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  • Coffee Shop (Camila/You)
    544K 20.9K 59

    Based on the one shot/Imagine, Coffee Shop (G!P) In which Camila starts working in a nearby coffee shop on the Portland State University campus. She's a freshman in college trying to make ends meet for the rent to her dorm. Then starts to crush on a regular Y/E/C eyed girl who has a specific order and a memorable smil...

  • Camila Cabello Imagines
    22.1K 849 37


  • DARE
    105K 4.7K 39

    Would you remember me? [short story]

  • The Other James ~~ One Tree Hill FanFiction
    98.7K 1.9K 109

    Tobin James, brother to Haley, returns to Tree Hill after being away with his sister on tour. With summer ending and Senior year beginning, he plans to get close with those he once was (Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Peyton, etc). However, hearts get in the way and new family rivalries arise. One thing leads to another, and e...

  • THE P.A Camila/You
    83.4K 3.7K 11

    Camila/You story. Camila Cabello is in need of a Personal Assistant. Y/N has been in the P.A business for 6 years but has never had a full time P.A role for a celebrity. She goes to an interview not knowing who the job is for. What happens when she gets hired as Camila's new right hand woman? Will sparks fly? Will th...

  • The Roadtrip (CCxYou)
    201K 4.9K 33

    first story ever You and Camila are together and Fifth Harmony has been on break for about a year. Since they've been on a break, Camila's parents thought it'd be fun to go on a road trip together and you're nervous about it. You and Camila have been arguing and fighting a lot and things are coming up. Will this tri...

  • The Lost Jauregui Twin - (Camila/You)
    102K 2.6K 14

    You always have thought The Jauregui's were a Family of Five (Clara, Mike, Lauren, Chris and Taylor.) So did Lauren until one day her and her Bandmates were on break- she received news from her parents that she has a twin.... Not only she has a twin but maybe she have seen her twin a couple times before and never real...

  • My Next Door Neighbour (Camila/You)
    86.2K 2K 20

    g!p you. fyi, the story is rushed so i'm sorry for the cringe.

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever and Always (Camila Cabello/You)
    54.8K 1.8K 22

    Y/N never thought that her dreams would come true. It was all work and no play. But what will happen when her dream of working on music give her what she's always wanted? Fame, recognition, but most of all: love. Y/N is G!p Give the story a chance!

  • Camila Cabello imagines
    195K 5.3K 94

    [DISCONTINUED] Because we all need some Camila in our lives and if it won't be in this universe, than it will be in a bunch of others. BxG / GxG / G!P Highest Ranking: #2 in BxG #3 in Cabello

  • Red | Camila x You
    27.5K 857 11

    17 yr old y/n Castillo (casTeeYo) is the daughter of the gang leader, Raphael Castillo. He has been the leader of The saints for almost 30 years now and y/n is next to takeover. Y/n ends up meeting 21 yr old Camila Cabello, the daughter of Alejandro Cabello. Alejandro is the leader of The Diablos. Camila and y/n end...

  • Camila Cabello Imagines
    162K 4.2K 32

    The title says it all! Can't promise they're any good, I try my best! Requests are open! Enjoy! ⚠️WARNING CONTAINS⚠️ ✔️Same Sex Pairing ✔️Strong Language ✔️Sexual Content ✔️Trigger Moments ✔️G!P Only (Unless Said Other Wise) ✔️Shitty Writing

  • Found (Lauren/You)
    112K 3.9K 42

    "I feel lost."

  • Between The Raindrops (Camren)
    12.1K 472 4

    After one disastrous date, G!P Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello are left with nothing in common besides their mutual best friends and love for their godson, Joey. When the impossible becomes their unfortunate reality, the two are unexpectedly appointed to become the baby’s legal guardians. Having to take care of a n...

