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  • Life after talent hunt (Fan-Fic)
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    Peep in guyssss!!!!

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    💛 This OS will be based on last episode of KYYS-2 in my way 💚

  • Manan ff Fab 5 Over Love Really !!!
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    peep in the story to know more

  • Kasauti zindagi ki
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    story start after ending show... peep into know more ....

  • Together Forever
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    Talent hunt series 2 but let's see ho these two childhood sweethearts manage to live together when obstacles are not leaving them. Cover Credit : @ana_loveless20 Plot outline : @sassy_angel Every book I write as my idea and hardwork so please don't copy please. Hi , I am back with another story of our favourite Mana...

  • Life After Separation
    142K 6.1K 43

    " #1 Ranking - truelove " (7/4/2023) After talent hunt compitition Nandini was blamed by Dhruv and Alya for the separate of FAB 5. Where as the truth was they themselves responsible for there separation .Dhrulya said manik to choose between FAB 5 and Nandini

  • THE STAR✨ TO YOUR MONSTER!! (MaNan nd Fab5)
    7.1K 416 12

    For all the KAISI YEH YAARIAAN, PARTH,NITI, MANAN ,SHIVIN ND PANI FANS.I am writing this Fanfiction of MANAN. I am continuing the story from episode 147 of KYY S1..(after the end of soha plot..MaNan Valentine's breakup) I will be changing the plot of the story according to my POV. All the characters remain the same ex...

  • After musicana with a twist (discontinued )
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    In this story there is lot of drama and mystery . To know more about story peeps into the story for it.

  • Amortentia - A MaNan Ts
    4.6K 322 4

    Manan ♥️ A two shot !! Like an amortentia, a powerful love portion, all he could think about was her. And even the love portion smells like her. The only smell, which brings peace, which keeps his sanity intact, the only smell, he love! Like an amortentia, she is all he can smell! Like an amortentia, she is all he ca...

  • Denmark Diaries (Kyy)✅
    198K 11.6K 65

    Ever wondered what happened in Denmark with Manik and Nandini? How did they face their problems and challenges and also grew matured in their relationship together? With new characters and old ones too, their journey in Denmark ❤️ A Fan Fiction of the show 'kaisi yeh yaariaan'... on how MaNan spent their years in Denm...

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  • After talent hunt
    37.5K 1.5K 13

    Let's see what happens when Manik is asked to choose between Fab 5 and Nandini . will he let go of his friends for his love or sacrifice his love for his friends .

    4.4K 323 8

    A FF of kyy. This will not entirely focus on manan but on whole cast. There will be lot of twist and turns. New characters, antagonist, prtoganist. Peep in to know more. Hope you enjoy.

  • Situations(MaNan FF)
    55.6K 2.5K 21

    "This was all just a game; a game for revenge". He never meant these words but he said them, and in front of her, ignoring the sound of his breaking heart and controlling his hands from wiping her tears. Manik Malhotra, the monster of space gave up his love for his best friend. The cruel brat accepted his pain to give...

  • Manan FF: Life Is Always a Surprise
    26.7K 1.4K 24

    Hi guys, This story is written by devils_love and is a amazing story so please do read it....

  • His Everything
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    Manan os

  • Manan : I will love you forever
    134K 5.7K 31

    This story is about Manan's love for each other despite having to go through difficult times where their love is tested time and again but they both manage to overcome all the difficulties that come in their path

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    Hey guys Story continues after valentines

  • The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Adventures of Manik Malhotra's Cell Phone
    3.4K 398 3

    "Aiyappa, isne phir se mera phone kaat diya! Yeh ladka kab sudrega?!" Kabhie nahi sudrega, Nandini! Kabhie nahi! I guarantee it! And you best get used to his bad habits, if you're going to stick around. You guys are surely trying to guess my identity, as you read this. Who am I? How do I know Manik so well? Nah! I'm n...

  • What's mine will always be mine...
    6.4K 231 6

    There story is the continuation of kaisi yeh yaariyan season 2.... Here Nandini left with Manik for Denmark.... Rest of the gang will be in India only...And continue doing what they were doing.... No Cabir here as he's already dead... A lot of new character will be introduced... Stay tuned...❤️

  • Manan: An hour with FAB5
    30.5K 1.3K 6

    Its from the talent hunt track. Manik chooses Fab5 over Nandini. What if Nandini wants to say something to fab 5. She wants them to know how she feels. I hope you all will like this. I will try my best.

  • MANAN-Crazy Frilovesip
    27.1K 1.6K 23

    Break up can be awful but if you get good guidance and good friendship will make every break up to break itself. Similar was the case with Nandini. After the Talent Hunt, she got to know there is no forever or love for came. The girl who thought Love is the strongest thing also got to know it becomes weak in a str...

  • M I N E : HAMESHA : M A N A N (very slow updates)
    26.2K 1.2K 14

    Everyone one is possessive about their thing's or people around them.. but excesses possessiveness is also dangerous.......

  • Manik Nandini _made For Each Other -COMPLETED
    101K 4.2K 13

    #13 rank in romantic thriller. #5 manik nandini #9 pani #Wattys2019 selection The story starts from Manik nandhini breakup after maniks arrest...entry of new's gonna they are gonna re unite..

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  • Manan 😍: Différent Love
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    just think about it...

  • Manan: After 4 years
    72.3K 3.3K 39

    As we know kyy season 3 is coming back. So its my imaginative story about their life after 4 years.

  • Sensation of Love ~ A Manan Novella✔️
    634K 38K 83

    C O M P L E T E D Book 2: "Reformation of Love" is out now! This story is a continuation of the Famous MTV Show - "Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan" Season 1. →Pre-story has been provided inside for NON-MANAN FANS. *** Opposite attracts. Love happens with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Manik and Nandini w...

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  • MANAN: Destiny surprises Us(On Hold)
    4.8K 306 6

    ANother MANAN FF.. I thought of a new idea where it consists of full of surprises.. spare me guys...

  • MANANFF: The Pain Of Love Will Never Stop
    870K 43.2K 92

    "WHAT IS LOVE WITHOUT PAIN AT ITS HEELS" "LOVE CAN BE A MEMORY THAT NO ONE CAN STEAL, BUT LOVE CAN ALSO LEAVE A PAIN THAT NO ONE CAN HEAL" This story is about Manan after Talent hunt, when they have misunderstandings and they eventually breakup. As she can't take it anymore she leaves to New York with an advice...

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  • Un Separable Souls
    1.3M 80.3K 176

    Hi guys this is my first story in wattpad and also about manan . The story starts from the talent hunt night.and it has many turns and twists.