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  • Betrayed
    290 31 7

    What happen when the human government turns against the Transformers. When trust is broken and a team mate is nearly killed will the Autobots still defend the humans who have now turned on them or will they choose to abandoned the planet they once considered their second home?

  • The Only One... (DISCONTINUED)
    5.1K 171 13

    After years of being beaten, Starscream finally gets a break...but is it only because the decepticons found some interesting things about Starscream? or is it mainly just because of his sire....

  • Two Minicons And A Sparkling
    655 48 6

    When Drift is turned into a sparkling Jetstorm and Slipstream must take care of him and find a way to change him back. But with ShadowRaker plotting revenge this may be easier said then done. This story was a request.

  • Jake and Neytiri meet Transformers Prime
    958 38 5

    Three years ago, when the humans left on this planet, the Pandora was in peace, as Jake has switched his new body. Jake and Neytiri were married and they were living as a new King and Queen of the kingdom. A few weeks later, a great discovered that Neytiri was pregnant and Jake was so happy that he will become a fathe...

  • My Transformers One-Shots
    3.5K 170 41

    A collection of one shots I wrote on awhile back plus some new ones. This is where I'll put all my Transformers One-Shots.

  • Phantom Moonlight
    1.2K 63 8

    Snatcher despised Moonjumper more than anything. He hated his charming voice, his kind nature, and his stupid cheerful grin. He wanted to make it clear to him to stay OUT of his forest. But every single time, he just smiled and said he wouldn't leave. Snatcher didn't know why he was so persistent but sooner or later...

  • 🎩A Hat In Time Oneshots🎩
    20.4K 330 23

    Yes, I had decided to do this! This game is just SO cute and I love the vast of characters! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you! (Also the art is not mine, it's the official art) Wow! Thank you everyone for 10k reads on this thing!

  • A Warlords Lover
    581 25 5

    Megatron has been having troubles finding ot who he loves. He noticed 2 Decepticons have a love interest in him. Arachnid and.... Starscream? Megatron is having trouble of who to pick. He wants to pick someone who actually loves him... But he's had his ups and downs with both of them. Who will Megatron pick? And will...

  • Star Fallen
    988 70 10

    What if somehow one of Starscream's clones had an abnormal spark as well and came back online? With all of Starscream's memories he develops a want for revenge and vows to make everyone pay for his torment. And when he becomes to much of a threat the Autobots must ask Starscream to help them stop his clone but feeling...

  • Transforming Dragons
    8.3K 218 19

    This is a crossover between two of my favorite shows/movies. It's not something you see a lot of. This is a crossover of How to train your dragon and Transformers Prime! I thought I'd try it out so we'll see how it goes. Hiccup and Jack have been friends for awhile. Although they met accidentally, it was a good thing...

  • A Hat in Time ⌛ ᖇᗩᑎᗪOᗰ OᑎᕮSᕼOTS
    18.1K 203 37

    (COVER MADE BY ME.) (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!) A bunch of A Hat in Time oneshots put into one book. It's that simple! When requesting, please request on the given request page!

  • DJ Grooves X The Conductor [Short Fics]
    6.6K 155 7

    I honestly find their rivalry so cute. The way Grooves is so calm and how the Conductor is super hotheaded is adorable to me. And honestly, I love Hotheads X Calm people. Soooo uh I also ship them plus their aint enough fanfics with them in em' in general!

  • The Light of Day
    5.7K 161 62

    The third book of my series. (Megatron's Son and Darkness Rising) During the time of Transformers Robots in Disguise, the first episode.

  • Sympathy Between Two Birds
    1.7K 99 8

    When the Conductor gets ill and doesn't look after himself, it's only in DJ Grooves' good nature to look after him, even though he's his rival. Grooves had called off their filming productions for a week and would have each others company until Conductor is better..... but what will happen until then?

  • Ask Starscream ( Book 2)
    359 12 5

    Me: We are back our wonderful fans!!^^ Season 2 is out!! XD Rachet & Megatron: Wait say what now?! Aura: Hiiiii!!^^ Arcee: Hey everyone! K.O & Crystal: Hello!! B.D & Bulkhead: Hey. Soundwave: *Waves* Shockwave: It is logical that the 'series' isn't over yet. Me: Yup!!!^^ Bee: *Bee Beeep* "Hi guys!!!" ^^ Starscream...

