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  • Gifts To Another
    117K 2.3K 15

    Naruto was beaten as a child his team and all of rookie nine hate him. The only person who doesn't is shikamura. One month before the chunnin exam. Naruto is rejected by ebiu as a sensi. He is trained by the fox. What happens next.

  • Reborn as a Dragon!?
    299K 8.1K 52

    Sora, a guy who was reading up on "That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime", had not been paying attention when he got struck by a moving truck. He was taking his final breaths and he said to himself "wouldn't it be cool if I was in one of those isekai things? I mean, I just got hit by a truck. I would love to h...

  • Raged (Sequel to Pup and Pack)
    2K 106 9

    It's gone all wrong. He rejected him. He had fallen for someone else. The Alpha will have him for his mate. (TRIGGER WARNING - kidnapping and stalker behaviors, mentions of death)

  • Naruto: The Kyuubi Sage
    17.7K 268 12

    Naruto wakes up one morning to find Fox's ear on his head and it's all kyuubi fault and now naruto have 10 day to be half human and half Fox How will naruto reaction to this event Will his friends help him or will they let him go Read and find out what will happens to naruto

  • I Miss You, Dad
    22.2K 456 17

    (This is my first actual Naruto story, and I wanted it to be a neglect story because the ones I have already read were wonderful, so it inspired me to write my own :D) Minato and Kushina survived the attack of the Nine Tails. But instead of them just having Naruto, they have two other children, Menma and Karin (becau...

  • The Hotspring Demon
    47.4K 879 7

    Naruto has had enough of the village. Ever since he got Sasuke back, he was left in the dark. But the same can be said for them. So he runs away, but not before he takes something from the Scroll of Sealing. Note: I own nothing

  • Forgotten Life: As An ANBU
    105K 3K 20

    { UPDATES WHEN I CAN } What if, Naruto was a genius and a prodigy that surpassed Uchiha Itachi? What will happen too if that Minato Namikaze and Uzumaki Kushina was alive along with Naruto's little twin sister?(My OC and the difference between her and Naruto was just 1 hour away) In this story, Naruto will experience...

  • Inherit With Two Quirks. [BNHA]
    277K 4K 47

    Izuku Midoriya, he was an unlucky one, he was born without a Quirk until he met All Might and his mentor, Nana Shiruma, they give him their half Quirk called One For All. And thus, he also received one more Quirk from Nana called Painrance. [~] The pairing is Dekumomo, aka Izuku Midoriya X Momo Yaoyorozu, because why...

  • Izuku Of The Dragons
    421K 5.9K 23

    Warning! Major Characters Death!!!! A Very different story along with a quirk Izuku Izuku X Momo Izuku has dragon slayer quirk and gets adopted by Aizawa and begins his new adventure.

  • Izuku midoriya the playful hero
    64.8K 866 18

    Izuku was still quirkless but had superhuman strength and did a lot of parkour

  • All Seeing Eyes
    34K 745 13

    Izuku Yagi is the son of All Might and Nighteye, Izuku learns at a young age that he had the power to change the world for generations after, follow his story to cement his name in history

  • Son of Kurama || NaruHina Fanfiction
    31K 787 14

    What if Naruto was the kit of Kurama? What if Kurama was a lot nicer to Naruto? What if Naruto wasn't just a human? What if Minato and Kushina had another child named Bolt? Goals: 400 Reads ~ Reached 800 Reads ~ Reached 1,000 Reads ~ Reached 10,000 Reads ~ Reached 40,000 Reads ~ All these 'What if..' questions and no...

  • Just Zodiacs
    34.8K 364 28

    Hey it's another one of those Zodiac Books! Feel free to read it but warning: slow updates (Cuz, school)

  • My Book Of Fnaf Memes
    306K 7.5K 12

    Well I decided that I wanted to make my own funny, but sometimes true, fnaf memes. I hope you all are ready for Freddy.

