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  • Bride of Alvar (Redemption Saga, Book 1)
    9.7M 279K 25

    **COMPLETED - Now a published novel!** What if your entire life your mother declared you're destined to wed a king from a magical world? Would you believe her? Probably not. I didn't believe her either, until a handsome, other-worldly king showed up to claim me as his bride. Despite my uncanny attraction to him, I l...

  • She's With Me (Book 1, the With Me series)
    142M 5.2M 91

    She's With Me is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Amelia Collins is in witness protection, starting at a new school in a small town. But when she becomes involved with the most infamous guy at school, she's reminded that she...

  • The Girl He Never Noticed
    222M 6.9M 92

    When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again? ***** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thi...

  • The Last She (Books 1-3, the Last She Series)
    13M 658K 191

    Ara, the only woman left alive after a plague, is searching for a way to save humanity. She thinks there isn't a man she can trust, until she meets Kaden. ***** A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every fema...

  • Waters of Oblivion | ✓
    1.3M 46K 75

    ***Formerly Paid/now FREE*** A chance encounter with a handsome stranger during a DC snowstorm takes Reine 500 years into the past of a secret society led by a man claiming to know her. ***** When art historian Reine Baldwin meets Gabe Moran, a char...

  • Half Wylde | Book 1
    402K 34K 53

    Half-blooded Wren escapes her old life among humans to go live with the fae. After a warm welcome, Wren slowly begins to accept herself for who she is, until she encounters a more sinister court that would rather see the child of their enemy dead. *...

  • Can you see me? [completed]
    867K 47.1K 51

    I am invisible. No, not like having super power invisible but I have been invisible since I was cursed. Messing with high power priestess is not a good option. I have been what you call a bad boy. I loved dating girl, breaking hearts, late night rendezvous and rule breaking. So my curse was to live an endless life wi...

  • The Revenge Wife (COMPLETE)
    5M 155K 35

    "Let me put this very clear to you, because it looks like you're not fully understanding. I paid for you to be my wife, meaning as my wife you'll do what I say because I paid for it. You literally sold yourself to me, so now you're mine. Here take your check." He tossed the check to my face, by now I was making the bi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Power Kingdom ( The School Of Full Power)
    7K 98 27

    The girl she don't know herself. But the unexpected happened she entry the school of full power and magic. But she don't believe in power and in magic. What if she found out in this place that she is special ? But she don't know what she will do? What do you think ?

  • The Queen of brilliants
    12.9K 152 15

    Ito ay tungkol sa isang babae na hindi alam ang kaniyang pagkatao pero nalaman niya ang lahat dahil sa Lalakeng di niya akalaing mamahalin niya

  • Those Days Were Gone
    212 1 2

    It's idiomatic and used when wistfully describing something in the past. Gone are the days when children would play outside. Goneare the days when I could play football without worrying about my knee. 2, 3 and 4 sound odd to me, I wouldn't use them, but they are grammatical.

  • Daughter of the Sky
    7.1K 162 43

    (Paarthurnax X OC) A Skyrim fanfiction~ Arcelia was never normal, and had a high grasp in a rare class of destruction magick: Wind. After attending the Mage's College in Winterhold, she decided to travel, to explore the world as a traveling mage. A repetitive dream she has had since childhood has changed into somethin...

  • Dear Justin ~ Jariana
    9.2K 544 15

    If tears could built a stairway and memories a lane, i'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home. -Ariana

  • Reset
    309 6 4

    The mind forgets, but the heart will always remember.

  • Once Upon A Mistake (Mistake #1)
    16.6K 200 33

    Once upon a mistake, I loved you and you loved me. I wonder at what point love escaped us and We Became You And Me. I wonder when love decided to escape from our souls Or Did our souls Let go Of Love?

  • Caught you [One Shot] book:1
    979 32 3

    This story is about of my BIAS again!!!

  • The Demon Princess
    7.2K 64 3

    Just read its soo good

    3.5K 33 2

    This story is imagination