Not My Congressman...
By xxgiannixx
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ManxMan Finn Callaghan and Wyatt Montgomery are polar opposites. Finn is your average gay 22 year old, fresh out of college with a PoliSci degree and applying to law school. He's as liberal as they come and hopes to one day follow in his grandfather's footsteps and enter the fast-paced, cutthroat world of politics. Wyatt Montgomery isn't your average conservative politician; fresh out of law school at 25 he was tired of seeing corrupt representation in Washington, he took a huge chance and ran for the US House of Representatives and ultimately won and is the youngest sitting Congressman on Capitol Hill. Finn and Wyatt's lives turn upside down when Finn starts his gap-year internship in Wyatt's congressional office and needless to say sparks fly from the very beginning; in both a good and bad way. Will these two unlikely lovers from opposites sides of the aisle be driven apart by the partisan divisive times they find themselves in, or will their love ultimately transcend the great party divide?

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Not My Co...
by xxgiannixx