Tidal Wave (HoO AND...
By LadyLlama13
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Percy goes to live with the Avengers.The Avengers then realize something strange about the boy. There is an emptiness in his eyes and the way he and his girlfriend, Annabeth, are so protective over each other. What's his deal? The Avengers are going to lose against Thanos, luckily they made a new powerful friend and he has powerful friends of his own. Takes place after Blood of Olympus. In the Marvel timeline it's kinda messed up because the storyline changes completely, I guess it's round about the time of Infinity War. Best rankings: 1st in Percabeth (my OTP obviously) 1st in Percy Jackson 1st in Hazel Levesque 1st in Infinity War 1st in Pjo Fandom 1st in Demigods 1st in Grover Underwood 1st in Piper Mclean 1st in Frazel 1st in Annabeth Chase 1st in Heroes of Olympus 1st in Wanda *Disclamer: I don't own Avengers (that's marvel studios) or anything PJO or HoO related (they go to good old Uncle Rick). I made the cover picture but it's obviously Viria's art and a pic from in Infinity war that I just put in the same pic.*

Chapter 1

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Tidal Wav...
by LadyLlama13