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  • All My Gratitude [Pokémon Short Story]
    3K 275 7

    Cynthia Shirona is Sinnoh's Pokémon Champion and perhaps the strongest Trainer in the world. Her love of mythology, battling, and her strength are what earned her fame. But where, or who, did it all stem from? There has to be an answer. After all, every great artist has a muse. •2nd place winner of the 2018 Pokémo...

  • My Name is Loto [Pokémon Fanfiction]
    6.8K 650 24

    It's tough being on your own in the nation of Caelum when you're a child. You have to fend for yourself in an unforgiving world of pirates, moral-less thieves and murderers, and airborne islands that spell death the moment you fall off one of them. It's even tougher being somebody who everyone and their aunt wants...

  • For Her Hand
    14.9K 1.7K 99

    "Excuse me? What did you just say?" She fumed, knitting her brows in agitation. "You heard me," he replied in a deadpan manner. "You're a spoiled, self-centered, entitled brat," he finished, causing the woman before him to clench her fists in rage. "H-how dare you speak to me that way! Do you have any idea who you a...

  • Reborn As Barry
    20.3K 955 41

    Gabriel West, born on February 14th, in the year 2000, was just like any other senior in high school. Living in New York, Gabriel had a pretty good life. Albeit he was labeled the nerdiest student in the school due to his love of Pokémon and other anime, Gabriel was a well-liked young man. He owned every Pokémon game...

  • Intoxicated
    545 34 5

    Eighteen year old Nichiya Hikari, a vocalist and guitarist from Sinnoh, finds himself in Virbank City, home to his favorite band; Koffing And The Toxics. Hoping to get the break he had been looking for, he decides to try out for the band after finding out they were looking for another member. Meanwhile, a dark shadow...

  • Redemption:009
    517 89 9

    For nine years, Domino has been living in solitary confinement within the Goldenrod City prison. With no release to look forward to, the Black Tulip spends her days reflecting on her life and the choices she made, while reminiscing about the old days with former members of Team Rocket. One night, after a spar with an...

  • A Twist In Time | Pokémon Fanfiction
    191 36 3

    Have you ever wished to go back in time, looking at the past and comparing it to your own life? Hannah (who goes by the name Kana) is a quirky and somewhat sarcastic female who hates History. Carries the love of Pokémon battling and the urge to gain victory, She always has her hopes up. Ever since she met a strange...