When All Else Fails...
By ariel_paiement1
  • Science Fiction
  • action
  • adventure
  • alternateworld
  • button
  • danger
  • darkness
  • elseworld
  • evil
  • evilvsgood
  • fantasy
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  • oblivion
  • opennovella
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  • portal
  • romance
  • scifi-fantasy


"When all else fails, throw a little magic at it" is the motto for most people on the technologically-advanced planet of Kalanun. But for Sebastian Auclaire, that couldn't be further from the truth. In a world where magic is determined by the button the government plugs into your brain, Sebastian's button simply reads "random". Unable to determine what it will do at any given point, Sebastian determines to use the button only as necessary. But when he's thrown into a fight against a corrupt government and a shadowy organization behind them, the button suddenly becomes necessary a lot more often. Forced to rely on his wits and an unreliable source of magic, Sebastian navigates a world where tolerance and cultural relevance are the holy grails of society--unless you happen to be someone who doesn't fit into the well-oiled machine just right. Faced with the challenges of a world that can't accept him and a government that wants him dead, Sebastian must decide: give in or fight.

Chapter One

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When All...
by ariel_paiement1