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  • Because Of You
    364K 8.9K 45

    ❝ I don't have time to waste thinking about a boy who will only destroy my future,❞ I say getting closer to him with every word, maybe a little too close. I feel his breath fanning my face. He licks his lip as a sneaky smirk slips onto them, his greenish-gray eyes shift between my lips and eyes, making my traitorous b...

  • Chasing Elliott
    171K 5.2K 48

    ❝ Your life is your own. Don't waste it trying to be what others expect you to be. Don't sacrifice your happiness to make everybody happy. Don't give up on your dreams to build other people's dreams. Your life is your own. ❞ ** Book 1 in the With You Series ** Cooper Hearst tried his best to be like every other guy in...

  • A Very Blakey Christmas - A Maddy and Aiden Story
    7.7K 246 5

    Christmas is the best time of the year... or so it's suppose to be.. Join Madison Blake and Aiden Lexington from The Best Man in a fun little one shot, as they celebrate Christmas for the first time with the whole family. Cue fun banter, Nora and her booze, hijinks with Nanna raiding the liquor cabinet, and death sta...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Wedding Planner ✔
    2.7M 91.9K 37

    Wedding Planner's Golden Rule: Don't fall in love with the groom. Handsome, charming, billionaire playboy, Aiden Carlisle's wedding to beautiful, but demanding Caroline Baxter is set to be the event of the century. Sweet, smart and talented, Rosalie Darling is the best in the business; wedding planner to the stars! Pl...

  • It All Started In Rome
    461K 11.9K 54

    Avery is on a summer girls trip with her best friends Sophia and Amelia, to celebrate summer before they become seniors. And I know Rome doesn't exactly scream 'girls trip' but Rome has its own magic, doesn't it? Hoping to have a girls' trip and avoid people they know as they travel, Avery just happens to run into Ryd...

  • Dirty Little Bastard
    5M 147K 81

    HR: #1 in Romance (3rd December, 2018) , #2 in Humor (1st January, 2019), #2 in Comedy (28th December, 2018) __________________ "I know how to play rough, Tinker Bell. I can also score from any position". I'd see him on the field, and knew that both those statements were very true. ____________________ Put together t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Off Limits
    1.8M 44.9K 59

    | Complete | Riley Greene was all set for her summer vacation with her college boyfriend, Kevin. With her bags packed and passport ready, she was excited to go sight-seeing through Europe. All her plans came crashing down when Kevin decides to end their relationship...the day after graduation. A heartbroken Riley is u...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dalton
    16.6K 37 1

    Highest Ranking #4 in Cougar *SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY- FULL STORY AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON INKITT.* 'But I'm your mothers best friend.′ 'I know. I have never liked things easy.' 'We couldn't-' 'Lydia. We really could.' ****************************************** Lydia Hardy has it all. The husband, the house, the money, t...

  • How We End
    179K 6.6K 60

    Grace Anderson is a striking young lady with a no-nonsense and inimical attitude. She barely smiles or laughs, the feeling of pure happiness has always been rare to her. She has acquired so many scars and life has thought her a very valuable lesson about trust. Dean Ryan is a good looking young man with a sanguine per...

    1.5M 65.6K 59

    "I don't know why but every time I'm around you, all I want to do is grab you and kiss you." When Josh Andrews finds himself falling for his brother's girlfriend he puts time and distance in between to shut off whatever the hell he is feeling for her. There's nothing time can't make people forget and nothing distance...

    Completed   Mature
  • Undercover Love
    272K 7.2K 28

    Kayla Hollywood isn't your typical twenty-year-old. She is a CIA agent and has just been given an assignment she thinks will be easy enough. Go to UCLA and pretend to be a Kapa Kapa girl to keep an eye on Violet, the daughter of the English Ambassador who has just had a threat placed on him. It was simple enough rea...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Senior Bad Boy | ✔️
    822K 26.5K 45

    "My intentions would be simple," he says with a deep, heated gaze, his warm breath fanning across my face. He slowly moves himself even closer to me so that our bodies are mere millimeters away from touching, causing breathing to become a chore. "My intentions would be a kiss." "You know once we went there, we would...

  • The Love We Share (Harrington Boys 0.5)
    75.2K 3.1K 17

    Harrington boys series - Prequel to The Lies We Tell This is a Novella! ****** Marc Harrington was the first of the Harringtons to find love... but where did it all begin? ****** Marc Harrington isn't too happy about moving down to Carolina Beach with his family. Being the family joker, Marc hides his unhappiness un...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Age of Forever | ✓
    378K 12.7K 23

    Adele Mason and Harold Bryon have escaped the wrath of aging and have stayed in their young years for reasons unknown to man. Although they have never officially met, the spark to their never ending life was the same night, the same hour, the same second. They both moved from state to state often, keeping themselves u...

  • The Perks Of Being His Roommate
    1.3M 36.1K 37

    Gabriella lives a beyond perfect life with her mom, her sister and her boyfriend of two years. She's finally at a place in her life where she is happy. Nothing has, and nothing will go wrong. However, after finding out some devastating news, Gabriella is forced to live across the hall from someone she has only just m...

