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  • Part Of My World
    28 1 5

    Terra tried. She really, really tried, but she couldn't do this again. People needed to be safe, and she couldn't do it next to the Doctor. (Morgan/Terra's age changes by chapter. Read AN)

  • In Love With A Stranger
    17 2 9

    Leah Luna-Johnson has just survived a whole year by herself. Her friends were dead, her parents were dead, and the Captain's fate was in the air. She had only one friend left. Why was everyone getting so upset by him? She doesn't judge Jack for his shitty friends.

  • My Ghosts Come Back
    434 36 21

    Morgan/Terra is 183-184. Donna Blipping Noble. She can feel something coming. Bigger than any of them. The Doctor is more worried about the Time Lady than ever. There's River Song, and Jenny, and so many other people that when Rose shows up Terra isn't even surprised.

  • Tell The World
    565 53 17

    (Terra is 181-183)(Darcy is 32) Let's tell the world all the things I've done I've got a song and had a smile so bright I'll make you wish I was here tonight (Rated Mature for mature themes- NO SLASH OR LEMON!)

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden By Aliens
    519 29 14

    Leah Luna-Johnson has been living with humans for five years now. She has just escaped Torchwood- after the Battle of Canary Wharf. She lives with her two mums but she follows her aunt, Chloe Johnson, who works at Torchwood Three. If she happens to hear more than she should...who knows. Spin-off from Fallen Star Serie...

  • The Rebels of the Fallen
    760 42 13

    (Morgan is 180-181) Rose is gone. It's just Terra and the Doctor now. That was when Martha became involved. Sweet Martha... There are these signs, about Saxon. She's seeing her a girl in a blue following them. How can Terra keep it straight in her head?

  • Reighley Ravaydark
    5 0 1

    She lives in the 52nd century, has a great family, oh and she keeps misplacing the love of her life. With the month she's had, it's not surprising. (Morgan is 180, 209)

  • Terra and Darcy Reenact Llames With Hats
    227 0 11

    (Inspired by this prompt: Make Terra and Darcy do Llamas in Hats with the DW crew watching.) Crack!fic When everyone looked back, they were say it was all Rose's fault. Even Rose herself. She only wanted them to explain the 'Carl' joke. I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT THE TWINS!

  • S.A.S.H.A.
    15 0 1

    Dominic Chamberlin wasn't Morgan's first Traveler. She met one before. This is the file. Part 6 of '52 Stories, 52 Weeks'. Side Story for Fallen Star Series! (Morgan is 76)

  • The Tenth Impact
    1.6K 68 18

    The Doctor has regenerated, but everyone knows that part. Terra's bringing Darcy Anderson (Carl/Gamora) into the picture, but there's more at work. Who are these Guardians that Terra keeps hearing about? What do they have to do with her sister? What will actually happen at Torchwood? Part 2 of Fallen Star Series (Mor...

  • Child of Nowhere
    4.8K 115 19

    She's 179 years old, but you wouldn't know that looking at her. But she's running, as far as her legs will carry. She has no home, no family, she didn't exist before 2005. The Doctor runs into this girl, and finds out more about her than he wanted to. She's Terra Johnson, and she's the Last Time Lady. Part 1 of my Fal...