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  • I lost you once, never again ~ A Hinny fanfiction. COMPLETED
    312K 7.8K 39

    This is a fanfic about Harry and Ginny, and about their lives, set from 3 years after the war. It contains their engagement, to the wedding, with everything between - break ups and fights, the Dursley's and the cinema. *Disclaimer, I do not own Harry Potter, or any characters, except for the ones that I make up. Ne...

  • Harry Potter- After the War [COMPLETED]
    180K 3.7K 41

    What will happen after the defeat of voldemort?

  • It Just Takes Time (A Hinny Fanfiction)
    197K 6.4K 32

    Harry Potter from Ginny Weasley's point of view. How things happened....her way! She understands Harry will never fall for her but a girl can dream. When Harry believes he's in love with Ginny, things take a dark twist. Do they have what it takes to keep their love alive? Or will it end in burning flames? Most charact...

  • hinny bets
    90.4K 2.3K 14

    Harry and Ginny obviously belong together. So watch as Hermione schemes, Ron bets and Hinny club stalk their obsession.

  • Lightning Strikes Twice (a Short Hinny fanfic)
    70.4K 1.3K 8

    Harry is invited over to the Weasleys for dinner when a thunderstorm hits, forcing Harry to stay longer than expected. What will the kids do to pass time? How long will the storm last? What intriguing events might occur during this visit? If you want to know, you know what to do! (This takes place between Harry's 5th...

  • REGRETS |Completed|
    2.4M 62.4K 36

    Rose was taking small steps to her husband's study. She had a medical file in her hand with tears in her eyes while she tightly gripped the file. Without knocking she entered the study to find her husband with a lawyer beside him. " Honey..", Rose started while looking down but was cut by a dark alluring voice. " Don'...

  • She Was Broken Beyond Repair
    1.7M 51.9K 60

    [COMPLETED] [Hightest Ranking #3, From 3rd to 6th September 2016] She was an epitome of strength, though afraid of people leaving her, she built walls around her to prevent the hurt and misery. Hiding her true VULNERABLE SELF from the world, excluding her close one's. Until HE came and read right past her BROKEN SOUL...

  • Broken
    30.1K 1.1K 33

    I wrote this in class today My teacher cried Then sent me to the counselour

  • Purchased Wife
    7.6M 200K 48

    Meet Emily Parker. Her parents were shot when she was only 15. Her guardianship going to her uncle and aunt. But do they treat her with love? NO! They treat her with hate and abuse. They have broken her mentally, psychically, emotionally and spiritually. But there's one person in the family that tries to protect...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's an Accident
    6M 202K 85

    He is smart, rich and handsome. A child prodigy. Girls love him and boys respect him. In short he is the epitome of perfection, looked up by everyone. The perfect one. But one thing. He hates the female population with a passion right from his childhood. She is kind, gentle and sweet. She lives in her own world often...

  • Letting Him Go
    147K 3K 11

    You can't hold him back from his full potential You can't be the one to make him bleed You can't be the one to save him soul So you can't be his anything You can't stop his heart from breaking You can't soften each and every blow To stop all of this, first you must start by letting him go ...

  • Miscellaneous Poetry
    150 26 11

    Poetry regarding different aspects of my life. I hope you enjoy. :)

  • Shattered
    118K 3.4K 46

    Nathan the multi-billionaire divorces his wife Alina due to a misunderstanding. What happens when Nathan reappears after years in Alina's life and is encountered with a surprise? *Contains mature themes, viewers discretion is advised* Started writing: 05/01/20 Ranks: 2- #eroticromance 03/06/20 6- #divorce 22/02/20

  • Blackmailing Aria [Book 1 of the Stavros Series]
    4.6M 99.2K 14

    After four years and her first heartbreak, Aria never wanted to see the man she remembers as Xander ever again. But after a mix-up in hotel rooms, Aria runs into him, and he's not who she thought he was. Billionaire, Alexander Stavros has only ever been in love once. It was with a young, wild, carefree girl who capt...

  • Blackmailed By The Billionaire Casanova (completed)
    1.3M 6.8K 5

    FULL VERSION AVAILABLE ON FICFUN AND DREAME LINK ON BIO AND INSIDE. .......Somehow you are both the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She never anticipated that the one night she would agree to get out of her shell, her own little bubble of solitude , he comfort zone , that one...

