The Way I Lie
By boressa
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( not edited ) Being an assasin may seem like fun and games, but every game has steps. Step One. Break the ice. Gain their trust. Let them welcome you into their lives. Become their best friend and always be by their side. Step Two. Collect data. Find every detail, every speck of dust, every grain of sand. Make sure you know every prefect trait and every flaw of your victim and your assignment. Step Three. Don't let them see underneath the mask. Don't ever let them see who you truly are. Which is their enemy. And of course with every game has rules. Rule One don't get caught, don't let them figure out your mission. Rule Two, be merciless, and show no fear. And the most important rule of all... don't fall in love. For two sisters Kayline and Christina McKenzie, these steps and rules come easy, until they infiltrate a kingdom with two very handsome princes. #37 award for alias #22 award for strategy #98 award for warfare #133 award for spies #357 award for lying 🥈 place in Action/ Adventure in Sweet and Spicy Awards started writing in 2017 Book One of The Liar's Documents ( warning: there will be fight scenes with blood and violence. ) Copyright © by Bo Ressa


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The Way I...
by boressa