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Lost In Time: A Doctor Who Fanfiction by Whovianeverlark17
Lost In Time: A Doctor Who Fanfict...by Whovianeverlark17
Lyssa Devons was trying to run away. But a freak lightning storm sent her to another destination entirely - the TARDIS. Now she's being tossed around the Doctor's timeli...
The Littlest Timelord: Cracks in Time by HaleyMichelle5
The Littlest Timelord: Cracks in T...by Haley Michelle
A little girl escapes the Time War when the Timelords return in "End of Time Part 2″. The newly regenerated Doctor must now raise the little girl while trying to fi...
LOVE IN REVERSE by beladanvers
❝ Don't be sad, my dear Doctor. You'll see me soon. I promise. ❞ ( modern era doctor who ) ( season 4 - 9 ) ( fem!oc x the doctor ) beladanvers ©
I'm Not A Child Anymore | Tenth Doctor x OC by xemothingsx
I'm Not A Child Anymore | Tenth Do...by xemothingsx
Malia was but a child when they met, she thought maybe he was her coping mechanism. But he left... And made a promise. Even if she forgot, he never did.
Doctor Who Oneshots by Goddess-of-Mischief6
Doctor Who Oneshotsby ꪀꪮꪜꪖ-᥅ꪊꫀ ꪻꪗꪶꫀ᥅ (ꪶꪮᛕ꠸'ᦓ)
Hello, m'loves! I will do oneshots for 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and their companions (if requested). I will accept requests, so please REQUEST SOME STUFF. PLEASE. Requests can...
By Any Other Name by ChasingtheCosmos
By Any Other Nameby ChasingtheCosmos
"Rose Tyler was dying - or, at least, she was relatively certain that that's what was happening ..." A Season 7 AU where Rose returns to her home universe only...
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬¹ (  Doctor Who )  by ANG3lWXNGS
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬¹ (...by 𝗿𝗼𝘅𝘆
Quantum Connections by All_Duh_Fandoms
Quantum Connectionsby Odd_Ball
Iris has had a tough life. Due to this she had grown up into a beautiful young woman that studied quantum physics in order to understand her dreams of a bowtie and a blu...
Nina  [ doctor. ] by AchillesVoid-
Nina [ doctor. ]by [ Achilles ]
"You're my fantastic girl, Nina Rose." "And you're my clever man, Doctor." - IN WHICH THEY BOTH EXPERIENCE AN EPIC LOVE THAT WILL LAST FO...
The second last time lord (Eleventh doctor) - Doctor Who by Christmascookie15
The second last time lord (Elevent...by Alfa
The sorceress, a time lady from Gallifrey, roams around in her Tardis, believing that she is the last timelord. Then she stumbles upon the doctor, in his eleventh form...
Doctor Who X reader Imagines, preferences and one-shots by sophie12245
Doctor Who X reader Imagines, pref...by sophie12245
A compilation of my Doctor x reader ideas. I will do: Occasional classics!!!! 9th Doctor 10th Doctor 11th Doctor 12th Doctor If you want mature scenes, check out my othe...
The Doctor's Lover by Ginger_Whovian
The Doctor's Loverby Alice
Her name was Arabella. When The Doctor comes face to face with an extraordinary young woman, he can't control himself. A beautiful person who will give The Doctor the ti...
CLEVER- A Wholock AU. (Clara Oswald+Sherlock Holmes) by ohmystarsclara
CLEVER- A Wholock AU. (Clara Oswal...by isabella
Clara Oswald wakes up in a cheap, little hotel in London with a wiped memory. As she tries to start her life over she meets the consulting detective, her neighbor; Sherl...
The Doctor's Daughter by ItzRxchey
The Doctor's Daughterby ItzRxchey
'I gave you up to keep you away from all this. I wanted you to be safe!' 'Well that didn't work out for you, did it?' OR Where a little girl gets adopted into the Pond f...
The Last Royal (editing) by psychobaby1199
The Last Royal (editing)by Miss-Scifi
Elizabeth Mae Tyler: Rose's adoptive sister... what happens when they meet a 900-year-old alien and he takes them into time and space? My amazing cover is by @-crazywebs...
My Bow Tie Wearing Time Lord (Doctor Who FanFiction) by DanielleMWhelan
My Bow Tie Wearing Time Lord (Doct...by Danielle
*2013 WATTY AWARD NOMINEE* "I'm Madison by the way. Madison Lauren Kristin Brown, Maddy for short. I'm an alien. A Time lord to be exact. That's me. An alien posing...
Doctor Who x Reader One-Shots by StrangeWhiteGirl321
Doctor Who x Reader One-Shotsby Strange White Girl
Imagine being swept off your feet by the Doctor. Befriending his companions, crossing time and space. The dangers its worth, and the trouble you two cause. (I will take...
Doctor Who Imagines by somethingbrave
Doctor Who Imaginesby jojo 💅🏻
One shots of the reader x Doctor (mostly 10&11 but feel free to send requests of other doctors/companions💓)
Eleven's Soulmate (An Eleventh Doctor and OC story) by Miss_Excitement
Eleven's Soulmate (An Eleventh Doc...by Nikki-Pip
The girl of his dreams She wanted to be But River got in the way She didn't fear It was made clear She was Eleven's soulmate She lived for years Without a fear Of what...
The Time Lord's Apprentice by SincerelyGallifrey
The Time Lord's Apprenticeby Gallifrey 🪐
"But, you're impossible!" "Yeah, and the world is ending, I don't think now is the time." Peyton is an orphan, taken from her mother as an infant by...