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  • The Wanted Destroyer and Pirates (Kamen Rider Decade X Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)
    1.2K 55 3

    Y/n Kadoya is a mysterious person, while this identity is unknown to most, his other identity is known by all as the destroyer of worlds or saviour of worlds. Either way, one thing is best known about him is that he enjoys to travels, even into another world meeting and befriending people from all across othe multiver...

  • Kamen rider Zero One x SCP foundation: Jump with the foundation
    1.7K 75 4

    The world is filled with dangerous and mysterious creatures that may destroy the world. The SCP foundation is for this reason, to containing these unknown Creatures for humanity as the world will enjoy peace along side with Humangears. However there is many terrorist that wants to end the world and these terrorist w...

  • Kamen rider Kuuga X SCP Foundation: Humanity's new Legend
    3.9K 118 7

    We meet our protagonist named Y/n Godai heading for his job with his good friend named Cory as they were gonna work at a "Pizza Place" Cory told him about. Once they arrived they met up with Uni who works there and they got a tour and it turns out it wasn't a Pizza place wather a government foundation known as the SCP...

  • Kamen rider Saber X Fairy Tail: The wonder book warriors of the guild
    9K 178 8

    Earthland. I peaceful world with magic as the world with in peace with many guilds to join and many adventures to be waiting of others to go for. However a evil force comes out of the shadows as they're plan is it turn the world into darkness so they can rule the world. They are called the Megid and they spread death...

  • Kamen Rider OOO X Pokemon: Protecter of both Human and Pokemon's Desires
    7.9K 217 9

    Many, Many years ago there was a war between humans and Pokemon that spread out through out the world. It was cost by monsters called the Greed that wanted to spread conflict to both humans and Pokemon for their desires and power. But a warrior stand up and sacrifice his own life to seal the Greed and bring peace and...

  • Kamen rider Ghost X Marve: Burn through the spirit's of heros
    1.4K 57 4

    Y/n Tenkuji moved to New York along with his temple after a business company wanted to build there buildings in Japan. Y/n makes friends with Stephen Strange and he also meet two new friends ins school named Makoto Fukami and Alain. But a group of monsters called Gamma attack the school and Y/n witnesses Makoto and Al...

  • Amazon Riders X Dc universe: The amazons of Gotham
    2.6K 89 5

    Y/n and his four of his friends Chihiro, Dick, Iyu and Barbara head out on a camping trip in the forest and they have a great time laughing and having fun. But one day Y/n forget his important medicine and runs off from the group in fear. Barbara and Dick head out to find him but they were attacked by Poison Ivy and t...

  • Judgement Punish (Highschool DxD X Kamen Rider Amazon Oc)
    1K 12 5

    Two years on the run two Amazons find an orphanage though this is where things started to seem odd.

  • Survival of the fittest (Highschool DxD X Kamen Rider Amazon OC)
    3.5K 48 17

    After 5 years from Tlaloc. The remaining Amazons were in hiding. Also the Nozama Pharmacy were in debt and a company called 4C formed as new type of Amazons formed around in Kuoh once more. Let the hunt begin

    Completed   Mature
  • We have to fight to survive (Highschool DxD X Kamen Rider Amazon Oc)
    6.3K 100 21

    Amazons. Creatures that feast on human. But there were two people who have goals. One to eliminate the threat while the other is to protect and to live peacefully. But it wouldn't be possible when moving to Kuoh a town mostly run by Devils and a fallen angels.

    Completed   Mature
  • Kamen rider Zi-o X Dc universe: The nicest demon king as come
    3.8K 86 5

    Y/n Tokiwa always wanted to be king when he was a child so he can keep people safe. But a evil king from the future is ruining his chances and is sending his generals to the past to recruit Villains to be his army. Swartz and the other 2 monitor him in highschool waiting for the others to arrive to prepare to battle h...

  • Kamen rider Decade X Marvel: Journey throughout the Marvel universe
    3.8K 88 5

    The universe is huge and the Marvel universe is one of them with many hero's fighting crime and saving the world against evil super Villains and saving the world against threats. But what if a enemy from another universe has come to the Marvel universe and plans there take over across all worlds across different dimen...

  • Kamen rider Kabuto X Marvel: The Lord of Speed in New York
    1.7K 57 4

    New York City is homed to many hero's who have been fighting crime and threat for years. But they soon get attacked by mysterious alien like creatures who have ability of slow down time known as Worms and a secret task force known as ZECT was born to deal this new threat with there own rider system. But when a teenag...

  • Kamen rider Build x Marvel: New York's genius best match hero
    8.7K 247 8

    Years ago a mysterious dimension hopping alien arrived at the Marvel universe were he see a father with his son and he approach the father and the father explains to the mysterious Alien that his son is dieing form Unknown disease cost by a Villain and his son will die. The Alien offered the father a deal to be the bo...

  • Kamen rider Zero-One x Love Live Perfect Dream -Dream Fly Away!
    1K 29 2

    James Hiden is the young man is the grandson of Aruto Hiden. He is the former world famous singer and he currently wanted to become a comedical like his grandfather. One day he joins his childhood friend Ayumu and Yuu to enroll of Nijigasaki Academy. One day he heard his mother step down of CEO and become the next CEO...

