Situations(MaNan FF)
By MysTeRhea_fanfics
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"This was all just a game; a game for revenge". He never meant these words but he said them, and in front of her, ignoring the sound of his breaking heart and controlling his hands from wiping her tears. Manik Malhotra, the monster of space gave up his love for his best friend. The cruel brat accepted his pain to give his buddy, a love that had become his lifeline. "This was all just a game; a game for revenge". If she said, she wasn't heartbroken, she would be lying. His words like a dagger pierced her heart and shattered her beyond belief. She wiped her tears along with any emotion she had in her. The fireflies she nurtured looked like burning sparks out to destroy her. That night Nandini Murty's belief in true love ended, and she swore to never let him in again. But both of them forgot that it wasn't them but destiny that wrote their tale. Their love was in their fate and that night was fire it had to go through. They burned in it, both of them, hurting and broken. But it wasn't enough. They were to go through a lot more, much more was to be lost. Situations gave them each other. Situations snatched them away from each other. But will situations bring them back to each other too? ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ 'The car sped away leaving behind an empty spot, both at the parking lot and in his heart. Her face disappeared from his sight as she did from his life'

Part 1

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by MysTeRhea_fanfics