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  • Resident Evil Oneshots
    43.3K 1.1K 106

    A book full of all your favourite characters! Feel free to request! :) *COVER WAS MADE BY MYSELF USING THE APP "Book Covers"!*

    Completed   Mature
  • buddi chucky & reader oneshots
    34.3K 1K 26

    just some cute lil stories

  • .:Slasher Imagines:.
    95.2K 1.9K 25

    Ya girl at it again with some Slasher Imagines! Im starting off with -Freddy Krueger -Jason Vorhees -Michael Myers -Chucky -Pennywise -Jack Torrence -Billy Loomis -Norman Bates I'll add on characters per-request or if I get bored with the lineup. Enjoy my dears

  • i can make you scream (Billy loomis X reader)
    17.5K 639 11

    (Y/n) is just your average horror film fanatic at Woodsboro high school. Well she was average until she caught the eye of another student by the name of billy loomis, a fellow horror film fanatic. What happens when (Y/n) befriends him? What happens when he falls in love with her? Surely nothing bad right? Right? Wel...

  • Slasher One-Shots!
    134K 2.2K 35

    Aight y'all, this is my first story that's not just memes. This's gonna be request slashers, victims, and characters like that from horror movies and or shows! Heck I'll do Elvira stuff! So go ahead and request whatever you like. :) Note: No IT stuff (sorry) and lemons may take a while since I get uncomfortable writin...

  • Dead by Daylight Oneshots/Lemons
    188K 2.1K 40

    My first story^^Hope you like it

  • Dead By Daylight x Readers
    224K 4.5K 18

    I don't think the killers of Dead by Daylight get much love I will be only doing the male Killers x (Fem)Readers in this book. .:I am willing to take on requests, but they will take a little longer to be posted:.

  • Pinheadxfemdemonreader
    4.8K 113 18

    i own none of the characters or objects in this fanfic Elliot was your dear friend even though you were a demon of sorts he saw the beauty in what you were one day he was missing as you opened your door one morning to one of his research friends handing you a small puzzle box in rememberance of Elliot little did you k...

  • House of 1000 Corpses / Devil's Rejects One-Shots
    575 15 1

    Here, I'll be writing about everyone's favorite family of fireflies. Requests will be taken, for those that are interested.