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  • #BTS - Beyond the Sonyeondan
    211 31 14

    Jungkook still loves Taehyung but Tae still doesn't know. RM and Jin are a proud gay couple but are they really happy? Hoseok is still waiting for Yoongi to get over his first love. Jimin is still dreaming of a reunion that would never happen. What happens when you can't get the love you want? What happens when you...

  • Prism Series
    53 0 5

    Sampung buhay ang nasira ng isang pag-iibigan Pano nila bubuuin ang mga nasirang pangarap. Ano ang pipiliin mo, pag-ibig o kasikatan?

  • My Black Pink iKONic (Black Pink x iKON)
    13.6K 133 10

    Chanwoo Jung is a secretive actor who is doing a tell-all about his famous hyungs and their lovelives. Curious yet what Satanwoo was like when he was a teen? Find out iKON and BlackPink's loveline in this quirky story of growing up and falling in love.

  • My Angel, J
    311 29 22

    He asked God if it was possible to come back and greet all his friends, people whom he left behind and to see how they were. Ten years after he left, God granted him wings. And Jonghyun comes home.