Dance to This [kth]
By narcotichobi
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[mature]Eighteen-year-old Eunha was expecting nothing more than the ordinary: drunken parties, organized socials, dreadful classes, and consuming study schedules. Who she didn't expect was Professor Kim Taehyung. »»----- ♚ -----«« She resembles a being who he cannot resist; an art form who is fragile to the touch, a delicate angel of promiscuous tragedies and sinful nightmares. She didn't want to wake up. He persuades her with his intimidation; a look beyond the surface of what she thought she knew. She was reaching for air but he was weighing down her soul. He couldn't grasp it. How could the temptation of his passions evade her? »»----- ♔ -----«« ❝My blood, sweat and tears My last dance Take it away My blood, sweat and tears My cold breath Take it away❞ (피 땀 눈물) -방탄소년단 [Mature Content and Themes] professor!tae

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Dance to...
by narcotichobi