The Werewolf And Th...
By mysterious_mischief
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Lucy Parker Your average eighteen-year-old girl right? Wrong. When Lucy was eleven she shifted into a huge red fox. When she shifted she got this 'voice' in her head called Faith, that said she was her 'inner fox'. Over the years Lucy started shifting into other animals, from birds to cats, big and small, to wolves, small rodents, and much more. Lucy has been an orphan since she was ten when her parents died in a car crash. She is now eighteen with her own apartment and is about to start a new job but nothing ever turns out right for Lucy now does it? When Lucy is walking in the park one evening, she is kidnapped by three guys, that just won't let her go... *Some inserts not entire chapter* *They were chasing me but I was nearly in the forest when something tackled me sending sparks flying wherever they touched me. When I realised it was... Xavier? Who tackled me, I started to struggle in his hold, but I couldn't get out. "Calm down I'm not going to hurt you." He said softly with a small smile. I snorted, that's what they all say. "No, you're not, but I'm going to hurt you." I replied before bringing up my leg and kicking him where the sun doesn't shine. This caused him to roll off of me and I jumped up. so quick I nearly missed it, Xavier stepped forward and grabbed me so my back was pressed against his chest and his arms were holding my arms by my sides. I struggled, but that's when I realised, I'm too short to ram my head into his chin, my arms were held down and my legs completely useless. I. Was. Trapped.* The Werewolf And The Shapeshifter, it was fate at its finest If you want the full prologue read the werewolf and the shapeshifter...I would appreciate it ;) Warning: there will be swearing and some mild other crap


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The Werew...
by mysterious_mischief