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  • Mobile Legends and Other Games Randomness Season 4!! (ENDED)
    2.8K 247 92

    New Book! Yay! (Does anyone even read these stuffs? lol)

  • Mobile legends truth and dares
    7.3K 213 48

    This book is about truth and dares. Feel free to leave truth and dares. ( I'll update it every week)

  • Mobile Legends And Other Games! Randomness! Book 3!!!!!
    3.3K 344 142

    AND IM BACK WITH MORE RANDOMNESS!!! P.s Cover is here!

    14.8K 560 87

    This book is alive again lol. This sht is full of MLBB stuffs & this contains a lot of weird words I've wrote there lol. This book SPG. this contains sexual chaps, Dark chaps, killing, and scandals. (Ofcourse that will happen in oneshots lols) Anyways, enjoy.

  • MLBB Oneshots (Requests Closed)
    79.1K 1.3K 75

    A compilation of MLBB oneshots that I'll be making This story may contain fluffs, limes, lemons, smuts, angst, and more! (mostly rare pairs and fluffs tho) Just a little reminder : This is a compilation of ship oneshots so you might not agree with all the ships here, but please do enjoy this book All art in th...