•I am extra obsessed with Harry Potter
•I am a crazy Potterhead.
• My favourite characters from Harry Potter are : ∆HarryJamesPotter
∆Ginerva Molly Weasley
∆Albus Percival Wulfuric Brian Dumbledore
∆Sirius Black

•I love reading and writing, drawing (basically drawing sketches by a photograph of someone...) they are my hobbies.

•I love History as a subject, specially the ancient and mediaeval one.

•I also love literature of both Hindi and English.

•I am also very much interested or say I love learning different languages and currently I am learning Turkish, German, Gujarati on my own but only vocally.

• And at last but definitely not the least I like Marvel (Thor, Spider Man, Iron Man, Black Panther), I am also interested in reading Hunger games, Divergent, Percy Jackson.

∆♥ Gryffindor♥∆
∆💚 Slytherin💚∆
💃 Swiftie💃
VVHL/ Hailang

•∆ After all this time..............

Always ƥ
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