  • surprises Thefamousfilms story (On hiatus)
    6.6K 156 12

    read to find out (cover not mine) (On hiatus till I can get my shit together and get back on to the fandom since its difficult to keep up on all of them)

  • it's hard to survive when you know who's gonna die. (dadzawa)
    58.4K 2.1K 14

    nobody knows when they're gonna die. except izuku midoriya, of course. ever since his quirks manifested, he's been able to see countless lives begin and end right in front of him. izuku has 2 quirks; the ability to see when others will die, and the ability to summon spirits and demons by his side. ever since the age...

  • Pup and Pack
    11.9K 500 13

    He's been gone for two years. The Wild Hunt took him. The Alpha can't take it anymore when he starts having dreams of him. The scent grows stronger every day. (TRIGGER WARNING - mention of rape in Chapter Three, skip that chapter if triggering)

  • Film's Secrets | TheFamousFilms AU| {DISCONTINUED}
    30.9K 774 30

    It's a normal day at the Theme Park, until Bryan's secrets begin to show themselves, and a new problem awakens.

  • I'm the Phone guy (the famous films)
    21.7K 713 13

    please write down what I could improve or what I wrote wrong. summary: Bryan is 'the phone guy' but he is blind. No one exept Jon, Helpy and Springtrap know because Jon was with Bryan when he lost his sight, Helpy and Springtrap are the two first animatronics so they help Bryan through the Pizzeria so he doesn't bumb...

  • My Ńîğhțmąřë [•TheFamousFilms•]
    19.9K 91 4

    What if Bryan was lying to everybody? He knew about the animatronics before the Pizzaria. He knew about Jeręmý, Gabriel, Fritz, Cassidy, Susie and Charlotte... He recognised that same striped T-shirt. He always hated it because he caused ÑÎĢHŢMÅŘʧ for everyone. "'I didn't want to, I d-didn't wanna keep killing ###!'"...

  • Given
    1.2M 90.5K 61

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Island princess Yenni is searching for a way to save her father's life, but a handsome yet infuriating shapeshifting dragon becomes an unexpected distraction. ***** As a princess of the Moonrise Isles, Yenni is all...

  • Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 1)
    482K 20.1K 31

    The #1 Bestseller! From #1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes a sweeping new epic fantasy series: RISE OF THE DRAGONS (KINGS AND SORCERERS—Book 1). Kyra, 15, dreams of becoming a famed warrior, like her father, even though she is the only girl in a fort of boys. As she struggles to understand her special skills, her...

  • Heir of the Dragon
    276K 17.3K 61

    Ellany was raised in a shielded place; fed lies since before she could walk. When beasts that should have only existed in her nightmares rip her from everything she holds dear, her will to continue is shattered. She tells herself she is prepared to die there on the forest floor. Yet, in her deepest state of darkness...

  • Animtronics mistakes
    33.2K 919 11

    The animtronics always thought everything was fine with Bryan , and what he was saying didn't mean anything to them. What happens when they fine out that bryan tryed to kill himself? Lets find out.

  • Hidden Pain
    41.5K 960 21

    Based on the Minecraft Roleplay by TheFamousFilms, FNAF 6, this story is warped to my own vision of Bryan's secret pain. Hope you enjoy!

  • True fear (Thefamousfilms and JonJon) Ew EW EW EW EW EW EW THIS SO SO BAD
    8.2K 210 10

    True fear is about Bryan has gone missing the other are worried the ask Jon for help when they found Bryan warning Blood Depression Self harm Sucide Cussing And more And bad writing and grammar ;w; Got to read the story now~

  • The heros
    1.7K 71 3

    What happens when Bryan and jon find a purple scarf and cape in the vents, well let's find out.

  • Behind the mask
    35.7K 779 16

    Bryan was born emotionaless . He faked having normal . But what happens when his animatronics find out?

  • If I Go
    43.3K 842 19

    Hiccup has a choice that could change his life forever.He was just named champion out of the other teens and now has to kill the monstrous nightmare in front of his father and entire village. Will he go through with it to make his dad and village proud and lose Toothless's trust forever or will he fly away forever???

  • Another Nightmare book 1
    103K 3.6K 29

    Gobber couldn't convince Stoick to let Hiccup into the ring for dragon training, but situation gets complicated, when Hiccup faces a Monstrous Nightmare during a raid again. Except this time things go very differently thanks to certain black dragon. Over time an unbreakable bond is formed between two lonely souls.