  • Kamen rider Gaim X Marvel: Warriors of fruits
    5.8K 133 8

    The world has been protected by Earths greatest hero's for years as they fight against the evil super Villains that threatening the world. But a new threat has come as mysterious monsters known as Inves has been costing chaos throughout out the world and they can stand a chance both Super hero's and super Villains. Bu...

  • Kamen rider Double X Highschool Dxd: The two in one demons
    4.8K 124 5

    Y/n Narumi is just a normal student in Kouh academy and was viewed as the smartest kid ever in his schoolbag as he was the don of teh greatest Detective ever in there town but mysterious disappeared. One day Y/n was going through his father's things when he discovered the double driver and Gaia Memory's in a box. He a...

  • Kamen rider Drive X Overwatch: Start your Engine's Overwatch
    916 37 3

    Y/n Tomari was just a normal kid who is a fan with fancy cars and always pictured Overwatch as heros and felt bad of there down full. One day he decided to visit his family old Garage were his family told him to not go in because it was a secret. At first he only see old cars from the past but he discovered a belt tha...

  • Kamen rider Kiva X High-school dxd: A Fangire with a house of demons
    5.8K 161 6

    After Y/n's father named Otoya died the King of the Fangire decided to rise Y/n and has a chnage of heart towards humanity and wants to train Y/n to be a future king for all Fangire's and humans. Years later Y/n and his pervert childhood friend named Issei attended Kouh academy together and things gotten well. But a...

  • Kamen rider Ghost X Dc Universe: A ghost of justice
    4K 109 5

    Y/n L/n used to live a temporary in Japanese however Wanye Enterprise came along and want to make one of there buildings where Y/n is. At first he refuse and tells them that this temple was important to him and to his families who passed away long ago. Bruce Wanye here's all this and decided to tell Y/n that he can mo...

  • Kamen Rider Zero One X DC universe: Take off, towards a dream in Gotham
    10K 245 11

    A massive company known as Hiden Intelligence has moved to America and arrived at Gotham to show everyone Humagear, human like robots that is the next generations for humanity. However a terrorist called has followed them and now they will continue just like in Day Break. With A.I.MS and Justice Lea...

  • Kamen rider Drive X My Hero academia: Racing to be a hero
    8.3K 200 8

    It has been years since the roidmude defeat and the world continued on growing as humanity have experiencing quirks across thw world and now the world have hero's and Kamen rider drive were forgotten by the public. But one day Shinnosuke grandsons named Y/n Tomari and his friend named Jack Shijima visited Y/n old fath...

  • Kamen Rider Fourze X Marvel harem: A hero with space switches
    3.6K 102 5

    Y/n and his two childhood friends moved to America to start there new lifes at a new school. They join teh space club and met a kid named Mark who kept a device in secret so no one will not use it. However the school was attacked by monsters called Zodiarts and they wants to destroy the device but Y/n used teh device...

  • U.A. Genius Bottled Hero (Kamen Rider Build (Male Reader) X My Hero Academia)
    70.4K 1.4K 31

    This is the story of Y/n L/n, a teen who lives alone due to not having parents, but that won't stop him from being a hero after discovering a lab under a cafe named "Nascita". Follow him on his journey as the new "Kamen Rider Build" and his path to become one of the world's greatest heroes and the Symbol of Love and...

  • The Hopeful Mage of Devils (Kamen Rider Wizard (Male Reader) X High School DxD)
    34.5K 623 17

    Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, Gods, Dragons and other supernatural beings all exist. But now a new race had begun to rise. Creatures and monsters whose goals is to bring forth despair to the world and its people, they are called "Phantoms". They are dangerous and will shake the supernatural world to its knees, but t...

  • Kamen Rider Kiva X Dc Universe harem: The chains of Gotham city
    15.8K 381 13

    Y/n L/n was a normal kid who loves to play the violin and wanted to be the best. However his dreams get crushed by two bully's who turn out to be Fangire in disguise and try yo kill Y/n however he was saved by the armed monster's and was taking to a castle were he met Kivat. Kivat explains that the Fangire's are tryin...

  • Kamen rider Den-o X My hero academia: A train ride to becoming a hero
    3.5K 63 5

    Y/n Kayama was trying to live out a normal life with his mother who is hero by the name Midnight. However is quirk called unlucky just always ruin his day but his mother told him that one day he can be a hero like her one day. One day he was walking home for school when he discovered a weird pass port and was about to...

  • Kamen rider Ex-aid X Meta runner: The future protesters of gaming
    2.9K 70 7

    We introduce our main character named Y/n Hojo waking up in his cryosleep and sees that the world has changed were people play video games everywhere and finds it interesting. However the Bugster's was released by a mysterious figure who bring back the Bugster's and infected everyone so they can rule the word once mor...

  • Kamen Rider Faiz x Punishing Gray Raven - The Next 555
    277 11 1

    In the distant future, there is the new virus called the "Punishing", to killing of the humans and infect the machine to be as mindless killing everything on their way. But..... There only one who can stop them from the another world is..... Kamen rider Faiz!