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  • ALONE ✔* 1 In SUFRAH (series)
    29K 3.4K 66

    ||# A Nigerian book by a Nigerian author #|| #|| 20 in Nigerian books *19/7/18#|| #|| Completed *22/7/18#|| # Main Tags * Romance and pain #|| #One in the series of *SUFRAH* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^PREVIEW^^ ~~Yusrah~~ After the death of my mom ,I thought I was alone no one to be by my s...

    131K 14.6K 68

    An English Hausa novel. Aisha, a girl with dreams and ambition. She wants to further her education and become an independent woman. But what will she do when her father wants her to get married. She prays He swears The masjid is her best place The bar is his best place This is also a story between two different...

  • Story Of My Life:A Hausa Love story
    14.2K 1.4K 27

    As the title implies"story of my life", is the story of a girl named Afnan ,that goes through the ups and downs in life,and how she made it through. She's not the perfect girl with the perfect life, she has so many imperfections and insecurities one of it was because she was fat and so much more. And then there was Ma...

    334K 37.3K 52

    He is the only son of the king Heir to the throne The most selfish and arrogant man you'll ever come across When he speaks everyone listens....... Then there she is, An innocent orphan Forced to be a maid in the palace But that is not her deepest story.............. A story of two different people who hated each oth...

  • The One He Chose
    30.3K 3.3K 26

    Three people entangled in what was to be a simple plan. With secrets being kept and feelings getting in the way. How do they come out of it unhurt. Will friendship save the day or will it be the cause for more heart break? Let's find out...