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  • The Story of Vampire Michaela by Kagami Takaya~
    31.5K 455 13

    *Disclaimer: This light novel is written by Kagami Takaya and illustrated by Yamamoto Yamato. I neither own nor profit from it. Related: Owari no Seraph, Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen,... Link:

  • D. Gray Man Reverse Novels 1, 2, and 3
    18.1K 187 14

    This is a compilation of the 3 reverse novels of D. Gray Man, it is translated in English from Japanese. Some part of this are included in the anime D. Gray Man. This is so fun to read and very interesting, if you're a D. Gray Man fan you'll understand it for sure ; ). This story came from the manga. This is not mine...

  • Vampire Knight: Ice Blue Sins
    16.4K 146 6

    The original novel is copyrighted by Matsuri Hino and Ayuna Fujisaki. The pictures belong to Matsuri Hino. If and when the novel becomes officially available in English, please buy it and support the series!!! The first story within the novel looks at an incident that occurred at Cross Academy in the year preceding Yu...