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  • Orange Is the New BLACKPINK. Jenlisa AU
    181K 7.6K 18

    *Warning violent themes* Jennie Kim, one of many executives of the board in of the biggest investment companies in Asia has been jailed after a year long high profile battle in court over fraud, embezzlement and corruption charges. Betrayed by her own father, the CEO, who had her performing highly illegal activities...

    Completed   Mature
    805 68 2

    "Can you call me back later? I'm busy." They thought their relationship was healthy, that all the fights and ignorance was what every couple these days was going trough. They thought not knowing each other's true colours was fine, as long as they were both honest. But what if someone's true colours proved their disho...

    60K 3K 37

    "You're egotistic. You've always been" From being broken and alone to happily married, Dahyun and Momo believe their life couldn't get any better. What will happen when an unpleasant surprise knocks on their door and tries to tear them apart? A sequel to SHY (Re-posting my works is prohibited)

  • Depressing quotes | ✔️
    84.5K 3.7K 43

    This is a book of depressing quotes. Trigger warning!!!! *******DISCLAIMER******* This book does contain triggering content, if you are uncomfortable with this, then this book probably isn't for you. All of the quotes mentioned in this book are from Google, no copyright intended. Hope you guys enjoy it!!! Rankings: ...

  • Let's Dance the Night away | Dahmo
    1.3K 88 4

    Dahyun was going to miss out on her school dance, but Momo wanted to change that. Highest Rank #15 in dahmo This work is crossposted on Asianfanfics and AO3 under the user 'thequadraticformula'. DO NOT REPOST THIS WORK.

  • Snapshots | Twice
    3.3K 355 12

    SEQUEL TO MURDERER The murder of Momo has taken its toll on everyone. WARNING: Graphic depictions of death, mentions of suicide, depression, self harm and sexual references. This work is crossposted on Asianfanfics and AO3 under the user 'thequadraticformula'. DO NOT REPOST THIS WORK.

    Completed   Mature
  • Family | Twice
    924 64 2

    SEQUEL TO MURDERER Tzuyu was starting to question whether or not she had a family. This work is crossposted on Asianfanfics and AO3 under the user 'thequadraticformula'. DO NOT REPOST THIS WORK.

  • [ ✔ ] We're Not Friends ▪ Jenlisa
    1.4M 33.6K 31

    A bitchy brat straight when it comes to everything- Jennie meets the playgirl badass top of her game Lisa on unexpected day in unimaginable way. The two were like fire and ice, so what could go wrong? Disclaimer: I know that there's already many version of this fic out there, but this story's plotline was simply just...

  • I DON'T CARE | Mimo + Dahmo
    4.7K 268 10

    What happens when your heart pulls you in one direction while fate tugs you in another? SOULMATE AU I don't own this AU. I take zero credit for the idea. SEE THE SEQUEL 'The opposite of love isn't hate, but indifference' This work is crossposted on Asianfanfics and AO3 under the user 'thequadraticformula'. DO NOT REPO...

    Completed   Mature
  • Personality Dialysis (SaHyo)
    1.2K 91 1

    Jihyo told herself she wouldn't do it. She'd stared at her phone screen for what had seemed like hours, contemplating and beating herself up over the pros and cons. Eventually, she gave in, looking at all the comments about her and her group members. She knew she'd regret it but curiosity and anxiety griped at her min...

  • Depression/LGBT Quotes (Triggering)
    13.2K 664 24

    This book is just quotes about depression and LGBT. Some may be my quotes. Some are gonna be ones that I have seen before.

  • ㅣTWICE ㅣ Short stories ㅣ
    77.2K 2.1K 28

    short stories of Twice ships , mostly angst but i do fluff too #297 on Random 5/17/18

  • Murderer | Dahmo
    1.5K 97 2

    "What would you do if I disappeared?" She asked casually, her fingers playing with Dahyun's hand. "I don't know what you mean." "If I committed suicide." WARNING: Mature content implied as well as mentions of self harm, depression and suicide. Please proceed with caution. SEE THE SEQUEL 'Family'

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken
    144K 2.7K 20

    "What happened?" "I fell down the stairs."

  • Twice One Shots
    61.4K 1.2K 18

    ^^The title says it all☺️✌❤️ Twice x Twice Twice x Readers Mostly angst but all genres are accepted I take requests so you can request if you want. Just to let you know this is gonna be a girlxgirl book so if you don't like gxg then DON'T READ IT!!!!!

  • TWICE Oneshots
    85.7K 1.8K 28

    Hello, and welcome to my humble TWICE Oneshots book. This has been going on for quite a while now, but I'm still keeping on going! I hope you enjoy all my stories, despite the serious lack of quality in many of the earlier ones, and thank you for visiting!

  • Protecting Trinity [HIATUS]
    22.4K 1.1K 26

    Team TWICE is a security unit under South Korea's biggest security company, OneMillion. Trinity is currently the nation's most loved and cherished girl group, but also the most targeted. The first of many things to come was a shooting at one of their fansigns. Team TWICE said their vows without hesitation, but the iss...