  • Megatron's Son
    18.5K 370 51

    Okay. I have had this idea in my head for a long time so I guess I better share it. Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I wish, but I don't. Starscream is the eldest son of Megatron. He has an adopted younger brother, Soundwave. And has a miserable life. But will things change when his Uncle ( Optimus Prime) and h...

  • Plushtrap's Story
    446 14 6

    The Story of Plushtrap. Disclaimer: I don't own FNAF, sadly

  • Starscream X Optimus
    1.3K 41 4

    Starscream's brothers take Starscream to Optimus and the Autobots after getting wind of Optimus's mercy towards her, the brothers join the Autobots and keep her there in hopes that she'll follow their example. after a while though she finds herself falling for the soft-sparked mech. will he love her as much as she lov...

  • Forsaken
    24.5K 770 32

    After attempting to join the Autobots in the Transformers Prime episode "Partners". Starscream goes rogue and comes across something that changes his life forever, a little Sparkling named Asteria who was abandoned by her mother who had died after being infected by a deadly virus. Now Asteria is Starscream's responsib...

  • Transformers Prime: Shattered Glass (Completed)
    99.4K 3.2K 26

    After a GroundBridge malfunction, the kids find themselves warped to another dimension, where everything is switched for them. They find that the Decepticons are on their side and that their Autobot guardians wouldn't think twice about harming them. Meanwhile, the kids from the SG universe are warped into the dimen...

  • Scooby-Doo meets Transformers Prime
    3.5K 129 10

    The Mystery gang was about to catch the monster name Cybertron ghost from the lab, but something wrong. The machine was broken and it made it's open the portal by an accident until the Cybertron ghost and Scooby-Doo got sucked in by the portal. When Scooby-Doo was stranded in the middle of the desert, he found the tow...

  • Solar Ice (Transformers Fanfiction)
    1K 42 17

    Cassiopeia "Cassie" Harris has always felt like she was built for more... Quite literally. Among her teenage secrets is the mysterious wiring and circuitry that have laid under her skin for as long as she can remember, a constant reminder that she is not fully human, and that she may never fit in with the crowd. Snowb...

  • Cartoon Cat x Female Reader Completed
    113K 1.5K 54

    scary and love

  • Transformers: The Star In The Night Sky
    7.5K 188 62

    Book #1 Hi. I've written this story for a while, but trying to put it together. This story about a femme robot who used to be a small Night fury that's half human and animatronic, a crystal gem. Now, she was taken and formed into a big, grey medal femme bird with a tail. She didn't know what she was, she survived on h...

  • Insomnia (SCP-049 x Reader) *READ DESC*
    15.2K 314 15

    *THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED* You are a Class-D at Site 61. When you are taken to be tested on SCP-049 ('Plague Doctor'), however, everything changes.. TW: Graphic content (blood, r*pe), she/her pronouns (yes I know it sounds stupid, but it does make some people freak out)

    Completed   Mature
  • Singer And Waitress Heatwave X Blades
    8.4K 180 26

    Hello everyone this story is about heatwave is famous singer and blades a waitress of taking orders and heatwave have to find someone to be loved with someone until that day heatwave found blades and fell in love with him and blades know heatwave as a singer but he don't like him that much but are they gonna be togeth...

  • FNAF Randomness
    4.4K 118 33

    Welcome to the book! Here you could find the FNAF characters with the Jack and Sonic Crew going on crazy adventures. There is also a ask/dare series that's going on in this book. You may ask and dare away in the stories' comment section. Not much info for this story, but it's worth the read! Enjoy the book, and join t...

  • Knockout x Breakdown: Fighting for Love
    4.3K 130 11

    * I hate the fact that Breakdown was killed so I want to do a alternet univers where KO and BD where together and BD didn't die* Breakdown went with Dreadwing and Arachnid to find energon. Arachnid confesses to Breakdown she had feelings for him and didnt take it well when She was rejected. After she attacked him, sh...

  • Ask Starscream ( Book 1)
    11.3K 326 147

    you can ask Starscream questions and you can even....dare him😅😅😅😆😆😆 Starscream: isa no-_- Me: Isa yes!^^ Starscream: *faceplam* Me : Thank me later High heels!^^ Starscream: Ex-CUSE ME HIGH HEELS!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!! Me: *laughs*XD Starscream:-_- Started: March 21 2019 Ended...

  • Transformers Pic , Story , Dj,...
    432K 7K 51

    Let's watch