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    It feels like something inside of me is missing or broken..... Maybe that's why my heart still searches for you, Without my permission....

  • bluetooth ¦¦ h.js
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    ↪ in which han jisung seeks for help in order to use his phone's bluetooth » han jisung fan fiction ° written in english and filipino status › completed

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    I laughed alot because of you I believed in love because of you I trusted you because it's you AND NOW, I'M HEARTBROKEN BECAUSE OF YOU...

  • Don't watch me go. (Minsung)
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    lee minho, -a nineteen year old boy who manages to find an eighteen year old boy, sitting on a fence and staring down at the water from the bridge they were on, about to jump. this boy was han jisung. Highest rank: #1 in minsung!!

    Completed   Mature
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    I can feel it..

  • Change Of Heart°️ || ⓛ.ⓜⓗ ⓗ.ⓙⓢ
    4.3K 215 17

    "Things change, even hearts do" !!REWRITING!! **publishing a new one** ||Minsung fan fiction.|| {Minho + Jisung} > [[C o m p l e t e d 03/25/19]]

  • remember me | minsung (EDITING)
    25.7K 1.5K 29

    "and now i'm afraid." was "imagination" sequel to acquainted slow updates #2 in straykidsfanfiction 8/3/18 #52 in letters 8/3/18 #88 in imagination 5/18/19

  • A Time To Love || y.j.i & h.h.j
    56.9K 2.8K 45

    "Hyung, I didn't know." "I'm sorry." "...Hyung?" "Yes Jeongin?" "Please love me back." A story about two boys not realizing their feelings are growing. Feelings for each other. Feelings that grew because of Texts, calls, and hangouts. Both were dumb enough to realise. One dated another, one kept it all in. While this...

  • i loved you- minsung
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    "jisung, i told you it's over." "but hyung, i can't stop loving you." in which minho has a girlfriend and jisung doesn't know how to move on

  • i love everything - jeongchan
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    "what do you even like about me?" "i love everything about you." in which two pretty boys meet at the same cafe everyday. - completed

  • acquainted | minsung ✔️ #wattys2019
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    "dear friend," #10 in poetry 7/8/18 #1 in straykidsfanfiction 7/14/18 #10 in minsung 7/20/18 #17 in letters 8/1/18 #18 in poems 5/15/19 #5 in poem 5/22/19 1k: 7/9/18

  • Remember? // Changlix
    216K 10.3K 52

    When Changbin keeps seeing Felix in the same dream, he finally meets the blonde when his dream happens in real life. What will become of their relationship as time follows along. [COMPLETED] (on July 16th, 2019) [sequel is out!]

  • 10 YEARS | minsung
    279K 23K 22

    "ten years. ten fucking years without you." - started : june 15th , 2018 ended : july 11th, 2018

  • Lantern | Changlix
    44.8K 3.8K 43

    To see the light shine and reflect the way your eyes do was amazing. What scared me was knowing that your eyes were beginning to fade like mine. ••• All characters, plots, relationships, and places are fictional even if they share similarities with those that are real. It is in no way affiliated with any non fictiona...

  • Restart || ⓗ.ⓗⓙ ⓚ.ⓢⓜ ((discontinued))
    1.4K 149 17

    "I wished to be happy without you but, I don't even know if I can ever smile without you" (Seungjin FanFic) {Seungmin + Hyunjin} »S t a r t e d 12/30/19«

  • DOLL | seungjin
    270K 17.5K 20

    in which hwang hyunjin slowly takes interest in top student kim seungmin after he spills ice tea on him. [this is literally a fetus story, cringe warning] _____ ___ rankings ; #1 in seungjin - 070718 #1 in seungminxhyunjin - 070718 #4 in hyunjinxseungmin - 070718 #8 in kimseungmin - 070718 #9 in sk - 070718 #13 in hyu...

  • Minsung- Moving On?
    55.8K 2.5K 22

    Jisung is forced to move with his mother to Seoul after an incident including his father. As he transfers to his new school he has many obstacles and meets a seemingly less than welcoming student named Minho.

  • White Lies // Minsung
    64.1K 3.5K 23

    "It's funny how we ended up just the way we started. Strangers." "Ji-" "No Minho, there's nothing you can say. I don't want to hear whatever you have to say, just leave me alone." "But I wanna help..." __________________________________________________________________________________ Han Jisung, the quiet kid that no...

  • Bullshit ✔️ || ⓛ.ⓜⓗ ⓗ.ⓙⓢ
    1.4K 60 5

    "I love you" bullshit. [A Minsung Epistolary] (A/N: It's not related to Change of Heart) {Minho + Jisung} [[Started & Ended: 01/10/19]]

  • Aphrodite|| Changlix✔️
    6.2K 434 18

    [COMPLETED] ❝To me you are like Aphrodite. You are the goddess of love and beauty.❞ ❝Aphrodite is selfish and jealous. Thanks.❞

    Completed   Mature
  • To You, To me✔ || ⓑ.ⓒⓝ ⓨ.ⓙⓝ
    1K 86 9

    "I'll give it to you You'll give it to me Got it?" [A Jeongchan Epistolary.] {Jeongin x Chan} [[Started and Ended: 03/24/19]]