  • One Night Stand with Billionaire: BOOK 1
    21.9M 538K 54

    PUBLISHED WORK!!! 30% OF THE STORY HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN. Available on Amazon in paperwork and PDF (KINDLE) format. You know those kind of stories where you go to the holiday, meet some guy and have a one night stand? Well, I am not that kind of girl. I did have a night stand, but not on holiday, nor for fun. Bu...

  • Interesting Facts
    8.5K 1.3K 40

    Book full of incredible, curious and mind blowing facts which you probably don't know. You will be able to increase your knowledge with the very best facts..... Read the book to know further...

  • How You Get the Girl |Harry Potter|
    409K 14.9K 17

    ❝I want you for worse or for better. I would wait forever and ever...❞

  • The Torn Pages
    7K 2.7K 160

    She wrote her heart out on a diary and tore it immediately to keep it a forever secret. But unfortunately, this couldn't happen. One day someone picked the diary from trash and handled it with care, giving a meaning to the torn pages. Read out to know about her...

  • Contests
    513K 8.6K 20

    This is where you can find details of contests currently running on Wattpad both directly by us, and by our wonderful Community profiles. Some will have prizes, some will be specific to countries or genres or themes, some will simply showcase your work on a wonderful reading list. But all our contests will get you thi...

  • A Potter Secret
    274K 5.7K 148

    My life is full of magic. I was barely a few months old when you-know-who came and killed my parents. My brother, Harry, was almost four. They sent him away but I was too weak from the attack. Papa has raised me since then, letting me run around the school when the students aren't there. Papa lets me make potions with...

  • The Italian Billionaire's Ex-wife (on hold)
    86.3K 2.8K 4

    Alessandro D'amore, the world famous Diamond merchant. Well known for his cold ruthless behaviour, and his playboy reputation. And for a man like Alessandro, tying the knot with one girl was the worst nightmare. But he was ready to do it, if that's all it took to get Layla Bishop in his bed. Two weeks of honeymoon in...

  • A Taste of Sin (Sin #1)
    12.1M 460K 56

    She wants to escape it all. She runs from it. She gets a chance to leave it all behind. And she does, without thinking twice. Gabrielle leaves France, her home country, when she finds an offer to babysit in London. She doesn't have a lot of experience with kids, but she's willing to do whatever it takes to just...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sparks Fly (Harry Potter FanFiction)
    89.8K 2.8K 36

    Harry Potter fanfiction. Rose Weasley is in her sixth year at Hogwarts. Juggling homework, Quidditch and a social life, she lives a typical student life and is perfectly happy without a boyfriend to complicate things. But when she starts noticing Scorpius Malfoy, things could change. Throw in a Dementor attack and a...

  • Isabella
    7M 210K 41

    When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her that he wanted a divorce without really giving her a reason why. Heartbroken, Ashley does the only thing that she could do. She signed the divorce paper...

  • Signed Away
    274K 7.8K 34

    Charlotte Mitchell's life was signed away by her parents to another man by the name of Alexander Grey who is a business tycoon and the current CEO of Grey's industries. Her marriage to Alexander Grey was essentially a business deal to ensure the future of Grey's Industries and Mitchell's Industries. No one asked her w...

  • It's Just Business
    12M 373K 65

    BOOK 1 OF THE 'It's Just Business' SERIES Sam Anderson, CEO of Anderson's Corporation is a tough, straightforward, serious man who only speaks the language of business. Violet is a bubbly, clumsy and shy girl who lands a job at Anderson's Corporation. No matter how much Sam tries to avoid her, he can't help but get dr...

  • He Didn't Notice
    44K 1.2K 1

    When a husband spends time with another women other than his wife, the wife does something the husband regrets.

  • BONDED HEARTS 1. [Under editing✓]
    849K 21.7K 41

    "I thought he was mine,then he's taken away . I wish I never had him so that it wouldn't hurt as much as it does right now." A love story based on passion,betrayal and death.

  • Ms. Billionaire //Complete//
    228K 6.5K 46

    No. 9 on #girlpower as of 19th May 2018. She stands alone facing the world. She's never had friends, never had a social life, just one person to call family. It's always been her against the world but will one business decision change everything for the better? ...