Just Press Send (Ju...
By NikkiPierceBooks
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Eighteen-year-old Nat falls for five different boys during her first month at college, but never openly admits her crushes - until one night she drunk texts all five of them. She finds her freshman year turned upside down as she navigates the world of first love. ***** Nat keeps a list of all her crushes' pros and cons on her phone - the most logical thing to do for her list-making, highly organized brain. The lists were never meant to be shared, but when Ty, the school's star hockey player, dares Nat to tell the boys how she feels, how could she back down from a drunken dare? The sober light of morning leaves Nat questioning her sanity when she sees three messages awaiting her response: the hot guy she met at a concert, the kind guy from orientation week, and the perfect guy from lit class. Now, Nat must confront her feelings for these boys face-to-face, or her chance at love will pass her by. In this story of firsts, what happens when Nat just presses send? Book One of the Just Press Send series. [[word count: 90,000 - 100,000]] Cover designed by Cil Ojumo

Just Press Send

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Just Pres...
by NikkiPierceBooks