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  • HYUNGS • Jin x BTS
    517K 27.9K 42

    Highest Ranking in FF as of; 8/07/17 Rank #36 Date Started: June 6, 2017 Date Ended: August 5, 2017 "Which hyung do you like the most?" Hoseok asked Seokjin, giving him his signature smile. "I like--" Before Seokjin could answer, his hyungs started to hug him already. "I like everyone." He finished. All of his hyungs...

  • Midnight Lover
    21.9K 1K 16

    Jin always has a dream about a man who takes him every night. Upon he woke up the man is gone and he's naked at the body in his Dream was back again. He has no sign of hickeys or sore which, he really think that's was a dream but for him is all real. He notices a blood on his first night with his. Midnight Lover. Warn...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's you Again || K.SJ + J.Jk [Completed]
    171K 7.7K 67

    What if you used to be the bad boy in your school. Always teasing this one person. Then something happens that you never see them again. Until 3 years later. Status; Completed #1 in Jinkook for about 4 weeks.. can't remember the date ; Warning; -mpreg -mentions of abuse and rape

  • Skype | Jinkook
    437K 27.4K 54

    In a group Skype call with seven boys, who can stay up the longest? slow burn fic, very poorly written

  • You're Mine (Jinkook Fanfic)
    84.5K 2.9K 24

    While walking in order to reach class fast becuz i was late and the hallway was empty i bumped into something or more specifically someone and fell in the middle of the hall . "Watch where you are going bitch" the person hissed . "So rude . how can someone talk to anybody like that but aunt told me not everybody is...

    Completed   Mature
  • He Is Mine (YoonJinKook)
    23.4K 1.3K 20

    Don't dare lay a finger on Seokjin, ehm, ehm. I mean, Jeon Jungkook's Seokjin... You don't know what's coming in your way. Apparently, Min Yoongi does not give a shit about that. What's even worse is that he doesn't lay his finger on Jin, but insists on laying Jin instead.

    Completed   Mature
  • Book #1 : "HYUNG" ||
    90K 3.4K 15

    Ships ; JinKook YoonJin In which their mother left them for another man and it's up to Jin to raise his six younger brothers. And one happens to fall in love....maybe two... Warning ; contains incest, if you don't like incest and still read it please don't comment hate 'comments', it's only a fanfic, no need to get...

  • Fangs (Taejinkook)
    115K 7.8K 28

    The twin Vampire princes have chosen their pray...Taehyung, kind hearted and cheerful, was instantly enchanted by his eyes. Jungkook, cold and arrogant, was surprised by his bravery. Kim Seokjin was chosen. He was chosen to be eternally captivated. Highest rank: #7 taejin tag /#1 taejinkook Disclaimer: This story does...

    Completed   Mature