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  • Pizza Guy
    325K 16.7K 20

    ❝Oh, him? He's just that pizza guy,❞ But what if just that pizza guy turned out to be something more? copyright 2016 © holly bowen cover by @karismatic-

  • Unromantic
    46K 1.1K 3

    “I’m a hopeless romantic. Not a prostitute!” You’d think that for a guy who could make the entire female population of our high school drop their pants at the snap of his finger, Adam Flynn would have some sort of charm. Instead, he is the opposite of charming. He’s revolting; he’s mean; and his only saving point in t...

  • The Stories of Misfits
    73.2K 1.1K 4

    "To be honest, none of us really belong anywhere, but we're all outsiders and outsiders tend to band together like their own island of misfit toys." -Violet Zykin, Flowers. Marie thought her heart was okay. Derek thought that he was alone. Violet thought that being subordinate to her sister didn't bother her. Shamshad...

  • therapy
    462K 37K 103

    "they told us that we needed therapy, as if medication and tainted words could fix broken toys."

  • He's Gabe
    69.2K 2.9K 8

    Gabe Haywood maybe the hottest guy on campus, but Lucy knows he was only tempting trouble. She didn't know whether to hate him or somehow like him; he was annoying, protective, easily jealous and sarcastic. But the last thing you want is always the first thing you need.

  • Epic Fail
    41.5K 1.9K 16

    "Sometime in the middle of my junior year, Miss Dennings, my intrusive English teacher decided¬ not even bothering to ask my parents for permission, that I should take part in one of those noisy and useless socializing circles her husband held every Sunday morning. Saying that I had absolutely no need to go there wo...

  • Finding Everett | ✔️
    1.5M 66K 38

    ✨✨Shortlisted for 2017 WATTYS!✨✨ Losing any human sense sucks. But for Everett North, losing his vision at eight years old made his life a living nightmare. Angry and hurt, his sanctuary became the world he found in music and he shut out the world. But when a new girl emerges on the scene and attempts breaking t...

  • Hidden
    10.5K 757 13

    hidden [ hid - n ] /adjective/ concealed from knowledge or exposure; kept secret. these are the things I've always kept hidden thoughts unspoken, stories unwritten truth be told: I should keep them inside but they're getting oh, so hard to hide ranked poetry #65 and teen fiction #417 on the twenty-ninth of june. a co...

  • Not all Blondes do Backflips
    16.5M 332K 28

    Stereotypes. I hate them. On my first day at my new school, a girl in a blue and white cheerleader's uniform told me I 'looked like a cheerleader' and asked me to come to tryouts. I almost decked her. Blonde hair and blue eyes do not a cheerleader make. Cheerleaders can be bitchy and mean but they can also act all hap...

  • Becoming Beautiful (Wattys2014)
    15.8M 448K 36

    Kennedy (Kenna) isn't known for her beauty. She's never been complimented on her appearance unless being called beautiful by your family counts, and to Kenna- it doesn't. Sick of being ignored because of her looks, Kennedy gives herself a makeover but it isn't very successful. After encountering a crying Marissa River...

  • Dating the bad girl.
    17.3M 260K 42

    You've heard of when bad boy meets good girl....but have you heard of when bad girl meets good boy? When Nolan met Danielle he expected nothing. Little did he know this one girl would change his perfect five year plan. She was bad. Sexy and tattooed. She was everything Nolan was not. Nolan was a virgin while she was a...

  • Je t'aime
    991K 25.8K 34

    "Hello?" I asked, my voice groggy from sleep. "Do you want to have phone sex?" a deep, sexy voice said at the other end of the line. "W-what?!" I bolted upright, pulling the sheet over me. "Who's this?" "I said, do you want to have phone sex and you have to guess who this is" he said, and then I knew. Seventeen-year...

  • Up in the Air
    2.8M 79.4K 35

    "How do you choose from three kinds of perfect?" * * * * * Most people know me as the smartest girl in school but my real name is Sara Preston. My life changed when I wore a dress with more sparkle than a disco ball The football captain who was my childhood best friend. An Honors student with the most amazin...

  • Rides with Ace
    1.3M 48.5K 18

    [HIATUS] ❝Despite being a total Jerk, he made her laugh─laughter is music of the heart.❞ Mellow & Sweet, Flo was in love with her best friend, Kane Jacobs - heartthrob extraordinaire. Unfortunately, her feelings for him were unreciprocated, seeing that he chased every girl that wasn't Flo. Drowning in boredom, Flo j...

