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  • crazy (scömìche)
    4.4K 341 20

    all the best people are crazy ~~~ alxssa_marie horsedancer123

  • Against the Odds
    3.6K 361 59

    AU: Scott isn't human. Well... he is, 50% human to be exact. But this doesn't give him a fighting chance in a world in which he is expected to be used and, eventually, broken. Sécor is an abbreviation of the Latin term for the species: Servus Corporis Homonium (Translation: Bodily Slave of Men). The purpose of this ge...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lights Will Guide You Home
    571 25 5

    Mitch can't stand to see Scott in pain.

  • Breaking Down
    1.8K 163 19

    The group is at their wits' end with Scott. Withdrawn, snarky, and cold, nobody can figure out what has changed within him. When they finally wrap their heads around all of the signs, will it be too late? Eventual Scomiche. (Any Trigger warnings will take place before each chapter).

    Completed   Mature
  • Katt Oneshots
    2.1K 88 11

    Katt Oneshots :)

  • Two Degrees of Separation
    1.4K 150 26

    Who is this man who seems to know everyone? Harry can't figure it out. ...but he certainly wants to know him.

    Completed   Mature
  • PTX One Shots
    1K 46 13

    "Ships" included: Mirstie, Scirstie, Scomiche, Levin (Kevin and Leigh), Katt, The Trio, Matt and Kevin, the entire group. Some will be romantic, some will be just a cute friendship thang. I will take requests however no smut, only cuteness

  • PTX One Shots and Imagines
    745 32 17

    Just some one-shots, imagines and short stories about our good ol' friends, Pentatonix. Requests are OPEN!!!!! ;) Started - August 01, 2020 Finished - ???

  • The Assistant | Scavi
    11.3K 638 100

    Scott Hoying, 24 years old, needs only one internship to finish his studies. His dream internship would be with Beyoncé or any other big name, but he finds himself working with Avi Kaplan, an aspiring musician who is working on his second EP.

  • You Are The Reason
    498 46 6

    Three years after Avi's departure, Scott is more determined than ever to find out his real reason for leaving.

  • The Moon, The Sun, and Everything Else
    12K 1K 110

    She was like the sun. Bright, always up, lived for a blue sky, and never quit smiling. He was like the moon. Made the dark skies a lot a bit brighter, and was always there to light up the path back home. Everything else was...Well, just everything else.

  • Welcome To Oz
    2.2K 103 13

    Kirstie just broke up with Jeremy, and her friends ditched her, she just wants to get away. Then suddenly she and Olaf gets sucked in a tornado and they get taken somewhere they have never been, The City Of Oz. COVER BY @ashlxy-

  • Scirstie One-Shots
    3.2K 108 15

    A couple of short (but some lengthy) stories about a tall blonde guy with blue eyes, a beautiful young woman and their friends <3 [may be really cringey at first but i suppose it gets better as the chapter numbers increase :) ]

  • S.C.O.T.T.
    30.4K 3.3K 26

    "What the hell are you and why are you following me?" I demanded, angrily, as I rubbed my sore arms. "I am a Specially Created Observational Technological Trainee, otherwise known as an S.C.O.T.T. Your safety is my top priority. I have been trained to tend to my human," he explained. Ok, I could play along. "Well, S.C...

    3.1K 321 19

    A ruthless gang of outlaws led by a crazed killer roams the west doing whatever it takes to survive.

  • take a good hard look ⚣ // scomiche
    759 157 7

    "when mitch glumly approaches the dull police station, he is the only one who has been crying." -pride 2020-

    Completed   Mature
  • Three Years
    21K 944 20

    it's been three years since pentatonix broke up and kirstin left los angeles. three years since she left everyone she loves behind so she could start her new life in london. now kevin is getting married and kirstin is forced to return to los angeles where old memories lie and more importantly... avi.

  • Remember - [scomiche]
    38.4K 1.8K 33

    26 Psychologist Scott Hoying takes the case of Mitch Grassi, a 22 year old patient who suffers from amnesia. Slowly, Scott get's attached to his patient, intrigued by how his mind works and determined to find a cure for him. Time passes by and he begins to wonder about Mitch's past. Who was he before the accident? Why...

    1.9K 261 26

    "The vampire 'Lulu' struck again last night. One innocent man died from this beast and the village people say they saw a small body jump off the walls. We think this beast is a female, judging by the victims, who were all men." Nope. Just me.

  • stars // scavi
    5.2K 342 8

    in which Scott is the basketball star but he thinks there are brighter stars. plot credit to @obsessedwithtivi //

  • From The Inside Out
    13.9K 772 11

    triggering content// committed suicide in which avriel is hiding something inside and it kills him

  • Mystery
    13.9K 1.1K 29

    in which Avi is a mystery and Mitch is the detective completed //

  • Incurable
    333K 22.3K 55

    "You're here because you can't sleep. Or won't let yourself eat. Maybe voices speak to you sometimes. Maybe... You don't know what's wrong. Whatever the reason, whatever the cause... You belong here. I suggest you get comfortable." (A Pentatonix + mental illness AU)

  • Blue ain't your colour (It is mine)
    1.1K 123 13

    December 1956. Adam Rupp works as a waiter and singer on a cruise ship together with his colleagues and friends Tim Foust, Rob Lundquist and their boss Adam Chance, collectively known as "Chance". Between the four of them, they keep the ship's restaurant and entertainment program running. It might not be the most exci...

    15.8K 1K 52

    No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Acting upon a dare, however, one college student is about to find out. After Avi moved away from his parents to attend a well known college he soon finds out his new neighbors are living in a house that is supposed to be haunted. Of course Avi's new 'friends' dare him to...

    17.4K 1K 45

    A small laid back town in Georgia, a place where everyone knows everybody. A place where one would think they know their neighbor pretty well. Or do they.

  • Fruitcake (Home Free and VoicePlay)
    6K 276 33

    Featuring: Adam, Austin, Tim, and Chance of Home Free And Layne, Geoff, and Tony of Voiceplay ❝There can't be rainbows without the rain, and the stars only shine in the dark, sweetheart.❞ This is a story of worlds colliding. Whether it be for the better or the worse, forever or just for the moment, it leaves scars...

  • Living | ✓
    1K 82 15

    Bombs are going off around America. Citizens are directed to not leave their homes until told otherwise. After evacuation, everyone is sent to either Ashberry Farms or Malcom Village. The group 'Pentatonix' will have to live separated from now on. Will they make it until everything goes back to normal?

  • Tell No One (COMPLETED)
    22.4K 1.6K 145

    Living with a painful secret for most of his life, Chance finds forgiveness, acceptance and the true meaning of brotherhood when he no longer can hide it.

    8K 469 22

    Some believe that when a person dies of a violent death, their spirits are not at rest. Some believe that there is a place between Heaven and Hell. DEADTOWN is both.