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  • The Polaroid Album | taehyung✔
    15.7K 1.3K 29

    ...And his faithful camera had taken a snap during every miracle that happened. All except one. Her. ◽◾◽◾◽ Twenty Polaroids. Two months of memories worth a million lifetimes. Two souls whose fates are intertwined, parts of a whole that is meant to shine amongst the stars. Let the magic begin. ◽◾◽◾◽ Reviewed by @exodad...

  • Dance to This [kth]
    237K 12.3K 37

    [mature]Eighteen-year-old Eunha was expecting nothing more than the ordinary: drunken parties, organized socials, dreadful classes, and consuming study schedules. Who she didn't expect was Professor Kim Taehyung. »»----- ♚ -----«« She resembles a being who he cannot resist; an art form who is fragile to the touch, a...

  • Reticent ✓
    226K 20.7K 35

    [5] 김태형 "Let's not know together." Taciturn and solitary, Miran throws herself into her studies, isolating herself from any who try to befriend her for fear of being hurt. When a classmate manages to find a crack in the walls she's spent years building, she reluctantly allows herself to let him in, battling her doubt...

  • Pyramids {BTS x reader}
    494K 32.2K 39

    She didn't need a crown, because she wasn't a queen.... She was a goddess. • • • • • • Book #2 in "The Blue Eyes" series. #1 in 'btsxreader' June, 2019

  • Perpetual Rain ✓
    58.5K 4.6K 95

    A troubled - soon to be - college girl is ravaged by uncontrollable hallucinations that she can't explain. Making an unexpected friendship with a stranger she met on the street but, he has secrets of his own. "Seriously, you've got me worried." His hands pressed into the tables brim, ready to get up at any second. "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Awaken|
    388K 21.1K 37

    "Mmm..." His velvet moan vibrated against her before his lips grazed her earlobe-darting a swift tongue to it and hisses " taste good." A vampire who was cursed to sweep the depths of the Earth is awakened to a world where their kind reigns and humans count themselves lucky for the coexistence. •First book in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forsaken|
    158K 10K 24

    "I'm not worthy of you, therefore I must leave you." •Second Book in the "Awaken" series• If you've stumbled across this book, please read "Awaken" first. *Kim Taehyung Vampire Fan Fiction *Mature (Adult Language, Adult Themes, Mild Violence ) *Original Character/Vampire Alternate Universe *COMPLETED **I do not own...

    Completed   Mature
  • But You're Cupid |
    236K 14.3K 43

    Who knows what could happen when Cupid (Kim Taehyung) gets personally involved in your love life! *BTS-Kim Taehyung Fan Fiction *Original Character *Fantasy Love Story/Romantic Comedy (My first attempt) *COMPLETED (Unedited) •Earned Honorable Mention in Kim Taehyung category in Speak Yourself Awards Started: 11/20/1...

  • Worst Guardian Angel Ever ✔
    2.4M 146K 51

    "What would happen if I took you to bed with me? Would that mean I broke the virginity of an angel?" ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: In which a girl is sent to be the guardian angel of her own killer. ✎ EDITING ✎ © Kiki 2018© ➢AU ➢Fluff/Drama ➢Humor Highest Rankings: #1 in JUNGKOOK #1 in KPOP #1 in NAMJOON #3 in JIMIN ★Debut Novel★ ...

  • MS.CRAZY |
    1.1M 66.1K 65

    She hurried to hide her bag when a certain someone exposed its content. "Why in the world is your bag full of hand sanitizer and soap!?" "I am allergic to your existence. Now go away from germ!" || completed

  • Downpour | Kim Taehyung
    919K 57.2K 40

    [COMPLETED] ❝He's been gone for years, but now, he's back - like heavy rain, all so suddenly.❞ Twenty-two year old, Lee Kyungmin doesn't mind being left with her friend's daughter and raising her as her own. She actually volunteers herself to do it. The thing, however, is that she still has to prove t...

  • Pick Me Up
    3.1M 243K 39

    "If your left leg is Thanksgiving and your right leg is Christmas, can I come eat between the holidays?" "Sure...if you want blood down your throat." "...what?" "I'm on my period, dumbass." Where the talkative girl and the quiet boy converse through pick up lines. Highest Ranking: #1

  • smoker // kimtaehyung [COMPLETED]
    2.6M 108K 60

    " stop smoking " he grabbed the cigarette i was about to light and threw it onto the ground. " but you smoke too, what's your fucking logic? " " there's something better than fucking nicotine " " oh yeah? what is it? " i eyed him cautiously. " my lips, what else? " then and right there, he crashed his lips on mine.

  • Wild Thoughts | Taehyung | ✓
    1.9M 100K 50

    ❝When I'm with you, Sora, all I get is wild thoughts.❞ - In which a girl gets offered a modelling contract by the owner of the notorious designer brand V, Kim Taehyung. Romance/Comedy/Drama - #SerendipityAwards 2nd in the Crystal Snow Awards Highest Ranking: - #5 in Fanfiction - #7 in Taehyung Reached 100K: 17.03.1...

