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  • FreetheLGBT Pride Month Fiesta
    22.7K 4.3K 96

    The biggest, brightest, rainbowest interactive LGBTQ+ Pride Fiesta has arrived! Grab all your friends and allies and let's fly our flags together as one! COMING JUNE 1st! ♥︎Claim a free Pride Month Fiesta cover sticker ♥︎Win amazing shoutouts ♥︎Raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ movement ♥︎Meet fellow LGBTQ+ themed writer...

  • Trial 017 - 2019 Wattys Sci-Fi Winner
    26.5K 2.3K 40

    ***2019 Watty Award Winner - Science Fiction*** Charlie has always been the one left behind. It isn't because there's something special about him; in fact, there is nothing special about him at all. As one of the few unlucky members of Terran society to be born without powers, Charlie's luck has never looked worse. Af...

  • Lights Out • 1 • Formula One ✔️
    1.6M 44.9K 150

    BOOK 1 Alyssa has been racing under a fake persona for most of her sporting career after becoming sick of the constant dismissal of her talent because of her gender. Gender clearly didn't play a role in driving ability. In her debut season in Formula 2 in 2018 with ART, she finished a single point behind the champions...

    Completed   Mature
  • Journey to Joseph
    33.4K 3.7K 38

    A transgender medieval adventure: Abandoned while disguised as a boy, Hildegund's journey home will lead to unexpected destinations. Twice Featured: - Wattpad Editor's Choice February - March 2020 - Official #Wattpride Reading List, June 2020 --------- When a journey to the Holy Land during the Crusades requires Hilde...

  • Crimson Qi, Exiled Beautiful Lady Falls in Love with a Shy Demon
    45.2K 3.1K 99

    An unlucky noblewoman precipitates a civil war and falls for a half-demonic beggar with a self-destructive healing talent. Summary: Tien Lyn was born lucky, but her luck ran out fast. Tossed on the currents of politics and magic, she lives in the accursed 'interesting times', during a civil war. Her worst enemy is a s...

  • The Charlatan
    1K 150 42

    It is illegal to indict a courier for the contents of any message they deliver. When the ruler of the wealthiest nation on earth receives a cryptic note marked by "The Charlatan," he learns that all of the gold he spent decades stockpiling is worthless. The richest country in the world becomes bankrupt overnight. Fear...

  • The Dark Child Prophecy | Book One
    670 52 49

    "In the beginning, there reigned two sparring groups of the Children of Darkness... But the battle could be prevented by a single vampire. The Dark Child will restore the Children of the Darkness's great gods to their temples once more. Twice royal, wise, and beloved, the Dark Child shall reign as a living emblem of t...

  • Secret of the Two Kings (89 CHAPTERS - ON HOLD)
    13K 1.5K 97

    NOW FEATURED ON THE OFFICIAL PAGE OF WATTPAD - Historical Fiction Category Synopsis: This story marked the beginning of a forgotten era that has never been told in Korean History. Twin Princes Sae Joo and Sae Yoo meet in fifteen years after being separated at birth because of an ill-omened prophecy. Together, they dis...

  • The Kids Aren't Alright
    1.1M 67.4K 77

    The year is 1988, and Finn, Ronan, Becca and Jasper are spending the summer at a reformatory camp located deep in the Alaskan wilderness. The camp, named Lightlake, is the last chance the teens have to get their lives back on track, but changing for the better isn't easy - and especially not at a place like Lightlake...

  • The Dark Web Murders
    381 95 44

    I am Nemein. I am not a murderer. I am emotionally detached from my killings. I am, therefore, an instrument of Nemesis, a punisher. This is a theme running through a number of blogs on the Dark Web, written by a serial killer. He is highly intelligent and employs philosophical argument to justify a series of gruesom...

  • Sentilia
    154 66 32

    Maxine is an 18-year-old girl who is bored and lonely, living in California in the year 2351. She's always been fascinated with how humans used to live in houses, drive cars, and the fact that there used to be forests and parks everywhere. Now, after a war that nearly erased humanity, people are forced to live a stric...

  • Boss | Book 1| Complete
    5.7K 137 7

    Calliope: I've been running from my past for over a year. My travels brought me to Chicago, where I've been living off the streets. Life has been pretty bleak until I decided to steal from a van full of money. Turns out, I robbed the wrong guy. Now, I'm working for the man who runs this city, Luca Moretti. He's letha...

  • Immortalys
    982 118 34

    Willow and Friction, contemporaries of the year 2292, had been told tales of the fabled city of Immortalys since they were born: shining towers of platinum and roads paved with crystal, and glass houses filled with gold... a mysterious government and a people afflicted with a dangerous Virus... a city which provides a...

  • QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail (Book One)
    1.1M 59K 55

    Nerd girl Gwen Lark must compete in deadly trials against all other Earth teens, including her crush, to Qualify for interplanetary rescue from an asteroid apocalypse, impress her arrogant, flame-hot commanding officer, and save everyone she loves. High-octane series for fans of THE HUNGER GAMES. Optioned for Film! **...

  • Soul Bound
    29.6K 2.2K 30

    A Wattpad Editor's Choice ⭐️ [Book 1] Falon Byrom has two souls. One is her own, normal and human. The other, beastly and wild, belongs to Wolf. Falon can keep nothing from Wolf, they share both her mind and body. And they don't always get along. But when they learn that their kind are being targeted by other superna...

  • Ghosts in the Pumpkin Soup
    316 32 27

    What happens when a college dropout accidentally opens up the portal to HELL in his soup? Shenanigans of course! Now, James must team up with a flamboyant scarecrow, a jaded witch, an overzealous knight, and a virgin succubus to lock away what he's unleashed. After being fired from his mundane office job, James goes o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Maire's Story
    273 1 16

    When the Fallons move to the quiet, rural Quebec village of Guilfoyle, all seems well until eight-year-old Maire's world is turned upside down. Can she recover and make a new life? And what about the people in Guilfoyle - can they deal with a new reality and a child in deep pain? Read all about a charming girl who wil...

  • Mirror Me
    96K 10.3K 49

    [Mirror Me Series Book 1] Hope Martinez was taught to fear her reflection, but the magical world on the other side is too tempting. Descended from those who can use mirrors as weapons, Hope has many dangers to face if she wants to get home before an ancestral curse destroys everything she loves. _____________________...