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  • The Veil of Ravens [Ongoing]
    16.7K 3.3K 157

    Sequel to the Watty-winning THE CURSEWRIGHT'S VOW. Ammas Mourthia is no longer a criminal. With his apprentices -- his lover Carala Deyn and the orphan Casimir -- he has become one of the greatest assets to the city of Munazyr. A killer stalks the streets of that city, something vile and blasphemous that Ammas does n...

  • SoulMates
    44.1K 1.3K 32

    Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe the universe put people together exactly when it's destined? Sometimes unfortunate events bring people together thats meant to be. But can they fight through it all and find peace and love. Follow Lanae and Winter (Ezekiel) as they find themselves and each other wh...

    6.6K 1.1K 50

    ❝I'll prove to you why I'm the only man that matters,❞ he huskily whispers under his breath in a seductive tone. I felt a hot breath on my neck, then the tender brush of lips. Burning as they make contact with my neck. ♣♣♣ To every action there is a reaction. Thus, to every bright side there...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Be Broken
    147 36 14

    What does it mean to be broken? (I wrote this poem myself) ______________________________ Why be sad? When no one knows how bad You feel your Pain makes you sore. Why be mad? When no one can tell How hard you fell How it hurts MORE than a tad. Why be happy? Be like all those sappy People pretending to be What they...

  • Blackmailing The Troublemaker
    837 76 9

    Stephanie has a crush on the school's troublemaker. But when she accidentally finds his little black book...will she use it to her advantage to score a date? Or will she make this troublemaker beg for it?

    14.4K 625 8

    If your book/writing isn't getting enough attention, this competition is for you.

  • The personality #wattyoriginals 2020
    2.3K 1.1K 26

    Two worlds, same people,same name,different personalities. Everything was just fine between the two worlds until the balance was altered. Len found out that she had an identical other/Alter ego (her character opposite)who claimed to come from ARTH. Lenny had come to Earth for a reason. Join me as we unravel the secr...

    Completed   Mature
  • There are Many Flowers in Tokyo
    208K 9.6K 70

    A heartbroken fashion designer escapes to Tokyo to be an assistant on a movie set, only to get caught up in an illicit, whirlwind romance with the lead actor. ***** After discovering her fiance is cheating on her, heiress and fashion designer Lily P...

  • Read No Evil: Anthology of Terror
    9.3K 1.1K 29

    The countdown to Halloween is on, and it's time to get spooky! Read No Evil is a great collection of original short stories put together for you by our Paid Stories writers. We'll be releasing new stories daily all the way until Halloween. Grab the potion of your choice (a cauldron sized coffee perhaps?), set the lig...

  • Electric Impulse
    1.6M 55.1K 55

    After a traumatic breakup with her college sweetheart, Aria Davenport meets an older, more sexually experienced businessman who promises to change her life forever. ***** When starry-eyed Aria Davenport discovers her long-time boyfriend is planning...

    Completed   Mature