  • Instant Princess
    122K 3.1K 33

    "oh, and, ladies, may i be the first to say, happy birthday," she said as she stood on the center of the stage. the girls around the auditorium, but i only cringed. of course my birthday would fall on loyalty weekend. what idiot came up with the idea that every girl had to lose their virginity to the prince on thei...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Bastard
    59.8M 2.7M 82

    Lisa and her boss, Alessandro, agree to spite their exes by pretending to date, but things begin to backfire when fake feelings become real along the way. ***** For two years, Lisa Brooks worked as a secretary to the powerful self-made billionaire...

  • The Art of the Bartender's Heart
    4.2M 123K 61

    #1 in roommates tag 03|12|2018 #2 in new adult tag 12|12|2018 #3 in drama tag 23|06|2019 "Can I help you?" I snapped, arching a brow. The man in front of me gave me a lopsided smirk, "Feisty. I like that." I rolled my eyes, sipped my drink and narrowed my eyes at the bartender, "Shouldn't you be doing your job?" "Ther...

  • Found | √
    895K 25K 37

    She thought she lost herself in love, but in fact she was found. Copyright © 2016 by moonpilots. All rights reserved. {featured on the official wattpad romance page}

  • Fall For Me (Undeniable #2)
    184K 7.2K 35

    Undeniable Duology Book 2 *Features the Harrington Boys ****** Naomi has been hurt before and her trust levels have plummeted. Building a wall around her heart is the only way she knew how to handle it. Trevor isn't afraid to admit he hasn't been in a serious relationship before because he is waiting for someone who...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Boy Benefits
    1.6M 34.4K 75

    *EDITING* I wrote this was I was 14 so going through and changing a few things! #1 in Popular 29th March 2020 #1 in Teen Romance 19th Oct 2019 #1 in Bad Boy on 17th Oct 2019 #1 in Teen Love on 15th Oct 2019 #1 in Mature Themes on 14th Oct 2019 WARNING WARNING: This book contains mature sexual scenes, swearing and wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Actress' Husband
    1.2M 47.6K 67

    ❝Hollywood is scary. She is scarier.❞ • • • The night before their marriage, Emily Pinault catches her fiancé in the act of cheating. Completely devasted by his betrayal, she has a breakdown outside of the civil affairs office where she had gone to register their matrimony as a family tradition. However, his sudden fo...

  • Bad Boy Prince (Royals #2)
    7.5M 295K 40

    He's a Prince. She's a journalist. They have a complicated relationship. More like he's into her but she hates his guts. He needs to behave. She needs to let loose. He's interested in her because she's the last girl interested in him. Both of them need to change and they might be exactly what the other needs. Or not...

  • The Dark Side
    2.5M 149K 61

    Torn Between Good And Bad. Justin is light, safe, good. Alex is dark, dangerous, bad. Ariana is torn between the two. She knows she should head towards the light but the element of darkness has always excited her. Darkness runs through her blood, darkness makes her heart go wild. Darkness attracts her, she's drawn t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sleepwalker
    7.5M 296K 26

    When the quiet girl in Clayton Hugh's chemistry class comes knocking on his door at five in the morning barely covered up in her little pajamas, inattentive, and drooling like crazy, he has no choice but to take her inside. But once Lucy Walker wakes up inside a room she has never seen before wearing an over-sized t-s...

  • Roommates ✅
    442K 11.7K 22

    HIGHEST RANKING #76 in CHICKLIT (14/07/18) Eddison Jenkins and Luca Morreti have been roommates for two years. Eddison is a smart petite brunette who lives life as a tomboy and Luca is self confessed sex addict. As they enter their Junior year of college the dynamic between the two starts to change. Luca has a differe...

  • BLAZE ✔
    1.3M 38.5K 42

    On her one night of freedom in a new city, Wren has the best, most incredible night of her life with local firefighter, Camden. But for her, it's a night of one time passion. She has a demanding job, bills to cover and above all, a little brother to care for, who's not so little anymore. Camden, meanwhile, can't get...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Roommate Fling
    704K 17.2K 26

    Allie has been hurt before and isn't looking for anything serious. Logan hasn't had a relationship that lasted longer than a night since high school. After spending the night together, Logan turns up outside Allie's lecture hall and asks for more of that amazing night. Unable to deny the sizzling chemistry between th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Feelings We Hide (Harrington Boys #4, Undeniable #1)
    189K 5.8K 30

    Harrington Boys Series Book 4 Undeniable Duology Book 1 ****** Fourteen months ago Kylie was left by Miles Harrington a few weeks before she moved to New York to start her dream career in fashion. Upon returning back to Carolina Beach for the first time in all those months, she is faced by old friends and the man who...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hot Doctor
    2.2M 49.5K 72

    Alexandrianna Hawkins wasn't expecting to dislocate her knee during cheerleading practice. Once she's wheeled into the hospital, she's welcomed with quite the surprise. Rian Peterson is a young, very irresistible man who's devoted to being a doctor. He's never fallen for any of his patients, but when Alexandrianna ar...

    Completed   Mature