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  • Villainous Smut OneShots
    8.9K 165 5

    Ok so I'm not good at writing smut, these are all my fantasies so brace yourself! Lel enjoy the lemony scent!

  • 2Doc One-Shots I ✔️
    22.7K 303 30

    Just some 2DOC one shots for every 2DOC shipper! BTW I do every phase based on the songs sort of and I may do head cannons after I have done every phase. ✔ 2DOC ✔ ✔ Smut ✔ ✔ Fluff ✔ ✔ Angst? ✔ Anyway, hope you enjoy!

  • Book Of Random
    6.8K 312 108

    titles says it

  • Give Me A Reason To Fall In Love
    2.7K 107 21

    {Kinda OOC} Bonnie scoffed. What a bunch of freaks. The scraggly florist continued to observe the freak show moving in across the street until his eyes focused on one of the "menaces to society." This particular guy was wearing all black clothes, and from what Bonnie could tell, there were strange patches of scars lit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eres solo mio ben x jeff the kiler
    23.4K 1.2K 22

    jeff fue al bosque encontro un pequeño niño y comienza su historia

  • amor? (Ben X Jeff yaoi)
    89.5K 4.2K 58

    Ben drowned es un chico de 13 años, el conoció a Jeff el asesino, pero lo que Ben no sabia era que su amistad se volviera más que amistad

  • amor por accidente (jeff x ben)
    18.7K 621 8

    ADVERTENCIA CONTIENE YAOI , SI NO TE GUSTA EL YAOI NO LO LEAS O TE TRAUMARAS POR SIEMPRE C: , bueno esta historia comienza a si , a jeff le encantaba fastidiar a ben dándole abrazos y provocandolo , ben se lo tomaba en cerio , asta que ben quiso estar firme de los sentimientos de jeff asía el , ben le pregunta a jeff...

  • Killers dirty little secret(Jeff X BEN)
    755 14 3

    BEN is in love whit his best friend Jeff, and Jeff is between love and hate about BEN. One night changes everything, and BEN is pregnant. And who's the father? Well Jeff of course. But how did this happen, how can it be possible, and how it will end?

  • Is This Insanity Fading?
    2.5K 78 10

    A JeffXBEN FanFiction

  • A Midnight Problem. (Jeff x Ben) (Oneshot)
    2.2K 52 2

    Ben Drowned and Jeff the killer are old friends. Jeff is a little tired and loopy though, with a bit of a problem... ((Oneshot)) *BxB, yaoi, warnings~♡♡♡*

  • Best Friends (Jeff The Killer x BEN Drowned) *SHOUNEN-AI *
    4.3K 128 6

    (If you don't know, shounen-ai is love between homosexual men with no sexual behavior and tends to have more cuddling. It's kind of like yaoi, but with little to no sexual contact.) Jeff, just losing his sanity, is going to grow up in a house full of killers. One killer, in fact, was BEN,a boy that came the same time...

  • ♡BenxJeff♡ Forever Together
    2K 104 16

    Just for you guys can know this fanfic is going to be long and it's going to update really slowly because I have school. But it's going to start off pretty clean but soon it's going to go smuty lol. This my most favorite creepypasta ship ever and I hope you guys like it because this is my first time writing a fan fict...

  • Ask/Dare Ben and Jeff
    227 11 4

    The title says it all asked or dare Ben Drowned and Jeff the Killer

  • It's complicated-BENxJeff(Creepypasta)
    115 8 6

    Which BEN loved Jeff when they first met and yet he deny it every time when they came across BENxJeff picture by a fangirl.

  • Struck By Love (A BenxJeff Romance)
    59.4K 2K 44

    Ben is in C.Pasta high, studying to be a proxy, His grades are great, hes a hard worker, and is an outcast with short temper towards life itself. Jeff, on the other hand is brilliant but lazy, in band and is a social butterfly, hes quite the "popular" kid. Their bond was instant and unbreakable, they are the best of...

  • our love is strong
    23.3K 513 45

    Heres a story i made its not the greatest but its the firts story ive ever made so i hope u enjoy it ^u^

  • Breathe (A Jeff the Killer X BEN Drowned Fanfiction)
    2.8K 52 3

    Jeff and BEN have always been best friends, even since BEN moved in. Simple. Simple until feelings that mean more than friendship get involved. Warnings: This story does contain swearing, cussing, whatever you would like to call it. I won't be blocking it out. There may also be sexual content, mild violence, and su...

  • Don't Help Me -- BENxJeff (OneShot)
    206 2 1

    A sad story about BEN's struggle through his current life, and how he just can't take it anymore. This is a BENxJeff, not much of yaoi but the thought of their love exists. Enjoy!

  • Do you really love me?! (BENxJeff)
    1K 38 4

    Creepypasta Drama Resipe One~ Gamer/Cute/Helpless BEN Drowned One~ Asshole/Uncaring/Hot Jeff The Killer Two~ Friends who know what's going on A Whole~ Household of people who are clueless One~ Fake relationship Seven~ Irrisponsible acts And A Dash Of True Love Stir together well and bake in oven for twenty to thirty c...

  • Can you even call this love? (BenxJeff)
    6.4K 138 14

    Ben has a secret crush on Jeff and one day he finds out that he just literally spilled the whole secret to him and got a very blushing scene. Afted things went a bit well now, Slended spills out some bad news about the great Zalgo coming over to have a visit on the Slendermansion and choose new proxy, but Slender make...

  • Why Not? (A Creepypasta Story)
    5.5K 143 20

    When Jeff becomes a new addition to the Creepypasta family, another one joins. His name is BEN and after 5 years, they were the best buddies you could ever find. On Jeff's 18th birthday, BEN has an idea that might ruin everyone's life. Before the activity can end, a knock is heard and it is for BEN to find Majora's ma...

  • Ask Ben and Jeff ❤
    582 8 10

    // Discontinued// Hey dorks i love to writ my fanfics they are sooo cute i love BenxJeff i also ship MaskyxToby sorry if you dont like it hope your ok with it bia

  • BEN x Jeff
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  • You shouldn't have gone to sleep [Ben X Jeff]
    3.1K 96 5

    This is a Jeff the killer and Ben Drowned gay fan fiction. don't like it, don't read it.

  • Drowning in love jeff X ben creepypasta
    3.1K 79 6

    I'd rather drown in your love than relive the moment where I actually drowned

  • A Christmas Love (Jeff X Ben) (Completed)
    8.6K 229 18

    Two creepypasta best friends who are very inseparable, but what happens between them when Christmas comes around?