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  • Cafe Olympus
    4.9K 238 7

    Setting Cafe Olympus. A hidden gem of NYC, inspired by the gods of Olympus with drinks to match their personalities. Enter Percy. Trying his best. Working 2 jobs as a barista and waiter, and volunteering every spare hour he can to make it through college. Enter Annabeth. Trying her best. Working an internship tha...

  • Troubled
    35.4K 2K 89

    Annabeth Chase is a rebellious teen who only acts out for attention. She has a brain but it seems like she's not using it. Percy Jackson is troubled. At least that's what he's labeled as. They mark him as such from the smirk on his face to his messy hair and bad grades. What will happen when Percy Jackson finally st...

  • Red and Blue meet
    1.5K 141 34

    What happens when Carmen lands in camp half-blood? Picture the scene, Leo, running around on fire, Percy, and Carmen arguing about which color is best, Annabeth and Gray looking at them like: W.T.F (TAKE THAT BACK CARMEN! BLUE IS BETTER) Percy, SHuT uP I'm trynna do a description. (NeVeR BaRanAcLE buTT) Carmen pls go...

  • bright side (percabeth au) | ✎
    2K 213 10

    ❝ 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒊𝒇 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒎𝒚 𝒘𝒊𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒔 𝒄𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒆, 𝒊𝒕'𝒅 𝒃𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 ❞ Some people are more clumsy and klutzy than other people. Annabeth figures that Percy Jackson is one of those people. After all, his clumsiness led to a month of overworking to repair something very important to her. However after Percy tr...

  • What Happened After Happily Ever After
    5.6K 443 11

    And they lived happily ever after. At least, that's what Annabeth thought would happen when she married Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson was the epitome of perfect; cute smile, ruffled hair, beautiful eyes, charming, a good sense of humour, overtly respectful, a marine biologist who wasn't the most intelligent but worked...

  • Fiwaiel
    165 14 15

    I will try to update this story once or twice every week. Many years in the future.. -2050- There is a new project called fiwael (f-eye-wail) made by the government. Every human on earth is now controlled by a chip on the back of their neck, a triangle. It wipes their memory's, makes them emotionless and it will make...

  • Stitches - A PJO/HOO Soulmates AU (Part 2)
    2.3K 114 5

    The second part is here y'all! A sequel to my first book, Stitches continues the story of the eight non-demigods as they find out more about their pasts and fix their futures. Really bad description, I know, but I was lazy. Read Scars first, then this book.

  • Crystal Awards
    3.9K 280 25

    * IN NEED OF JUDGES * Welcome to the Crystal Awards! In need of judges and participants - please prepare to join in the fun! :)

    145K 2.7K 45

    Percy goes to live with the Avengers.The Avengers then realize something strange about the boy. There is an emptiness in his eyes and the way he and his girlfriend, Annabeth, are so protective over each other. What's his deal? The Avengers are going to lose against Thanos, luckily they made a new powerful friend and h...

  • My Mothers Side
    800K 25.5K 26

    Sally died protecting her nephew Harry Potter. Lilly and James Pottor come back home to see her dead and Harry crying. But they notice something else is wrong. Their nephew Percy is gone. All rights go to Rick Riordan and JK Rowling So in this story there is going to be a lot of people who aren't dead. There's Snape...

  • Meeting Percabeth
    162K 2.2K 57

    Percabeth are the number one couple, but do people believe that? Do they want to break them up? Here's to stupid (and nice) mortals, who don't believe in Percabeth. May Aphrodite curse them. What do their friends outside of camp think of them? Disclaimer-Percy and Annabeth don't belong to me, they belong to Rick Riord...

  • Saving Wisdom (and wizards) (PJO x HP Crossover)
    111K 3.7K 52

    Being a half-blood isn't easy, and it doesn't get easier. Of course, fighting in two wars and being drafted into a third doesn't help. But there are those lucky ones. The ones who survive and move on, have families, education, life. Percy Jackson is not one of them. He's a demigod and apparently, a very powerful and h...

  • The Codependency Competition - A Percabeth Fanfic
    14.9K 209 10

    One day, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are accused of being too dependent on one another. Believing this to be untrue, Percy and Annabeth set out to prove their accusers wrong. The perfect opportunity arises when Annabeth transfers to Goode, where nobody but Paul knows about their relationship. Acting their usual s...

  • Mortals Meet Percabeth
    355K 4.2K 55

    Your cliche stories in which mostly mortals meet our favorite ship, Percabeth. All art present on the cover is not mine. Please feel free to leave feedback! #8 ranked in Annabeth as of January 14th 2021

  • Percy Jackson? That loser?
    43.5K 587 10

    Percy Jackson seems like a loser to mortals and there's a large demigod aura coming from the school what could this mean for our fateful hero? *photos are from google images not my own, original story belongs to uncle Rick/Rick Riordan, cover not mine* 1# in demigod. -- 13/08/19 1# in Percy. --19/08/19

  • Partners in (Fighting) Crime: Percabeth AU
    49.6K 1.2K 10

    Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are seniors in college. They both have alter egos as superheroes. They know each other as superheroes. They know each other as college students. They don't know the other's secret identity. See how this all works out as they fall for each other.

