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  • The Criminal And The Detective
    713 38 11

    In the alternative year of 1973, a young investigator, Hinashi Hozuki discovers the reality of mafia syndicates migrating to the peaceful city of Katsuchi or known to the public as "Future City". The sudden migrations are due to the civil wars happening in other countries and scattering refugees escaping their broken...

  • A Drop of Grace
    1.2K 137 38

    ✿ ----- We all want to be loved, and eighteen year old Sienna Garcia is no exception. After the breakup with her first love, she finds herself at a loss. She relocates in an attempt to start afresh; Along the way, she meets God, who encourages her to stop seeking love in all the wrong places...

    20.9K 3.6K 28

    ~Featuring on official wattpad The community Team handle on Romance list @CommunityTeam Sudhiksha was all set and ready to become a nun when somebody asked for her hand in marriage and she eagerly accepted in the hope of finding the love she dreamed about but with her luck, her betrothed ended up passing before she co...

  • The Clash Of Earth And Fire - Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction
    829 150 30

    The story is set 50 years after the Hundred Year War. The United Republic of Nations is formed in the Earth Kingdom. Despite everything that has happened, fire-benders and earth-benders still cannot trust each other. In such an atmosphere, large organizations are wielding power and influence, trying to sway the rules...

  • Aromantic + Shady
    817 150 14

    What can be more paradox than an aromantic matchmaker? 💘 Coleni Ranodot has no interest in romantic relationships whatsoever, but she enjoys secretly helping others find their happily ever after. Her matchmaking career takes a dizzying spin when she's tasked with matching mysterio...

  • Searching For Chi (HIATUS)
    734 174 12

    (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS: WILL RETURN SOON!) (CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN) A young boy is coming of age when his friend goes missing. Presently, he brings his gang back together in order to find her once and for all. Will Rin be able to lead the group to find her, or have they lost all hope of her return? Join the gang on...

  • Desperate Soul
    2.8K 1.5K 16

    She didn't ask for money or wealth or even a well known position! She asked for a family who cares for her, appreciates her hard work and loves her. He didn't ask for anything except revenge from his past and he didn't find anyone to act the role except her. When both of them meet, many souls stumble over their way...

  • Half A Wattpad Page
    750 192 11

    Ideas light you up in the most unexpected of times. Maybe when you're in the shower, or in the middle of a lecture. Maybe while taking out the trash, or watering your plants. Maybe an idea plants itself in the recess of your mind just as you drift to sleep. And you scribble it down for the fear of losing it. At lea...

  • Friendly Love [Novella Version]
    1.2K 150 18

    [REVISING] Life without friends is boring. Ang mga katagang 'yan ang pinaniniwalaan ni Dave. Si Dave Pineda na isang freshmen college student sa Don Honorio Ventura State University. His addiction in artworks pushed him to pursue the Architecture. Sa pagpasok niya sa bagong eskwelahan ay nagkaroon siya ng hindi inaasa...

  • waves
    1.4K 433 25

    poetry is not a turning loose of emotions , but an escape from emotion ; it is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality . But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things . ~T.S .Eilot

  • Scripted in Blood
    3.2K 706 32

    If you shoot a puppet, does the puppeteer bleed? Two powerful gangs rule over the dark city of Westwood. Supposedly, one of them got their hands on something that belongs to the FBI A secret that shouldn't see the light of day. Two spies are sent in to annihilate any proof of it. Surrounded by vicious criminals, can...

  • Lavender: Strange Somebody (Vol 1)
    1.4K 519 13

    A baby boy name Lavender was born with strange white streaks in his hair and blue and pink hands two distinct shades of color. Villagers thought the baby was strange and a representation of ugliness and evil, so they quickly took Lavender away from his mother as a newborn and tossed the baby away in a nearby body of w...

  • The Way I Lie
    1.4K 313 69

    ( not edited ) Being an assasin may seem like fun and games, but every game has steps. Step One. Break the ice. Gain their trust. Let them welcome you into their lives. Become their best friend and always be by their side. Step Two. Collect data. Find every detail, every speck of dust, every grain of sand. Make sure y...

  • My Ashes Remain : Rising Of Darkness
    2K 556 10

    This is my first story writing. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. I'm learning about writing a book and I suck at description. But do read it...😃😃🏵 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Does this ever happen in your life that everything you know is lie? Every little things you kno...

  • Skyscraper
    506 118 33

    Do you ever feel like your life is a skyscraper So is Kennedy's life. Maybe,she's not your average black girl living with five brothers or the girl who falls for the boy she hated her whole life. But honestly it doesnt take a genius to know she doesn't need all the surprises,screw this she prefers chocolate to them...

  • Loving You, Always
    1.9K 315 15

    Sara had been dreaming of becoming an actress since she was a child. She would do everything to achieve her dream. She even had to hurt her parents by breaking their trust. But, what would happen when a powerful, ambitious man wanted her? James Hardin was the heir of Hardin Corporation, the place where Sara worked as...

  • Haynes' Academy
    2.8K 544 19

    In a school that caters to the richest and accomodates the lucky impoverished, there is always something bound to happen. Whether it be lies, betrayal, manipulation, infidelity, secrets, or abuse. Having a poor girl enter the foreboding gates of the Academy is rare in itself, but having them join the Solitary Busines...

  • Her fiery eyes 🔥
    158 30 6

    "Everytime I see her eyes, they seem to burning somewhere far away, even if she's standing right in front of me" Harry Jones - a 16 year old boy who goes to Red Star High-school in Orlando, US meets Leila Blue, the daughter of Henry Blue, a famous writer. At first he expects her to be like almost every other girl in...

  • The Meaning
    2K 1K 35

    WRITTEN BY SOFIA VITORATOS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 🛑Official Member in The Bubblegum Bookclub by @BubbleSociety🛑 🏆 #5 Stars Award in Historical Fiction in Book Review Store by @XxLifeInBooksxX 🏆 #2nd Place in Historical Fiction in The Sparkle and Shine Awards by @Thesparklingwriter 🏆 #3rd Place in Historical/Genera...

    4.1K 1.3K 99

    ˜"*°•.˜"*°• "NOT GIVING UP ON FOREVER" is now available on Amazon in paperback! All the links your can find in my BIO! •°*"˜.•°*"˜ Be a part of the nerve-wracking set of events and dive into unbelievable relationships of Anna, a smart and independent young lady, who tries to understand, who among three men in her life...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kingdom Of Hearts (LGBTQ+) (Completed)
    250 51 8

    The world is a much different place that what it used to be a hundred years ago. Ideas like feminism and social equality, that used to be frowned upon then, are now as ordinary as grocery shopping. Society has become easier to live in, people are starting to accept ideas that go against the norms. Except for one thing...

  • A Monster's Masquerade (HIATUS)
    2.4K 365 13

    "When the seven deadly sins take on seven deadly powers and become seven not-so-deadly creatures, bad things are bound to occur." ------- The seven deadly sins routinely take over one human as a host. This human would go on to absorb small amounts of the beasts powers, becoming what is commonly known today as a 'True...