The Boxer and I
By thefreakoffreaks
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"You save yourself or you remain unsaved." - Alice Sebold. °°° Florence Rosa Brine - this is her story. It's a sad one, to be honest. Her version of events is one that would surprise even those who think they knew everything about her. After a series of incidents that had emotionally and physically scarred her, Flo fled from her hometown to live with her father in Australia and changed everything about herself that made her, her. But when she realises that the only way forward is to face her demons head on, she returns to her hometown to do exactly that. In her return, she has to face Jake; the only boy she's ever loved. Yet the thing that stands out the most to Flo is his transformation. He spends most of his hours in the gym, boxing, weightlifting, boxing, and more boxing. Instantly, Flo notices that he's become quieter, fiercer and strangely distant, but she has no idea of what is going on in his head. After all, he's Jake. And no one knows a thing about Jake. While facing her fears head on, she discovers what the true meaning of love is, and how she can finally move on from her past and save herself.

The Boxer and I

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The Boxer...
by thefreakoffreaks