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  • When Opposites Attract...(An Avneil story)
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    here I bring to you my new story on avneil. this is based on avneil in their 16-17s... how they meet and how things progress..

  • Love that never rest |completed|
    41.9K 3.6K 11

    A student falling for teacher. Let see what happens. This only consist 10 chapters. Tags Aditirathore #10 Avneil #45 Avni #28 Collage #5 Naamkran #20 Neil #30 Zainimam #10 COMPLETED ON 28TH DECEMBER 2018

  • Life is Beautiful✔️
    28.5K 3.1K 16

    Ranked #11 in #neilkhanna in January Ranked #11 in #avniayesha on March 08, 2019 Ranked #11 in #livingtogether on 08 May 2019 Ranked 30th in #adiza on 23 March 2019 😊😊😊😊😊 Hmm well, ever imagined AvNeil having a live-in relationship ? 😃 Absolutely AvNeilicious story with a blend of romance, drama, emotions, love...

  • Naamkarann 2 (AvNeil Ki Nayi Dastaan)
    100K 9.4K 37

    When AVNI n NEIL become AVNEIL Do tanha dilo ke Muqqamal ishq ki dastaan......

  • Be My Love
    63.1K 2.9K 13

    Waiting is a sign of true love and patience....Anyone can say 'i love you' but not everyone can wait and prove its true.... This story is about a girl who is waiting for be loved by her true love.... Will she get her true love...?? Did anyone waited for your true love to come to you...what would be your e...

  • adiza❤one shots
    77.9K 6.3K 25

    Collection of ADIZA one shot's 😉 P.s. I have the whole copy right for the scenes over here. No act of revamping any scenes or story lines and reproducing it at any way would be appreciated.

  • Avneil Love???
    64.1K 4.4K 27

    this story is about avni and neil . where in avni is a college going girl Neil a police officer . This revolve around their fight, care, love etc Highest rank 31/12/2017 -#203

    27.8K 2.9K 18

    Neil the famous boy of school was in relationship with avni mehta during school days but broke up...... Now they are meeting after 5 years in xyz college Will these ex lovers will unite or will split even more badly let's figure out....

  • Haunted Palace & Police Officers
    39.5K 3.6K 31

    Group of police offices( Avneil, Swasan and Abhiya) went to Mahindra Kingdom to investigate serious of murders happening at the Haunted Palace every full moon in Mahindra Kingdom. Its almost 7 years that case was mystery and challenging for police and whole Mahindra Kingdom peoples(include villagers who live around th...

  • Avniel os ( real love )
    46.2K 1.7K 11

    I will write one shots of my and your favorite avniel by giving the title real love as avniel love was real so very shot is different but there name will be same because real love is real

  • The True Colours Of Love
    15K 848 14

    This has not any connection with naamkaran . I just took the characters Neil and avni. This is about aloving couple who were always together

  • AVNEIL: its all about destiny
    398K 28.9K 92

    its a story on avneil and is all about how they meet how they fall in love with each other

  • Thief of Hearts❤
    56K 4.6K 59

    Two strangers...? How was I looking today?? Awww, you don't even need makeup.. Then, what shall I need? Plastic surgery God dam it..... It's over ❤❤❤

  • avneil- neela version
    34K 3.4K 64

    Neela had a dream about what if Avani had a boy like her and a daughter like Neil......I know everyone knows but then too, guys my first FF please do send me your feedback

  • without marriage
    127K 3.8K 17

    Neil and avni leaving together without marriage 😍 serious love making seance hot

  • Oncemore❤️(Completed)
    5.3K 563 5

    Neil Khanna:he is super talented and handsome...any girl can easily fall for him...all rounder but destiny play a hurtful game with him...and that is he is a blood cancer patient Avni Mehta:a sweet girl... orphan... parents die in a car accident...runs a orphanage with her friends Now see how the story turns and hope...

  • meant to be
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    heyy guysww looooonnnng tym i am writting a new story but i really want work upon this ryt noww m sorry i will post sooon.

  • Fall In Love Together💙
    1.7K 108 5

    Guys its a story of two families hoodas and raizadas...

  • Avneil
    8.1K 515 7

    Tears of happiness

  • destined to be yours
    9.3K 1.2K 15

    A childhood love story of Avneil

  • Beloved ~ AvNeil Fanfiction
    12.4K 1.4K 15

    A story of Avni and Neil, the changes in their relationship as they face new adversities of life.

  • avniel one shots
    44.2K 2.1K 15

    I would love to take some random plots from the show n write it on my own..just give a read...

  • Game Is Mine
    1.2K 83 1

    .................peep in👈...............

  • Arranged by love
    64.7K 7K 21

    Some say arranged is best!!! And some says love survives in marriage!!! On all these years I have been on Earth I still don't understand what an ideal marriage should actually be like. Weather it's love or arranged! Mutual understanding and respect is not all that needed in a healthy relationship. That we can get fro...

  • Avni + Niel = Avniel
    8.3K 861 10

    Peep in to know

  • An Unbreakable Bond
    16.8K 1.8K 13

    This is a story about Avneil. A very different and unique story. So, Please come and Read my story. First try.😊😊😊 One more thing this is an emotional story, so peoples who have weak heart please don't complain.

  • AvNeil One-Shot Book
    60.4K 5.1K 22

    You can read all my AvNeil OS here❤

  • Innocent Mowgli ( Avneil's Drabble )
    13.4K 1.2K 4

    Peep in to know more 😉

  • Avneil : Short Story
    4.4K 489 5

    no description. peep in to know!. #18 Naamkarann (13march2019)

  • Wifey's dangerous cooking
    7.3K 1K 3

    Avni and her brilliant cooking skills 😜