  • Cousins, right? [Completed]
    18.7K 274 6

    23 year old Ryan is best friends (hopefully more than that soon) with 22 Annabeth Chase in the city of San Francisco. And today is Annabeth's birthday and Ryan wants nothing more than to make it perfect. Maybe go to Barnes and Nobles to get a new book? Maybe find a cool new bookmark or even find a certain green - eyed...

  • Descendant of Voldemort (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover)
    69K 1.7K 36

    Voldemort has been defeated, but the remaining Death Eaters are trying to re-group. They need a new leader, and when they trace down Tom Riddle's family tree, it lands on the last 'magic-blooded' member of the Riddle family: Percy Jackson. The Golden Trio are trying to 'save' Percy from the Death Eaters, but honestly...

  • A World Of Gods And Magic - Perseus Jackson Riddle
    565K 17.4K 40

    Yay, a bandwagon that is so full I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed yet. Or maybe it has, either way, I'm gonna have some fun with this story. So yeah, Harry and the others find out Voldemort has a grandson and have decided to take him to Hogwarts yada yada yada already been written, whatever. And now Percy has to deal...

  • Demigods React To PJO & HOO Series & Parts
    301K 7.1K 37

    Ever wondered what would have happened if the Romans had read The Titans Curse? Or if the seven read The Lightening Thief or maybe parts of The House of Hades? All of that is packed in here where the demigods react to the books and even parts of it! - NOW COMPLETE - DISCLAIMER FOR WHOLE BOOK: I DO NOT OWN THE PJ...

  • The Grape Awards
    597 51 3

    open [] closed [ ♢ ] judging [ ] haitus [ ] NEED JUDGES The Grape Awards are a great way to share your Fanfiction works, and compete against others to win the title of "Grape Award Winner 2020"! See inside for more details!

  • My Arranged Marriage//Percabeth AU
    4.1K 157 20

    (Completed) Percy and Annabeth grew up enemies, at least in Annabeth's mind they did because their parents had competing companies. One that wants to build and one that wants to stop it all together. Percy has always had a crush on Annabeth, yet could never be with her. One day a chance has come along for him to win h...

  • The Reading
    410K 8.3K 57

    What if to make a dire descion the demigods of camp halfblood and camp jupiter go back to the past and tell the ancient greek gods of their stories? #3 in percyjackson September 3- 2020 #1 in greeks July 19- August 8, 2020 #12 in percabeth July 26- 28, 2020

  • Imperium | Bloodline Duology Book One ✔️
    9K 3.1K 35

    "Just because you were ordinary there doesn't mean you have to be anything less than extraordinary here." That's the advice orphan Amira DeLante was given when she found herself caught accidentally in an alternate realm. Still unable to swallow her new reality, she found herself beginning to question her past, present...

  • You Mocha Me Crazy | | A Wolfstar Coffee Shop Au
    48 5 3

    Literally what it says above. No swearing please, and all the characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

  • Percabeth One Shots
    171K 2.7K 26

    Occasional fight scenes, some romance, and lots of heartfelt kisses. Bunch of one shots and short stories, all about Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase. For all those PJO (& Percabeth) fans out there, I promise you won't regret reading this. It'll satisfy any cravings you have to see more of Percy and Annabeth together...

  • Unexpected Roommates- A Percabeth Fanfiction
    141K 2.2K 22

    What happens when Annabeth gets kicked out of her apartment and ends up living with a guy she barely knows, Percy Jackson? Neither of them expected this, but as they grow closer to one another things get complicated. This story is based off Living Arrangements by ReynasPens613. Please go read her story, it's amazing...

  • Eliza, Alexander, and the Great Commotion of Jefferson's Rude Invasion
    7.6K 408 32

    "Jefferson grinned smugly. 'George Washington, John Adams, Angelica Schuyler. And most importantly: James Madison. Those names mean anything to you?" Alex laughed. 'Half of them are my friends. ' 'Well I think you'll find that'll be changing soon.'" Alexander Hamilton's school life is almost perfect. He is idolized by...

  • The Saturn Awards
    3.3K 186 11

    Open(🪐 )Closed() Judging() Want to help get your story known? Want to get helpful feedback? Want to share your writing with people who will support you? Well, then here's the place for you! We're accepting all genres, and will give your story feedback and love, no matter if you win or not! Come and join! HUGS TO AL...

  • Two worlds ; Mortal and Myths (Percy Jackson/Avengers crossover)
    77.5K 1.3K 64

    HIGHEST RANK #1 in Calypso The seven thought they were done with quest and prophecies. Percabeth wanted to live a simple and PEACEFUL life, nothing dangerous, they wanted a FAMILY. Caleo wanted to EXPLORE, Leo wanted to SHOW Calypso the modern things. Jasper wanted nothing more then to LIVE a good LIFE at Camp half-b...