  • Kendall & Me [discontinued]
    358K 14.6K 18

    When Isabel Shaw was six years old her twin sister, Kendall, died. It took a long time but Isabel finally moved on-lived her life. That is until ten years later when Kendall decides to magically reappear in Isabel's bedroom as though she never left, asking for Isabel's help. Isabel never thought that she would see h...

  • My Stolen First Kiss [Moving To Radish]
    20M 456K 32

    [Before you begin reading just a quick warning; this story has painfully slow updates, it is also very cliche but it does improve as the story goes on] When Jade Everett was ten years old, her first kiss was stolen by Jared Felton. Six years later Jade has still not forgiven him, although she doesn't really have to wo...

  • I Am Reese
    2.8M 88.2K 26

    Reese has always dreamed of being a YouTube star, but all she's done is make rant videos that she never posts. So when her younger sister finds them and puts them online as a prank, Reese thinks her life is over. But surprisingly, people think they're hilarious. On a confidence high, she decides to make these video di...

  • Under His Umbrella
    34K 1.4K 2

    Are you new to the neighborhood?" I asked curiously. "I've never seen you before." His eyes met mine, a mixture of amusement and surprise evident on his face. "We've been neighbors for the past six years." * * * Lane Avery has always been in her own little world, never noticing anything going on around her; mainly, be...

  • Passing Notes [on hold]
    18.5K 739 5

    "The game is simple. I'll give you a person's locker number and you'll write notes to one another anonymously. After school, everyday, you will slip your note inside their locker; your partner will slip a note into your locker too. Tell them everything-your secrets, your feelings, anything that you wouldn't tell anyon...

  • Plane Partners
    28.6K 781 2

    [coming this summer] Preston Declan, when solidly on ground, is witty and undeniably charming. But the moment he boards any airplane, his bone-threading phobia of flying seeps in, forcing him to succumb to his inner fears. Jupiter Hale is neutral about planes - doesn't love them nor dislikes them. She's been on o...

  • Blind Acceptance
    8.7K 380 2

    He stood behind me, pressing himself against my back, which did nothing for my unsettled heartbeat. "Once you accept what's happening between us, I will not hesitate to take what's mine," he whispered, bending his head over my shoulder to kiss the spot where my heart was. "So be prepared." Carter Rush is blind. After...

  • His Number
    6.7M 151K 22

    Charlotte Everley and her best friend had a tradition. Every summer on June 26th, they call one number--one random number of the same area code, purely for entertainment. When Charlotte's best friend Stella found love with the help of their 'tradition', she added another reason. To find Charlotte a boyfriend. After t...

  • Like Snow
    315K 8.4K 4

    "Why do you call me that?" "Everyone has been calling you Snow Queen since you transferred schools and you're just now asking why?" he asked incredulously. "Yeah, I guess I am." He looked straight into my eyes and said, "It's because you're like snow; beautiful and cold."

  • BadGirl?
    2.3M 61.4K 80

    (c) Copyright _DarkestRose_ 2013-2014 "You don't know me, no one does," I said in a voice just above a whisper. "Then let me in, I want to know you," he exclaimed clutching onto my arms so I couldn't escape. I looked into his eyes that were swirling with so much emotion, "I'm- I'm messed up.." "I don't care, everyo...

  • The Boxer and I
    1.7M 49.7K 15

    "You save yourself or you remain unsaved." - Alice Sebold. °°° Florence Rosa Brine - this is her story. It's a sad one, to be honest. Her version of events is one that would surprise even those who think they knew everything about her. After a series of incidents that had emotionally and physically scarred her, Fl...

  • Awkwardly Adorable (NaNoWriMo2013)
    2.5M 115K 24

    (DONNI - the main character - IS A GIRL, THEO - the love interest - IS A BOY) Donni Flier was never one to follow rules. Theodore Lewit was. Donni didn't pay any attention at school. Theodore did. Donni was a rebel. Theodore was a nerd. So how in the world did these two opposites end up falling in love? ...

  • Mr. Popular and I
    115M 2.3M 57

    "You and I both know that any girl would kill to be in your position, with me, right now." He smirks, knowing that what he's said is completely and utterly true. Lea Wilson and River Parker don't mix; they don't like the same things, their lives are majorly different. But, what if these two people who are least expect...