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  • Slow Dancing
    10M 441K 43

    After a car accident leaves Kaden Bretton temporarily blind, Isla Moore struggles to break up with him while disguised as his girlfriend, who died in the crash. ***** Isla Moore has been in love with Kaden Bretton since he taught her how to slow dan...

  • Maybe One Day
    28M 748K 33

    Hayley Donovan has been in love with Jace Hammond for years, but as they finally begin to grow close, they're pulled apart by the ghosts of their pasts. ***** Hayley Donovan has been in love with her bes...

    Completed   Mature
  • Girl Under Construction
    142K 6.9K 37

    After she drunkenly ruins a wedding, Sammy volunteers to work off the damages with the groom's family but finds herself laboring on a construction crew beside handsome carpenter, Nate. ***** After losing her job and ruining a wedding in the same day...

  • The Boyfriend Sitter ✓
    286K 21.9K 29

    Joselyn needs a job. Penelope needs someone to keep an eye on her boyfriend while she's gone. It's the perfect match. But, add in said boyfriend's charismatic side-kick and a troubled past desperate to resurface, and Josie's surveillance may be impossible to conceal. *COMPLETED* cover by @letsjam8 © Ann Valett 2019

  • The Northern Crown
    198K 12.6K 27

    Sometimes people crash into your life. Other times they crash into you - quite literally.

  • Once Upon a One Night Stand
    27.6M 977K 60

    ❝ What if Cinderella absolutely hated Prince Charming? ❞ [Book #1 in The Fairytale Series, a Cinderella retelling] *NEW CHAPTERS* Several years and a handful of scandals were enough to make Taliana Avilla forget all about her sworn enemy, Sebastian Phillips. Too bad a one-night stand and a lost diamond ring made...

  • Lemon Drops & Candy Shops
    394K 24.9K 36

    ❝In which the cynical, sour-faced heartbreaker meets the cheerful candy shop cashier.❞ | What happens when she sees past his bitter exterior, and he sees through her sugarcoated surface? | A screenplay-style dialogue story with a tangy twist. Completed. Teen Fic | Romance | Short Story

  • Harts | Wattys 2019
    11.6K 647 13

    ❝WELCOME TO HART'S BAY.❞ | where opposites attract. | featuring » » » an ex-varsity swimmer and a hockey player. a once-wealthy server and a surfer on exchange. a daytime cashier and her nighttime counterpart. | presenting one summer and six different perspectives on how it all went down. Ongoing • YA • New Adult •...

  • THE VISION IS A PLACE | ✓ {complete}
    8K 1.5K 67

    |HIGHEST RANKING: #1 ROMANTIC-THRILLER (09/2019)| A group of young runaways, who once thought they had nothing to lose, create their own secret utopia in the shadow of a dangerously seductive idea that threatens to unravel it all. ********** Addison Walker, the eco-activist with the steamy mugshot, is fresh out of pri...

  • Blue Christmas ✓
    309K 13.2K 21

    Single and heartbroken, Tala Flores decides to spend this Christmas alone, but life has other plans. chicklit 24 21.12.2017 - 02/03/2018

  • Siren
    14.2K 1.6K 41

    Mute since the tragic accident, Ashlyn Holland has lived a quiet life in her childhood home, haunted daily by the shadow of her Father's memory, but too afraid to let him go. Instead, she passes the day serving coffee and kindness, avoiding the ocean at all costs. When Derek moves to town, however, her routine is int...