  • 24 hours | kth
    1.3M 60.8K 27

    Status : COMPLETED Best ranking: #25 in fanfiction Chaemin, a very smart, decent girl gets locked in a mall for a day with Taehyung, an extremely reckless and indecent boy. Her hatred for him is obvious, but can she survive 24 hours without chopping his head off or worse...falling for him. ✨ If you'd like to watch the...

  • K.T.H FF | Gone [Short] ✔️
    50.1K 2.2K 10

    "..Why am I always too late?" --FINISHED IN 1 DAY

  • Run •
    11.7K 846 17

    ❝ Stealing is bad. ❞ ❝ And so is being with you. But we can't help but do bad things can we? ❞ Where she meets Kim Taehyung and they try to run away from all of the problems in life. ©NicholasEC | edited |

  • mischief || kth [✓]
    79K 3.6K 24

    [College! au] "Well, I'm in my bed. And you're in yours. One of us is in the wrong place." "Yeah, and it's you, that's not in the trash yet." If there was one way to describe Kim Taehyung, it would be: a troublemaker. Thing is, so were you. And that's how you get along. Well, not really.

  • perfect | taehyung
    3.9M 132K 24

    》i can taste her lipstick 《 (extended one shot) (completed)

  • Art of Seduction | Kim Taehyung ✓
    574K 23.6K 46

    "I don't know where to put my hands," he muttered as he stared at her beautiful body. "Anywhere you want, baby boy. I'm not a work of art that can be damaged so easily." Started: 02/24/2018 Finished: 04/13/2018 Edited: 05/26/2018 Mature: a smut chapter [mafia au]

  • LIMIT ° you . kth . jjk [18+]
    824K 21.1K 18

    (complete.) You have confessed to the resident bad boy, Kim Taehyung, 50 times. Tired of your attempts and wanting to stop your infatuation for good, Taehyung agrees to date you - but only if you can overcome his sadistic challenges. || rated mature for strong language and sexual content. || feat. you (as sup...

  • "And Then" | Kim Taehyung × Reader ✔
    72.8K 2.1K 33

    lol i made this book when i was fourteen please forgive me ): [ Inspired by 2004's A Moment to Remember ]

  • Partner in Crime [bts; k.t.h]
    344K 11.4K 28

    "And what is a little girl doing here, dressed like that?" He asked, his voice deeper than I expected. I looked down at my clothes, black ripped jeans, black shirt and leather jacket, topped with my ankle boots. "I need a place to hide." I told him, seeing his smirk fade for a second. "What, did you steal a 100 won...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eyes | Kth ff
    1.1M 63.7K 57

    "Why are you wearing shades in broad daylight?" The red headed boy asked. And then there was silence, you were debating with yourself if you would tell him or just run away but the rain was pouring nonstop. "Well?" He urged you to continue, sounding impatient than ever. You sigh, "I'm... I'm blind." They say that the...

  • Just Like Magic ✔️
    286K 13.4K 50

    She was more than ordinary but she kept that secret to herself, well and her best friend Namjoon. The two grew up together and only he knew the deep deep secret she kept hidden from the world. One night, after a particularly bad date, she was "saved" by her gorgeous server who instantly felt a pull to her. The two got...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jester | K.TH
    172K 11.5K 26

    That's when I saw it. In the shadows. Movement. I could feel my heart racing. "Mr. Standford?!" I called out hoping it was just him coming to fix something. Silence. Again. The figure flashed across the shadows. "Who are you?!" I yelled *Laughter* "You shouldn't have gone into the Woods......" ______________________...

  • Pulse
    212K 12.1K 38

    This is going to hurt. You fell in love with Kim Taehyung during Medical School. Now living totally different lives in completely different hospitals, you're pulled together again as if by fate during a code black when someone plants a bomb in your hospital. Or, the fanfiction Korean drama you never knew you needed.

    Completed   Mature
  • CHILD WHISPERER. | KTH | complete
    91.7K 6.3K 18

    in which kim taehyung is good with kids, and song sol, single mother of one wild five year old, is not.

  • Rebellion • KTH ✔️
    246K 14.3K 48

    BTS Royal!AU in which strangers Kim Taehyung and Choi Jae are forced into an arranged marriage by their monarchical parents. In a twist of fate, both teens run away from their respective palaces the night before they're supposed to meet for the first time. Little do they know their paths are destined to collide. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel of Music ( TaehyungXReader)~ Phantom Of The Opera ~
    40.1K 2K 47

    Deformed since a young age, a bitter man known only as the Phantom lives in the sewers underneath the Paris Opera House. He falls in love with the obscure chorus singer Y/n, and privately tutors her while terrorizing the rest of the opera house and demanding Y/n be given lead roles. Little by little he opens up to her...