  • Revenge
    22K 1K 5

    After her father marries another woman, Camila Cabello is forced to move to sunny California and transfer over to a new private school for her senior year. With her new evil step-sister constantly messing with her head, she is completely fed up and decides to take revenge. The ultimate plan: date her step-sisters girl...

  • Blindsided
    44.6K 1.6K 5

    Not wanting to show up at her family reunion alone and become the fool of the high-class elite Cabello's, Camila needs someone to pose as her "wife" and the "mother" of her five year old child. Her high school crush and childhood friend, G!P Lauren Jauregui, comes back from serving in the Air Force just in time to pla...

  • Bonfire Hearts (Camren)
    64.1K 2.2K 7

    Lauren and Chris Jauregui are Miami High's most well known set of twins. Chris is the popular Prom King, star football player, and student body president, while Lauren is the badass and polar opposite of her brother. The two have always grown up next to the Cabello's, where their eldest daughter is Chris' best friend...

  • Hero (Camren)
    123K 4.5K 13

    Military!AU. Marine Sergeant Lauren Jauregui is now on her way back to the US for the first time in four years to accompany her best friend Dinah in surprising her long time girlfriend. On their 2 week long awaited trip, Lauren learns what it's like to be in the real world again and the reason why people believe in so...

  • Best I Ever Had (Sequel)
    155K 6K 54

    Sequel to Final Five.

  • LJ10
    5.2M 112K 34

    Sequel to CC7

  • Camren smut (g!p)
    2.2M 18.9K 54

    All of these stories are g!p. If you don't like, don't read. Enjoy.

  • FAMOUS (Camren)
    440K 13.6K 26

    Camila Cabello's in for a surprise when she witnesses who famous pop sensation Lauren Jauregui really is. After a one night stand on the tour bus goes terrible, Camila gets her revenge years later. **G!P Lauren** (Don't like it, don't read!) Cover by the great and powerful @SLOTHTATO

    Completed   Mature
  • Camila Cabello Imagines
    323K 6.1K 26

    The title is self-explanatory. This book contains: • Fluff • Angst • Smut Pairings: • G!P You • GxG • BxG Message me or comment if you have any suggestion. Cover by: @korslay

  • Camila Cabello Imagines
    68.3K 2.1K 79

    Short imagines with Camila Cabello.Request are open and some of my ideas will be based on shows or songs. MALE Y/N

  • Dare You To Love (Camren - Norminah - Vercy)
    1.7M 67.6K 60

    It's all just a game. A dare. A marriage. A bucket list. And a bakery. Ships: Camren, Norminah, Vercy, Wally **PLEASE DO NOT COPY/REPOST/REPRODUCE MY WORK. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!** Cover: @professionalbanana

  • All's Fair (Lauren/You)
    663K 24.1K 51

    Y/N Y/LN was the star basketball player out of Miami High. Her life at home was completely different from her life at school. Only she knows what happens behind closed doors. Y/N struggles through the last few years of high school, trying to learn the difference between a friendly high five and the deadly act of abuse...

    Completed   Mature
  • Photograph (camren)
    580K 19.2K 54

    Disclaimer: strictly AU MILITARY AU: Lauren, a member of the U.S military has never felt as though she had something to come home to when she returned from being deployed. On her first leave of her third tour, her friends decided to take her out to celebrate her homecoming. When she meets a young bartender turned Doc...

  • It's True ⇔ Camila/You
    206K 6K 26

    Y/N Hemmings tags along on her older brother's tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer, but when she meets a certain brown eyed girl at the Teen Choice Awards, everything changes.

  • Riptide (a lauren jauregui love story)
    11.3K 352 72

    Jackson Danielson is an aspiring youtuber and musician living in hawaii. when he sees a girl going to far out in the water will he save her or let her die. I felt like the only Lauren Jauregui fanfictions were either camren or Lauren/you so I decided to write this fictional story. Enjoy.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Trip To Remember (Lauren/You)
    115K 2.5K 24

    G!P Y/N I don't know what else to put here so just read the book 😂✌