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  • The WHIZ Awards (CLOSED)
    5.2K 529 35

    WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! OPEN[] CLOSED [📖] JUDGING [] Want to win an award with LOTS of prizes? Or do you just want to read those AMAZING books out there? Want to shine and brag? WANT TO BE A WHIZ AT WRITING? WANT TO BE A WHIZ AT JUDGING? WANT TO BE A WHIZ OF COVER MAKING? Then this contest is for you! It happens...

  • The Wolf and his Moon
    75.5K 6.6K 43

    ∆~ Featured in Official Wattpad Romance Reading List. ∆~ BEST PLOT WINNER in Mint Awards 2019. Aadolf Cadman is famous as the Bastard Alpha among the wolves of the whole world. Bastard because no-one is aware of his parentage, his ancestors and in the world of wolves where blood, titles, and ranks are all that matters...

  • The Ink Plague
    1.5K 295 13

    "Tonight, we are teenagers." Life has become a dystopia. The environment is slowly dying, human rights are nearly nonexistent, and what was once known as 'North America'- the only remaining inhabitable land on earth -is ruled over by a corrupt monarchy. Now, in 2083, there are only seven left who are brave enough to...

  • Leonardo |✔|
    145K 6.2K 56

    This book is a werewolf story and not fanfiction. ▪▪▪ "You've watched me fall, but now you'll see me rise." The most powerful Alpha, Leonardo Ruzzox ruled over not only the supernatural world but also conquered the humans. Created by nature herself and feared by everyone, Leonardo was a demon, a werewolf and a wizar...

  • Dragonriders: Book 1
    1.7K 230 13

    Owyn Calder has always dreamed of becoming a dragonrider. But only registered children can visit tamed dragons to pass the test. Kids with unknown birthdays have to find wild dragons to form a bond. Lyria Damos is the opposite. She thinks dragons are stupid and doesn't want to pass the test. But she has to because her...

  • What We Left Behind
    5.9K 1.4K 12

    Everything requires sacrifices. This is what Fei Hong grew up learning, and this is what she tells herself when she leaves Earth to set foot on a different planet in the far edges of the vast galaxy. With Earth's resources dwindling and her grandmother sick, Fei Hong makes the ultimate sacrifice that leads her to Eri...

  • Listen to my story
    5K 1.2K 22

    This is a story about love, hatred and betrayal. . . . Immediately I saw her, I knew she was mine. I decided to make her mine. "What if she is married? " I thought. This is gonna be a big problem. I must know about her. I called one of my trusted men and I told him to give me vital information about her in less t...