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  • Sshh I Think it's Sleeping (Discontinued)
    11.6K 515 12

    Piper is a slave. Sold to some men by her stepmother. One day her chance comes and she escapes with another slave into the forest. They stumble and hide in a cave. Exploring deeper into the cave they come across a sleeping bear. thinking its a sleep they walk by it. suddenly it wakes up and kills the other slave. Pipe...

  • Dominant Alpha (Dominant Series #1)
    1M 6K 18

    I saw him shifting into wolf as he growled at me angrily. I took a step back, feeling scared. Almost immediately, he was on top of me, pinning me down to the bed. I felt my clothes, along with my underwear, being ripped into shreds and his nose sniffing my püssy. His big tongue started licking and lapping me hungrily...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silent Luna
    18.3M 561K 55

    **This is not the full version of the book. It was published and the full version is now on Amazon or Kindle.** Grace is not your typical werewolf. Being taken at age eight, she endured most torture and pain that any one person should be able to bear. But when one night's chaos allows her to escape, will she really st...

  • The little white fox shifter: Book 1 of the Lost series (Under MAJOR Editing)
    325K 13K 21

    Eina is left in the forest when she is two years old. The only things she knows about herself is her name and.......She's a white fox shifter. 13 Years later in the forest Eina stumbles upon a pack of werewolves. She hides her scent from them so she looks and smells human. She doesn't want them to find out what she is...

  • My Mate Rejected Me
    87.2K 2.4K 11

    Well this is a story about a girl name Alexis Brooker , she is a werewolf and is in the Shadow Pack (I guess the pack name). The pack Treats her like shit because she is fat and a nerd in school , when its her 16 birthday party What happens when the Future Alpha Dylan her mate , the schools player rejects her in front...

  • Mending Devastation
    36.1K 1.2K 6

    I was pregnant when he left, though neither of us knew at the time. It still didn't excuse the fact that he left me for who knows what. Now three years and some change later he is back to take over his father's pack. I have a son now. He is the only thing that concerns me. My well-being and his, nothing else. But whe...

  • The Alpha's Reject
    754K 21.8K 34

    Zac Moon was the soon to be alpha of the Blood Moon pack. He was a typical player; using girls and treating them like toys. He never wanted a mate so when he found her he rejected her. Kaiya Summers was the shy, runt of The Blood Moon pack. She wasn't like other she-wolves. She didn't care about popularity or appeara...

  • Rouge Fox (Completed)
    148K 5.2K 31

    Highest Rank #3 -Rouge (7-24-18) Katrin was a sweet young girl, She was a rare Fox-shifter, her parents and her are the only ones. Then she watched her parents die in a Rouge attack, they died saving her. She was the Alpha's daughter but now she was and Omega, close to her death bed. She runs away from home in search...

  • Sold to my Mate (COMPLETED)
    343K 13.5K 34

    I'm Amara Harper, I am 17 (I think?), and I am rogue. My dad and my mom died in a wolf attack, so my brother and I live in a small house by the woods. You may think this is a perfect life, but it's not. My brother is a gamble addict. Every time he loses he comes home and drinks, then hits and kicks me over and over ag...

  • Wild and Free
    87.9K 2.1K 33

    Kayla Lee is one of the legendary horse shifter but wild and free what happens when a pack of werewolves go hunting in the woods and spot her...

  • The Rejected Mate
    42.9K 1.2K 5

    "I Connor Davis soon to be alpha of the Blue Moon Pack reject you Jennet as my mate"after being rejected by her mate Jennet runs away from her pack and becomes a rougue what happens when she comes back with her new pack a changed person read to find out.

  • Rejected and hated by my mate and pack
    625K 14.9K 29

    Juliana was rejected by the one she thought would love her the one she thought would be by her side until the day she dies her mate. Juliana is a young girl she get's rejected by her mate and her pack hates her to...... Until one day she's had enough will she leave and find a new pack, And if she does.. Will they trea...

  • The Deer Shifter
    18.5K 739 5

    Riviera is a weredeer or deer shifter, it's her Spring Beginnings day and it's time for this doe to find her mate. River is a werewolf and future Alpha of his pack. At page 17 all he wants to do is find his so far nonexistent mate. What will happen when predator meets pray? When the Alpha meets the doe? When the car...

  • Alpha's Broken Mate
    104K 3.5K 9

    I've been searching for her for years, awaiting the day I get to hold her in my arms. I wanted to caress the face of the woman who would be my mate, the one destined to be mine by the moon goddess. I have slaughtered countless fools who have gotten in the way. When I finally found her, I wasn't prepared for how bro...

  • Hidden Away (Book 2 Of The Lost Series)
    12.3K 591 6

    Eina, now in England, has a new secret to hide. Her mate, James, had gotten her pregnant and now she has to keep the child away from him. But, how can she, if the child looks so much like him, it hurts? What if the child wants to meet their father? Or, what if Eina can't keep the child a secret, because she wants what...

