lived separate from the other races in Midgar. They rarely make contact with others, unless in terms of conflict. Eleonora is the descendant of the dragon sovereign, and will one day assume the throne of the Perilous Horde herself. The hor...

  • Wanderlust ✓
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    When introverted Paige Lewis unexpectedly wins a radio contest, she didn't know she would be off to Florida for a week with confident Parker Collins, the star soccer player at her rival high school. The two are forced to attend the Wanderlust music festival together and after they get over the initial dislike for one...