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  • Poetry Book Reviews
    474 24 10

    Want opinions on your poetry and your poetry book? You've come to the right place. These are all honest reviews. No bull. If you're afraid of constructive criticism then I suggest that you don't apply for a review. Thanks!

  • Amaranthine Awards: Poetry Contest
    1.2K 115 10

    ||completed|| This is a contest directly focused on poetry, please give it a read & submit your work to win prizes!

  • The Sun Dragon Slayer - A Fairy Tail FanFiction
    190K 3.9K 49

    Anala Dreyar, Laxus' sister, hasn't seen her brother in 15 years. When she finally arrives at the Fairytail guild, everyone is shocked. What will happen to this girl? Read to find out! --------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer I DO NOT own Fairytail I only own Anala ( You can pretend you...

  • The Niffler Awards 2019 [OPEN]
    11.4K 593 6

    The Niffler Awards has been created to help dig the gems of Wattpad out of the ground. The winners are decided on how good your writing is, not how many reads you've got. GENRES: Action/adventure Chicklit Fanfiction (currently Harry Potter only) Fantasy General/random fiction Mystery/thriller Paranormal/science fictio...

  • Fireworks Awards [OPEN]
    14.7K 967 29

    Fireworks Awards! Many categories and prizes available! Currently OPEN!