  • Red Fox Black Wolf
    34.3K 1.3K 5

    18 year old Felicity Snicket is a red fox...that may sound weird let me explain, Felicity was born a fox,she discovered her powers at age 8 but kept it a secret from everyone,even her family. When Fliss takes her 5 year old sister melody to the park for ice-cream it goes horribly wrong,four men kidnap them and apart...

  • My Alpha Mate Rejected Me
    48.1K 1.2K 6

    Luz Anderson Is a normal girl, sweet and caring. Well besides that she's a werewolf she's pretty normal. Luz is going to be 16 which means that she would shift into her wolf and could find her mate. But her happiness of finding her mate doesn't last long when her mate turns out to be the schools player and bad boy, al...

  • Silent wolf
    258K 8.9K 14

    After three years of being held prisoner, the opportunity to escape arises and Sarah takes off running on all fours. She finds herself landed on another packs territory, discovering the the alpha is her mate. While this should be a time for celebration, things aren't so simple. The years and tears of abuse and neglect...

  • The Werewolf And The Shapeshifter
    124K 4.7K 34

    Lucy Parker Your average eighteen-year-old girl right? Wrong. When Lucy was eleven she shifted into a huge red fox. When she shifted she got this 'voice' in her head called Faith, that said she was her 'inner fox'. Over the years Lucy started shifting into other animals, from birds to cats, big and small, to wolves, s...

  • The Runt And The Werebear
    17.3K 679 11

    Coralie was just a normal girl, who was living a normal life in a normal town, with a normal family. Right? WRONG! Nothing about her life was normal. Her family is made up of werewolves and She happens to be the runt of the pack. Now you may think that since she's the runt she must be treated poorly, but that's not th...

  • The Alpha's Abused Mate
    180K 6.8K 16

    Summer, abused and broken, is from the Blue Stone pack. Her parents hate her and she is the slave. The entire pack hates her and she even gets raped. She hates herself, she hardly eats, and she is suicidal, but her wolf won't let her die. (AN: Self harm, rape, and suicide is not a joke or should not be taken lightly...

  • Was A Nerd But Now A Bada**(Back in Biz Niz)
    476K 14.3K 52

    Sofia is the omega of the Crescent Moon Pack. They are the most feared and strongest pack in the United States. Sofia has gone through everything. Abuse. Neglect. Slavery. She thought that her life couldn't get any worse. Her family treats her wrong because she is a 15 year old and hasn't shifted yet. Sofia already be...

  • Baby, I'm back!
    298K 7.8K 27

    Katherin is a little, innocent girl at the age of 14. However everyone seems to hate her. Her pack always thought of her as a weak point and the fact that her parents are dead and she is an only child doesn't help that much. Fate has other plans though. Katty decides to leave the pack forever and only come back in or...

  • Rejected by my mate
    79.5K 2.4K 7

    Katie Oliver was a regular girl a girl with a regular life, well guess what your wrong! Katie is a werewolf not just any werewolf her dad is beta of the river stone pack. Just cuz her dad is beta and her brother Jason soon to be doesn't mean she has an easy life. She is hatted by the pack and her family. Katie waits...

  • My Mate Rejected Me?
    184K 4.5K 16

    I'm Max Sky Storm. I'm a werewolf with pure white fur. My parents are the luna and alpha of the Thunder pack. When I I shifted my parent told me to never shift in front of no one but I don't why. I'm soon to be luna but I need my mate there the problem my mate rejected me in first sight I ran away with my best friend...

  • Saved by a Werewolf
    173K 5.7K 23

    Skylar Parks was kidnapped at 13, she was raped and abused for four years. When she finally gets found she funds out her parents are both dead and while in the hospital she meets a guy named Jason. Jason is a werewolf and she is his mate. His family "adopt" Skylar. She is afraid of human contact from all those years...

  • Rejected By My Alpha Mate
    52.4K 1.5K 5

    Angel is the only white wolf in America. Her mate happens to be her alpha, Jake. She gets bullied by everyone,

  • You're too Late (COMPLETE)
    150K 4.3K 16

    My name is Fay and my life is a piece of shit. Yes I should be glad I have a roof over my head and crumbs on the table and a sleeping bag to sleep in. But honestly, I would rather be living in Haiti. Before I go on, I am a werewolf. Yes, werewolves, vampires, banshees, shape shifters, and everything that I hear are...

  • My alpha mate REJECTED me the omega
    48.2K 1.1K 5

    My alpha mate rejected me because I was a lowly omega so I'm the slave of the pack beaten EVERY DAY

  • Love After Rejection
    446K 3.7K 9

    |Highest ranks #1 in WEREWOLF 4/2019! #4 in Romance #3 in Action| Zoe Grayson never expected her mate to reject her. She also never expected her mate to be dating the same female that rejected her best friend, Wyatt. Zoe and Wyatt devise a plan to get back at their mates for rejecting them. But what happens when thing...