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  • Sails - Opinions on Ships
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    Ask my opinions on ship!! Fandoms include: Harry Potter Percy Jackson Marvel One Direction The Lunar Chronicles Star Wars The Hunger Games and more that I can't think of right now!!!

  • How to: Build Your Fantasy World
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    #1 IN WORLDBUILDING - 03/11/2019 //✿\\ Do you want to give fantasy writing a go; but you're not quite sure where to start? Or Are you a fantasy writer with so many world ideas, you're not quite sure how to pin them down and really get those fantasy gears spinning? I am an avid fantasy reader, writer and watcher, here...

  • The Rebellion's Ashes | Book One | End of an Empire
    11.5K 1.5K 86

    Born into a civil war that has torn her country apart for twenty years, Rowan Emerson fights to maintain the fragile peace that's kept the North American Empire from ruin. As the youngest Imperial General in history and the daughter of the Emperor, Rowan is hard pressed to stifle an unexpected rebel invasion before t...

  • The Secrets We Keep
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    Hailey is a single mom to her son Ryder , that the team does not know about, but when something happens to hailey the team finds out how will she explain this big secret?

  • Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String
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    These are a few of my favourite things ;)

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    For those of you in search of the perfect female faceclaims for your characters, this is the book for you.

  • What Not To Say To A NCIS Fanatic
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    Has your friends ever said something to you about NCIS that causes you to go crazy? Well, I have. Here are some things that you should NEVER And I mean NEVER say to a NCIS fanatic. *Completed*

  • NCIS Quotes
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    The best NCIS quotes throughout the seasons. *Completed*

  • Marauders | Fancast | Face Claims
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    Basically what the title says. Fancast // Face claims for the marauders era. I will make some aesthetics only 'cause they're awesome and I'm obsessed with them. [Rewriting for improvement] Book 1 of 2 [Second book 'Have a biscuit, Potter']

  • Lunar Wars
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    It was a war that could have never been avoided. An event that was destined to spell doom for the existence of the world. Despite the devastating challenges and the yet final victory over the forces of Valentine, Hecrydos and councillor Aramis, there was nothing Vanessa could do to stop the epic raging battles of the...

  • Secrets Left Neglected
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    © 2018 Written by A. E. F. All Rights Reserved. READ THIS NOVEL SECOND, OR STAND ALONE. It IS a secret. Caoilainn's (pronounced "Kay-lynn") been holding back. A lot. She knows EVERYTHING and what Tadhg (pronounced "Tie + g") doesn't is going to devastate him. After finding happiness in each other's arms, disaster str...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shenanigans
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    © 2019 Written by A. E. F. All Rights Reserved. A little story build on a stack of er, um...fiber. Mistaking it for granola can have seriously embarrassing consequences for the whole family. For two adults, however, it may be the start of a beautiful relationship. Completed 2020: *Achieved #1 in the "Flatulence" cate...

  • Bibliophile [DISCONTINUED]
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    Shy girl Robyn Reece wants to overcome her social anxiety. School sports champion Adrian Wilson wants to take back control over his life. **** When an unlikely friendship develops, Robyn and Adrian realise that they have a lot more in common than at first glance - one being their love for books and another, their expe...

  • When All Else Fails (A Push of a Button Novella)
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    "When all else fails, throw a little magic at it" is the motto for most people on the technologically-advanced planet of Kalanun. But for Sebastian Auclaire, that couldn't be further from the truth. In a world where magic is determined by the button the government plugs into your brain, Sebastian's button simply reads...